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Qt Creator 2.4.0 rc released

Published Wednesday November 16th, 2011
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Four weeks after we released the Qt Creator 2.4.0 beta, and almost the same time after the big news that we went open governance with the “Qt Project”, we publish the Qt Creator 2.4.0 release candidate today. If you haven’t read yet what is new in 2.4 I recommend the the beta blog post to you. The release candidate adds lots of bug fixes on top if it, and we consider it “almost done”.

So, if you really want to help us, take one of the release candidate packages, give it a test, and report all issues you find to us on our bug tracker πŸ™‚

Download Qt Creator 2.4.0 RC

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Posted in Qt, QtCreator


Nicola says:

Can you give some attention to QTCREATORBUG-2949 please? Autocompletion for c++ is still better in kdevelop than qtcreator and obviuosly qtcreator is better for other things and I want to use qtcreator


One thing I’d really love to see: An appropriate tag in the repository before I seen an announcement of a new version here. πŸ˜‰

m][sko says:

you are right @Guido Seifert

You tolls publish some beta, RC, final version but I don’t see any tag in git.
Are you going to fix something letter ? πŸ™‚

Sorry, my post was a bit misleading. No fault on your side. It is just that I pulled and rebuilt the creator this morning… only to see a few hours later that if I had waited a bit longer, I could have seen the rc tag and had an ‘official’ version. But that’s how it usually works….no progress is made until 5 minutes after I downloaded everything and upgraded my system. πŸ˜‰

I hate you. πŸ™‚

Just checked: Eike Ziller commited 0672813 at 10:11.
My update: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 09:24:18 GMT

Btw… Looks very good. The only problem I discovered yet, is only a problem for those, who want to or have to stay with debian stable: gdb 7.0.x does not work correctly anymore.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

@guido: ah, always a pleasure πŸ˜‰

Andre' says:

@Guido: 7.0.1 _with python_?

Andre' says:

@Guido Seifert: anyway, 7.0.1 seems to work even without python, but this means “no prettyprinting”, and _building_ 7.0.1 is not supported with python 2.7 etc, so to make that work “again” is significant effort which does not seem to be worthwhile.

yes. Python seems to be in by default in Debian squeeze:

And it worked fine for me in 717acb6bf4b4799dfb7e72b1481728fb95964d7c.
When I upgraded to 9df694c6eb9fb2cda1de6b6532d8f137c064d744 many of
the variables suddenly only showed ‘Unavailable synchronous data’.

Fixed when I upgraded my gdb. As I wrote, generally not a problem. Problem only for those who have no saying in what build configuration they have to use. And Debian stable isn’t such an uncommon release.

christoph says:

What a luck I took off yesterday afternoon. Otherwise I’d have distributed 2.4 beta to my users. Very cool that I can now at last get thread names when looking at core dumps :).

Guilherme Moreira says:

Is it possible to use Qt Creator as a software platform, in a similar way Eclipse RCP is used? I know the source code is available, but I would have to clean it up removing all IDE features so I could plugin my application features. I wish someone could have thought about it.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

@guilherme: We had thought about it, from the beginning. And rejected it as being out of scope of what we want to do.

Stephen Chu says:

I haven’t been keeping up with Creator for some time. I downloaded this RC and tried it on my 10.6 Mac with Xcode 4.2. Right away, the tool chains setup is confusing me.

First of all, it shows all the available gcc flavors, even the non-existent ones. Like PPC for LLVM-CLANG and gcc4.2-llvm. Those DO NOT have PPC output.

Then in Qt Versions panel, the tool chain selection for building helper doesn’t tell me which GCC is which:

It also fails to find the installed Qt 4.8 RC.

On minor annoyance bit me today. I added a custom deployment step in run settings. But instead of ‘make’ in the command line I typed ‘make ‘. The extra space was invisible, but prevented deployment.

Jason says:

My system is windows xp.
Installed QtSDK 1.1.4.
When I IDE after replacing QtCreator 2.4.0 RC .
When editing QML code , the program will automatically exit silently .

Jason says:

Each time you edit QML code will automatically exit the program , this is my problem?

Christian Kamm says:

Jason: Does that always happen? Even with a minimal QML file such as “import QtQuick 1.1; Item {}”? I suspect this might be the same as https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTCREATORBUG-6587 . Can you get a stack trace and file a bug report (assign to me)?

