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Published Friday October 21st, 2011
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Get the #QtDD11 app now

So…you’re coming to Qt Developer Days 2011. Are you having a hard time planning a schedule that takes in all the sessions you want to attend? Need to know where that next Qt in Use session is happening? Want to give feedback about a session?

Good news. The  Qt Developer Days smartphone app has got you covered. Developed by Qt Certified Partner and event Silver sponsor Futurice, the app runs on Symbian^3 and MeeGo Harmattan smartphones. A web version of the app has also been created for other smartphone platforms.

Using the app you can view maps, the full agenda, and ‘star’ the sessions you want to get to. You can even do cool stuff like tell your social networks “I’m sitting in Jens Bache Wiig’s Qt Quick Components for Desktop tech session at #QtDD11. Woo!”

There are lots of other helpful bits of event info in the app, which is free to download and use. It is Qt Developer Days 2011 in your pocket.

The Symbian^3 version of the app is arriving in Nokia Store today, and the MeeGo Harmattan version can be downloaded right now.

Attendees who are carrying an NFC enabled phone like the Nokia C7 or the Nokia N9 can pick up the app via NFC at various points around the conference venue.

The app is available for anyone to download and use, although the session feedback component of the app is restricted.

To access the web version of the app go to m.qtdevdays2011.qt.nokia.com


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Posted in Events, Partners | Tags: , ,


mzanetti says:

The download from the Ovi store seems to be broken for Harmattan right now 🙁

mzanetti says:

Yay! Works now. Awesome app! Thanks a lot.

See you in Munic 🙂

David (Nokia) says:

Glad you like it. Futurice have done a nice job. Web version works well too for people using Android, iOS etc.

Indeed, I tried the Web version and its very handy. Thanks !

David (Nokia) says:

If anyone is still having problems downloading the app, there is another way of getting it.

We are hosting a download area for the app on our website, at http://qt.nokia.com/phonedemos

Much better than the old dead tree solution. 😀

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