QtWebKit 2.2.0 is released!

Published Thursday September 29th, 2011
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We are happy to announce that QtWebKit 2.2.0 for both mobile and desktop is now released.

This release is based on a branch from trunk on May 4, 2011 and contains improvements to audio and video support, support for new standards and general bug fixes. For an overview of the new features, take a look at our release wiki: http://trac.webkit.org/wiki/QtWebKitFeatures22

QtWebKit is available both as source code from gitorious tagged as qtwebkit-2.2.0,  as a source code tarball and will also be available in the Qt4.8 RC.

If you have any feedback for us, please use the mailing list or the IRC channel #qtwebkit on freenode. We will be happy to hear from you!

Note that with a standalone QtWebKit release you need to build this yourself in order to use it. See the wiki for more details on build instructions. Release notes are available here: http://trac.webkit.org/wiki/QtWebKitRelease22

If you do not want to build it yourself you can wait for the upcoming Qt 4.8 RC.

We wish to thank everyone that has been involved in testing, bug reporting, monitoring build-bots,  back porting and implementing fixes and features!

Happy coding!





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Posted in Qt, WebKit


Andreas Kling says:

Very palatial! I was at INdT when we did the last release, and we had delicious “release chocolate” to celebrate. I don’t have access to such luxuries today, but I do have milk. So cheers to QtWebKit 2.2.0! 🙂

Manolin says:

And with that, farewell QtWebkit, you won’t be seeing a 2.3 release or any new feature for that matter.

RIP friend.

Andreas Kling says:

@Manolin: There may not be a 2.3 release, since we would most likely bump it to 3.0 for the new Qt major. New QtWebKit features (for Qt5) are taking shape on WebKit trunk right now, just a few hours ago we were discussing how to expose download functionality in the new QML web view API’s.

In short: Don’t cry for QtWebKit, she’s not going anywhere. 🙂

Manolin says:

It will be QtWebkit2 right? there won’t be more Webkit1 versions as far as I know, If I’m wrong then I’m extremely happy since my company uses a lot the hybrid Qt-Webkit paradigm.

Jim says:

seriously, you should implement some c++ -> webkit2 api to replace the webkit1 api. Most of the people are not interested in building browsers. they use webkit for hybrid applications.

mike7b4 says:

It would be way more intresting to now what happens with QtWebkit2? Is there still no public repository for this project?

Andreas Kling says:

@Manolin: We’re not removing our WebKit1 API’s. But they are indeed not the current focus of the Nokia WebKittens, and this is at the core a simple resourcing issue. Like I mentioned here: http://labs.qt.nokia.com/2011/07/07/qwebview-and-friends-are-looking-for-a-new-maintainer/ we would like to find someone to help us care for the Qt WebKit1 API’s. In the meantime, QWebView and friends are sitting on WebKit trunk, and get regression tested with every commit.

Furthermore, if you and/or your company don’t like the direction QtWebKit is going, come talk to us on the webkit-qt mailing list or on IRC. We’d love to hear about how you use the library, and what we’d need to address to support your application in the new API model.

@Jim: Some things are simply not practical to do with WebKit2 given the split-process model. Our new API’s are still in their infancy stage, but this time we’re starting simple and building on top of that, instead of trying to cover a plethora of theoretical use cases in the first release.

@mike7b4: There is no *private* repository for this project! 🙂 The WebKit2 Qt API’s are being developed on WebKit trunk, you’ll find the public classes in Source/WebKit2/UIProcess/API/qt/

charon says:

I see a lot of advantages in webkit2 architecture, but Qt is a framework for building applications.
The widgets are somewhat representing the state of the applications and/or allow to trigger a transition to a new state.
Is there any example using webkit 2.2 to interact with the rest of the application. I’m not looking for an API as rich as webkit1 has, but at least a very simple data excange and/or notion of event/signal would be welcome.

No'am says:

@charon: see my previous blog post, http://labs.qt.nokia.com/2011/08/31/an-oldnew-approach-to-qtwebkit-hybrid/. It’s exactly that, a simple data exchange between a Qt application and a web-view, that supports WebKit2.

One clarification though – WebKit2 and QtWebKit 2.2 are two different things.
QtWebKit 2.2 is a version. WebKit2 is the name of WebKit’s cross-process architecture.

Anil Sahu says:

Pls Help me……???

what is the changes of the coding in fancy browser(webkit) that open’s the gmail or any mail account without pop up messages??

Szyk says:

I am wonder what is hapened with MathML support since Qt Solutions discontinue?

kywsu says:

I was wondering QtWebKit 2.2.0 is support WebGL contents?

Helmut Muelner says:

The video tag does not seem to work.
I am using Windows7-x64, I built qt-4.8 from git with -no-webkit and built qtwebkit-2.2.0 from git.
Most other html5 features work but when I try to load a page with video-tags (e.g. starting at http://chaos.troll.no/~tavestbo/webkit/mediaelement/ or http://people.ubuntu.com/~apachelogger/html5/) I always get the fallback text (“Your browser does not support HTML5 media tags”).
I can play mp4-files in the phonon sound player example. The video pages work with FireFox.

Did I do something wrong or does video support still not work?

Helmut Muelner says:

No video?

I am working on A Windows7-x64 machine.
I built win32 version of qt-4.8 from git (-no-webkit) and qtwebkit-2.2.0 from git.
Most html5 features work, but I do not get any videos (e.g. starting at http://chaos.troll.no/~tavestbo/webkit/mediaelement/
or using http://people.ubuntu.com/~apachelogger/html5/) – I always get the fallback text (“Your browser does not support the video element.”)
These pages work in FireFox.

Did I do something wrong or is there still no video support?

Andreas Kling says:

@Szyk: I’m not sure I understand your question. MathML is supported natively by WebKit itself, see the announcement here: http://www.webkit.org/blog/1366/announcing%E2%80%A6mathml/

@kywsu: WebGL is not officially supported at this time, though it may build and run under ideal conditions. You could try a trunk build of WebKit with build-webkit –qt –3d-canvas

@Helmut Muelner: Video support on Windows depends on QtMultimediaKit from QtMobility. Please make sure you’re using the latest version of it, and also double-check if video playback works in the small demo app that comes with QtMMK.

Still trying to get video support:
When I build and install qt-mobility (master from git) and rebuild QtWebkit I get 10 unresolved externals when linking QtWebKit4.dll:
void __thiscall WebCore::Frame::sendOrientationChangeEvent(int)

public: static class WTF::PassRefPtr __cdecl WebCore::MediaControls::create(class WebCore::HTMLMediaElement *)

Any help? And a question: Will html5 video work in Qt-4.8.0?

matjas says:

@Helmut Muelne: what I can confirm is that running debian testing/sid with phonon-gstreamer both video (WebM) and audio from mentioned http://people.ubuntu.com/~apachelogger/html5/ work perfectly with webkit in previous 2.1 version (libqtwebkit4 2.1.0~2011week13-2 to be precise). I can only confirm that is highly dependent on underlying multimedia backend – phonon-vlc doesn’t work.

MySchizoBuddy says:

when will Parallel JS (river trail) from Intel be part of qtwebkit.

Andreas Kling says:

@MySchizoBuddy: Impossible to say. Given that River Trail is experimental technology that’s only available as a Firefox extension, I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon. If you want it in QtWebKit, your best course of action would be to convince Intel to port it to JavaScriptCore and/or V8.

man says:

man, am I the only one that installed 7 separated installations just so I can compile myself the webkit 2.2. last week, when now it’s released …. and no WebCL support.. so I’ll stick with Gecko (firefox embedded)

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