Luc says:

Please give some love to QTCREATORBUG-166 (it is the one that keeps me from switching to qtcreator).
Thank you.

mindz_eye says:

Unfortunately, scrolling is still nearly unusable on Mac after opening Help. Most likely due to https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com//browse/QTBUG-15869 πŸ™

Anyone compiled qt-creator with Qt 4.8? I did ages ago and found a strange bug, that in some dialog boxes I wasn’t able to click a button until I moved the box a few pixels. Mouseover effects did always work. I dismissed this bug since Qt 4.8 was far from the state it is today so I could not be sure whether it was a qt-creator or a 4.8 problem. Last week I tried again to compile the creator with 4.8 on a different system and this bug still exists. I compiled several of my own programs with 4.8 and never experienced this problem somewhere else, so now I really think it might be a bug in qt-creator.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

@guido: I’ve heard from a collegue that updating ubuntu supposedly might mend that problem (I suppose that you are on that platform).

Nope, Debian Wheezy. As updated as possible. Fairly recent Qt 4.8.
This problem does not exist when I compile with 4.7.4.

Mamuk says:

That site looking good

Jason says:

@Christian Kamm: Yes, and https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTCREATORBUG-6587 similar problems .
As long as when using a custom component , modify the code to automatically close the QML QtCreator.
And very often , so I can not make any changes to the QML code .
QML is only open a separate file , not the entire project , it will not automatically shut down .
Sorry, I do not know where to find the stack in the log file .

Nicolas says:

When you compile it for Windows with MinGW?

Jon says:

What are the minimum system requirements for QtCreator now days? I am using Redhat Enterprise 5.5, all applications I develop have to run on this standard (controlled hardware/software). It seems that debugging with the python debugger helpers do not work on my machine. The last successful, for reading nice debugging output, version of QtCreator that I can use is 2.1.0. From what I understand that after this version QtCreator switched to the python way of doing things with NO ability to continue to compile the old debugger libraries even if we wanted them. I think forcing a developer to a certain way is wrong specially if the application runs on my machine. I like some of the features found in the newer versions but can’t use them as they don’t make debugging easy. 2.1.0 is easier to use and would like that option on the new builds of QtCreator. But with all the questions about this all over the web, it seems the Trolls don’t care about giving the information needed to fix this or give a definite statement on which machines it will run.

I know some will say install this or upgrade that, sorry can’t do. Develop machine has to stay as stock as possible as the machines running the developed app are stock and CAN NOT be upgraded due other priority software running on them.

Thanks for any and all help!

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

@jon: Debugging helpers on linux nowadays require a python enabled gdb 7, gdb 7.2 is recommended. If your machines don’t have that you can try the binaries that we have on our ftp here ftp://ftp.qt.nokia.com/misc/gdb/7.2/ (and tell Qt Creator to use it in Tools->Options->Debugger->Gdb)

Rob Caldecott says:

Ever since Qt Creator 2.3.x if I have an enum like the one below (C++ code) then I get a wavy line under the last element and if I hover over it I get the following warning: commas at the end of enumerator lists are a C++0x specific feature

enum Type

I’ve ALWAYS left in the last comma and it’s never given me any problems. How can I disable this warning as I don’t want to change all my code!

Jon says:

@Eike: Thanks for the suggestion. I have installed on my machine the latest QtSDK, done before the earlier comment was posted, and used the gdb from there but get the following error message: “/path/to/app/qtc_test not in executable format: File format not recognized”. Did a clean and then build a couple of times.

Setup was to clone the GCC that was auto detected and then browse to the gdb located in the QtSDK structure and set the project to use that tool chain. I left the g++ alone, so I am making a guess that my compiler is in need up updating as well.

Rob Caldecott says:

I am unable to start a debug session – although I can attach to an existing process. Here is what I see in the debug log – error 193 even though the path exists. Sigh. Anyone?

