Qt 5 with Rasberry Pi: a delicious mix with home delivery

Published Thursday November 24th, 2011
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The Raspberry Pi project is a very interesting initiative that is landing just in time to speed up Qt 5 development. The little inexpensive open board serves as an ideal hardware platform for developers willing to get involved in the new big Qt iteration. If you are developing Qt itself or products and apps based on Qt then you should pay attention to this. In fact, any Qt developer interested in technology will have fun with this ultimate setup.

Linux friendly, supported GPU & OpenGL ES, all for $25 – $35

What makes the Raspberry Pi so amazing is not just the $25-$35 price point that almost any developer can afford. There are three features in this Broadcom chipset that are invisible to the eye… until Qt 5 comes into play: Linux friendly hardware, supported GPU and OpenGL ES libraries – out of the box. Keep in mind that the Raspberry Pi is a relatively constrained hardware. Anything performing here is very likely to perform in all kinds of mobile & embedded devices, leave alone regular netbooks, tablets, laptops, PCs… I’m still digesting the fact that all this visual beauty in the monitor comes from that little humble naked board!

A small group of ICS and Nokia engineers have started working on a minimal bootstrap to bring fully functional Qt 5 to life inclusive of Qt Creator integration. We are getting the priceless support of the Raspberry Foundation and Broadcom, working on drivers and providing early versions of the board. The first results were shared a month ago through simple videos, some casual docs, a BoF in Qt Developer Days Munich and demos available in the Qt and ICS booths at that event. During November more progress has been done and we are (almost) ready to show the results in Qt Dev days San Francisco, next week.

You want one. Read this.

Our main goal is to provide an image for an SDK to boot the Raspberry Pi, plus a Qt Creator plugin to connect your SDK with the board. Once these foundations are in place, and once the Raspberry Pi is publicly available, anybody will be able to get Qt 5 running out of the box (if you happen to have a box for the board, that is). Also anybody will be able to join the effort, fine tuning Qt, the thin stack connecting it to the hardware and the Qt Creator integration. We are also thinking of having a way to showcase the apps being ported to or created for Qt 5 with this setup. I’m so sure that the effort put by adventurous developers in this direction will pay off!

In fact we are so sure that we have convinced Nokia to fund 400 boards to be distributed among the right 400 developers that will squeeze them with Qt 5. The Raspberry Foundation is happy to prioritize these shipments in exchange for beta testing spirit and early feedback. Do you want to be one among 400? Be fast! We will select those with a good Qt 5 idea and a convincing background that anybody can check.

Try it yourself at Qt Dev Days San Francisco, next week

If you are attending Qt Dev Days in San Francisco you will have a chance to meet us and get your hands on the board and the project. We will have a BoF in the Qt Contributors Day on the 29th (free access, contact me if you are interested). We will also be available for demos and questions in a dedicated booth in the exhibition, the Qt demo zone and the ICS stand. In fact  ICS is planning to distribute 50 Raspberry Pi vouchers at the event, as part of this initiative. Check out at their booth.

After Dev Days we will start seriously with community collaboration. Stay tuned!

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Nathan B says:

This is a great way to promote QT, so I applaud your effort! I’m a web developer, but I would love to learn QT and write an app or two. Especially if it means a free Raspberry Pi 🙂

Olivier B says:

Wow! I am so glad to ear that. I think Raspberry Pi is a very very nice project too.

Dragan says:

Awesome initiative, would love to see sustained effort to have pre-built images for low end devices that we can develop for using Qt5+. Go PiQt!

Maire says:

I am Qt4 developper and I have developped some embedded application. I am interrested

Dusty says:

Having done some prelim work with other platforms, I’d be interested in integrating some our non-classified military apps into a Pi as a cheaper and more robust alternative to the clunky, bloated mess we’re currently on.

To mix these two products together and see what happens is a very cool idea. It really has the potential to being mutually beneficial to both parties.

charley says:

This is a brilliant idea, integrating Qt/QML on cheap hardware, we can see an *explosion* of mobile and other point-of-use apps.

Mike says:

Sweet.. Any chance of seeing Qt Creator itself running on one of these things? A $35 dev machine.. that would be priceless.. well, it would be $35, but the concept would be priceless!

Paul fox says:

Im the linux/dtrace author and plan to have dtrace running on Arm and the raspberrypi will be an excellent vehicle for doing this whilst being needed to help optimise any code.

Count me in.