sStarting debugger ‘GdbEngine’ for ABI ‘x86-windows-msys-pe-32bit’…
dStart parameters: ‘test’ mode: 1
dABI: x86-windows-msys-pe-32bit
dExecutable: C:Documents and SettingscaldecorDesktopProjectstest-build-desktop-Qt_in_PATH_Debugdebugtest.exe
dDirectory: C:Documents and SettingscaldecorDesktopProjectstest-build-desktop-Qt_in_PATH_Debug
dDebugger: C:Qtqtcreator-2.3.1pythongdbgdb-i686-pc-mingw32.exe
dProject: C:Documents and SettingscaldecorDesktopProjectstest (built: C:Documents and SettingscaldecorDesktopProjectstest-build-desktop-Qt_in_PATH_Debug)
dQt: C:Qt4.7.4
dQML server:
dDebugger settings:
dUseAlternatingRowColours: false (default: false)
dFontSizeFollowsEditor: false (default: false)
dUseMessageBoxForSignals: true (default: true)
dAutoQuit: false (default: false)
dLogTimeStamps: false (default: false)
dVerboseLog: false (default: false)
dCloseBuffersOnExit: false (default: false)
dSwitchModeOnExit: false (default: false)
dUseDebuggingHelper: true (default: true)
dUseCodeModel: true (default: true)
dShowThreadNames: false (default: false)
dUseToolTips: false (default: false)
dUseToolTipsInLocalsView: false (default: false)
dUseToolTipsInBreakpointsView: false (default: false)
dUseAddressInBreakpointsView: false (default: false)
dUseAddressInStackView: false (default: false)
dRegisterForPostMortem: false (default: false)
dLoadGdbInit: true (default: true)
dScriptFile: (default: )
dWatchdogTimeout: 20 (default: 20)
dTargetAsync: false (default: false)
dMaximalStackDepth: 20 (default: 20)
dAlwaysAdjustStackColumnWidths: false (default: false)
dShowStandardNamespace: true (default: true)
dShowQtNamespace: true (default: true)
dSortStructMembers: true (default: true)
dAutoDerefPointers: true (default: true)
dAlwaysAdjustLocalsColumnWidths: false (default: false)
dListSourceFiles: false (default: false)
dSkipKnownFrames: false (default: false)
dEnableReverseDebugging: false (default: false)
dAllPluginBreakpoints: true (default: true)
dSelectedPluginBreakpoints: false (default: false)
dAdjustBreakpointLocations: true (default: true)
dAlwaysAdjustBreakpointsColumnWidths: false (default: false)
dNoPluginBreakpoints: false (default: false)
dSelectedPluginBreakpointsPattern: .* (default: .*)
dBreakOnThrow: false (default: false)
dBreakOnCatch: false (default: false)
dBreakOnWarning: false (default: false)
dBreakOnFatal: false (default: false)
dAlwaysAdjustRegistersColumnWidths: false (default: false)
dAlwaysAdjustSnapshotsColumnWidths: false (default: false)
dAlwaysAdjustThreadsColumnWidths: false (default: false)
dAlwaysAdjustModulesColumnWidths: false (default: false)
dState changed from DebuggerNotReady(0) to EngineSetupRequested(1).
Python path: C:Qtqtcreator-2.3.1pythongdblib
dSTARTING C:/Qt/qtcreator-2.3.1/pythongdb/gdb-i686-pc-mingw32.exe -i mi –tty=.pipecreator-5708-6334
<1show version
<3set breakpoint pending on
<4set print elements 10000
<5set overload-resolution off
<6handle SIGSEGV nopass stop print
<7set unwindonsignal on
<9set width 0
<10set height 0
<11set auto-solib-add on
<12-interpreter-exec console "maintenance set internal-warning quit no"
<13-interpreter-exec console "maintenance set internal-error quit no"
<14-interpreter-exec console "disassemble 0 0"
<15-interpreter-exec console "python execfile('C:/Qt/qtcreator-2.3.1/share/qtcreator/dumper/bridge.py')"
<16-interpreter-exec console "python execfile('C:/Qt/qtcreator-2.3.1/share/qtcreator/dumper/dumper.py')"
<17-interpreter-exec console "python execfile('C:/Qt/qtcreator-2.3.1/share/qtcreator/dumper/qttypes.py')"
<18-interpreter-exec console "bbsetup"
dState changed from EngineSetupRequested(1) to EngineSetupOk(3).
dState changed from EngineSetupOk(3) to InferiorSetupRequested(4).
sSetting up inferior…
>~”GNU gdb (GDB) 7.2n”
>~”Copyright (C) 2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc.n”
>~”License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later nThis is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.nThere is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law. Type “show copying”nand “show warranty” for details.n”
>~”This GDB was configured as “i686-pc-mingw32″.nFor bug reporting instructions, please see:n”
>&”show versionn”
>~”GNU gdb (GDB) 7.2n”
>~”Copyright (C) 2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc.n”
>~”License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later nThis is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.nThere is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law. Type “show copying”nand “show warranty” for details.n”
>~”This GDB was configured as “i686-pc-mingw32″.nFor bug reporting instructions, please see:n”
dCopyright (C) 2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
dLicense GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later
dThis is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
dThere is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law. Type “show copying”
dand “show warranty” for details.
dThis GDB was configured as “i686-pc-mingw32”.
dFor bug reporting instructions, please see:
dGNU gdb (GDB) 7.2
dCopyright (C) 2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
dLicense GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later
dThis is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
dThere is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law. Type “show copying”
dand “show warranty” for details.
dThis GDB was configured as “i686-pc-mingw32”.
dFor bug reporting instructions, please see:
dFEATURES: 2^done,data={features=[“frozen-varobjs”,”pending-breakpoints”,”thread-info”,”python”]}
>&”set breakpoint pending onn”
>&”set print elements 10000n”
>&”set overload-resolution offn”
>&”handle SIGSEGV nopass stop printn”
>~”Signal StoptPrinttPass to programtDescriptionn”
>~”SIGSEGV YestYestNottSegmentation faultn”
>&”set unwindonsignal onn”
>~”Working directory C:Documents and SettingscaldecorDesktopProjectstest-build-desktop-Qt_in_PATH_Debug.n”
>&”set width 0n”
>&”set height 0n”
>&”set auto-solib-add onn”
>&”A syntax error in expression, near `0′.n”
>14^error,msg=”A syntax error in expression, near `0′.”
>~”dumpers=[{type=”QLinkedList”,formats=””},{type=”QSize”,formats=””},{type=”QFileInfo”,formats=””},{type=”QAbstractItemModel”,formats=””},{type=”std__stack”,formats=””},{type=”QTextDocument”,formats=””},{type=”QTJSC__JSValue”,formats=””},{type=”__gnu_cxx__hash_set”,formats=””},{type=”QStringList”,formats=””},{type=”QRegion”,formats=””},{type=”std__wstring”,formats=””},{type=”QString”,formats=”Inline,Separate Window”,editable=”true”},{type=”QTextCodec”,formats=””},{type=”QBasicAtomicInt”,formats=””},{type=”QScriptValue”,formats=””},{type=”QTime”,formats=””},{type=”QSharedData”,formats=””},{type=”std__vector”,formats=””,editable=”true”},{type=”QRegExp”,formats=””},{type=”QTextCursor”,formats=””},{type=”QxXmlAttributes”,formats=””},{type=”QDateTime”,formats=””},{type=”QList”,formats=””},{type=”QStandardItem”,formats=””},{type=”std__deque”,formats=””},{type=”QFixed”,formats=””},{type=”QHash”,formats=””},{type=”QSharedPointer”,formats=””},{type=”QUrl”,formats=””},{type=”std__set”,formats=””},{type=”std__list”,formats=””},{type=”std__basic_string”,formats=””},{type=”QPoint”,formats=””},{type=”QStack”,formats=””},{type=”QScopedPointer”,formats=””},{type=”QRectF”,formats=””},{type=”QMultiMap”,formats=””},{type=”QMapNode”,formats=””},{type=”QObject”,formats=””},{type=”QHostAddress”,formats=””},{type=”QLocale”,formats=””},{type=”QSharedDataPointer”,formats=””},{type=”QVariant”,formats=””},{type=”string”,formats=””,editable=”true”},{type=”QBasicAtomicPointer”,formats=””},{type=”QVector”,formats=””,editable=”true”},{type=”QDate”,formats=””},{type=”QFile”,formats=””},{type=”QAtomicInt”,formats=””},{type=”wstring”,formats=””},{type=”QWeakPointer”,formats=””},{type=”QSizeF”,formats=””},{type=”__m128″,formats=”As Floats,As Doubles”},{type=”boost__optional”,formats=””},{type=”TBuf”,formats=””},{type=”QPointF”,formats=””},{type=”TLitC”,formats=””},{type=”QRect”,formats=””},{type=”QByteArray”,formats=””},{type=”QMap”,formats=””},{type=”boost__shared_ptr”,formats=””},{type=”QChar”,formats=””},{type=”QDir”,formats=””},{type=”QPixmap”,formats=””},{type=”QFlags”,formats=””},{type=”std__map”,formats=””},{type=”QHashNode”,formats=””},{type=”QTemporaryFile”,formats=””},{type=”QModelIndex”,formats=””},{type=”Eigen__Matrix”,formats=””},{type=”std__string”,formats=””,editable=”true”},{type=”QImage”,formats=”Normal,Displayed”},{type=”QSet”,formats=””},],hasInferiorThreadList=”0″n”
<20set substitute-path C:/iwmake/build_mingw_opensource C:/Qt/4.7.4
<21set substitute-path C:/ndk_buildrepos/qt-desktop/src C:/Qt/4.7.4
&”set substitute-path C:/iwmake/build_mingw_opensource C:/Qt/4.7.4n”
>&”set substitute-path C:/ndk_buildrepos/qt-desktop/src C:/Qt/4.7.4n”
>&”set substitute-path C:/qt-greenhouse/Trolltech/Code_less_create_more/Trolltech/Code_less_create_more/Troll/4.6/qt C:/Qt/4.7.4n”
&”maint print msymbols C:/DOCUME~1/caldecor/LOCALS~1/Temp/gdb_ns_.hg5708n”
dState changed from InferiorSetupRequested(4) to InferiorSetupOk(6).
dState changed from InferiorSetupOk(6) to EngineRunRequested(7).
24^error,msg=”Error creating process C:/Documents and Settings/caldecor/Desktop/Projects/test-build-desktop-Qt_in_PATH_Debug/debug/test.exe, (error 193).”
dError creating process C:/Documents and Settings/caldecor/Desktop/Projects/test-build-desktop-Qt_in_PATH_Debug/debug/test.exe, (error 193).
dState changed from EngineRunRequested(7) to EngineRunFailed(8).
dState changed from EngineRunFailed(8) to EngineShutdownRequested(20).
dGDB PROCESS FINISHED, status 0, code 0
dState changed from EngineShutdownRequested(20) to EngineShutdownOk(22).
dState changed from EngineShutdownOk(22) to DebuggerFinished(23).
sDebugger finished.