Quim Gil says:

Thank you for the positive feedback! We have received 109 proposals already. Excellent! We are aiming to get the first round of approved participants next Monday. Then we will keep iterating.

Remember: if you are interested list yourself at http://wiki.qt-project.org/Qt_RaspberryPi/Device_program

Also fyi, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has published a blog post in relation to this developer program: http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/369 – interesting comments there as well.

Mikhail says:

Give me this for testing! 🙂
Ready to buy!
We are developing an interactive terminal for loyalty programs.

Quim Gil says:

> Any chance of seeing Qt Creator itself running on one of these things?

The chance is of course there, and it doesn’t look like a big technical challenge if anybody wants to take it. We focus on Qt Creator integration but having the SDK in your PC / laptop as host, and the Raspberry Pi connected as deployment device – just like you would do with e.g. a Nokia N9.

Mikhail says:

Give me this for testing! 🙂
Ready to buy!
We are developing an interactive terminal for customer loyalty programs.

Leela says:

Hi Nokia Qt team,
I am a C, C++ programmer and know basics of Qt. Really nice to see Nokia teaming up with Raspberry Pi foundation..

I feel Qt5 development can become interesting if the lucky people who get the Kit can share Videos of using Qt5 on Raspberry Pi and showcase their sample applications..

In case i get a chance to get the kit i would develop a SMALL application with my basic knowledge and share my experience with fellow Qt developers.

I am a BIG FAN of Raspberry Pi and have been in touch with Eben for the last few months.. It is POWER of the small device that is making it popular.

I wish Nokia Qt team and Raspberry Pi team in this teaming effort.


Quim Gil says:

Great idea Leela! Qt 5 lovers with video & technical skills are welcome to apply for a Raspberry Pi to showcase & promote new projects.

Johan says:

This is a great idea, have done some work with QT4 on embedded linux and that was a great experience. Hope that QT5 on the PI will be even nicer. Keep up the good work 🙂

Maya Posch says:

Definitely interested in Rasberry Pi and Qt 5. I have been working with Qt 4.x on PC for a while now as well as with ARM boards (STM32 Discovery mostly) but haven’t haven’t had a chance to combine the two. Maybe it’s a good combination for robotics (another of my interests)? I have no idea 🙂

Fantastic looking device with lots of potential. I would like to get my hands on one of these to see if it can be integrated into one of our Time and Attendance or Biometric Access Control systems. My first integration thought was to use it as the processing hardware behind a display showing current employee status including Onsite/Offsite for fire roll call purpose.

Hi Mike,

QtCreator is already on a Pi Alpha board ,



Sanyaade Adekoya says:

I would like to work on the divice to prototype an ergonomic touch screen device for speach disabled, nueron disabled, LLDD students. The design should incorporate various A.I programs like touch-screen, gesture intelligent, speech TTS, ASR, pre-defined sentences, etc..

It will power a 22″ (22 inch) LCD that will be modified for the Raspberry Pi board and the LCD with have a touch screen overlay incorpaorated on the system.

Board B will be a good one since it incorporate wifi device but then any of the two will make development a willo fun time. Board B could also pave way for the prototyping and development of a mobile-phone or wireless device that could incorporate GSM device to implement various possible wireless kits with QT creator for low end devices. Lets have fun and do some hacks.

Other ideas on the robotic side, obeject tracker, to see how far we can push both the board and various QT embedded software packages that already powering millions of mobile phones and arm devices.

What can be done is endless!

God blesses!!!

Best regards,

STiAT says:

I’ll buy this little thing, sure thing. I’d love a buy-one fund-one option though.

filespnr says:

I am a DJ. I produce promotional content for Stanton Magnetics, Algoriddim, Asynchronous, Mixvibes, and Skratchworx.com
I am also a beta tester at Stanton, Mixvibes, Mixr(app), DJ Player.
I would like to install, debug, document, and blog about DJ related uses, and video performance. I am not a programmer, simply a “reverse engineerer” 🙂
I have a film/tv background and considerable knowledge of all popular video editors. If there is some way I can get involved, I am interested.

Quim Gil says:

Let me say again that the place to list your proposals is http://wiki.qt-project.org/Qt_RaspberryPi/Device_program – as explained in the blog post above.

331 candidates so far!

PS: I was hoping to go through a first round of approvals today but the preparations of Qt Dev Days took the whole day. Sorry! It will be later this week, then.

rawr says:

I am develop good skills for board. I like to make good qt 5 whiz bang. I have many of experiences for make this happen good. 😉

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