Rob Caldecott says:

Ack. Seems to be the spaces in the pathname. Sigh

Jack says:

when open a xx.cpp file,the QCreator will be exit .I think this is the bug of the QtCreator.

Eike Ziller says:

The qt-creator@qt-project.org mailing list is really a better place for discussions.

Jon says:

@Eike: If I followed your suggestion and not try to out think you, things would have worked much better. I have now successfully made things work with QtCreator 2.3.1. But still unable to make it work with 2.4.0-rc, it will tell me it is unable to load the helpers. I found a bug report for this in your tracker, but it is listed as Qt5 only, well I think it might be 4 as well in these older systems.

Again thanks for the help and link to the proper gdb.

Dini says:


Do you have an idea on the date for the launch of QtCreartor 2.4.0?
At least for Christmas ;).

Good luck

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

@dini: definitely

Michael says:

I love the new “Show Containing Folder” & “Open Terminal” features. Really nice for my workflow.

Could we please get the double-click drag bug fixed for this new release?
For the past few months in QtCreator I have had to precisely click around the start word and and word of the text that I want to drag around. I used to be able to just double click and drag across really quickly & easily.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

@michael: The word-selection-drag problem is an issue with Qt 4.7.4 that we can’t solve from Qt Creator. That issue is fixed in Qt 4.8, which isn’t released yet. (If you rely on that feature heavily it might be worth compiling Qt 4.8 and Qt Creator yourself from source.)

Tony says:

@Eike Can we then also assume that Qt4.8 will be out by Christmas too?

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

@tony: no idea, you’ll have to ask someone that is involved in the Qt release process for an answer to that.

Marius says:

I’m also having serious problems with the debugger. I’ve found it to be verry buggy and ruining what is otherwise my favorite IDE.
I’ve also opened a bug report for a problem I had on Linux but it’s still unresolved (need to retest to see if it still happens ).
While I do understand the need to introduce new code and features it would be nice to have the existing one with less bugs.
It’s nice that Qt Creator is able to use the MS debugger too but it ships with GDB for Windows and right now that’s not working for me under Windows 7 x64. Speaking of which it would be really nice to have a 64 bit for Windows.
That’s all , sorry if I’m being a bit harsh … I’m trying to work on something and I can’t really debug it properly.
I know you “trolls” have always been nice, open and receptive.

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