New guides for those who are learning Qt Quick or Qt Quick Components on Symbian and N9

Published Tuesday December 13th, 2011
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A post about new developer guides has been on the on the Qt Blog for a few weeks. We’ve made a small, but interesting update and we thought we should drop some lines about it.

Just a few weeks ago we published two new developer guides. They are targeted toward those just starting out with Qt Quick and Qt Quick Components and focus on Symbian as well as desktop platforms. The guides are quite new in their nature. They are a bit like a cross between a book and a tutorial spiced with a lot of references to Qt documentation.

The update we published yesterday delivers an additional chapter showing the porting of an application from Qt Quick Components for Symbian to the N9 running MeeGo Haramattan. This was highly demanded in the comments concerning the initial release.

Give it a try and post your feedback!


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Posted in Learning, MeeGo, Qt Quick, Symbian, Uncategorized


m][sko says:

I would like to see guide how to make own QML control.
For example own render game engine.
It is really nice to have UI in QML and game engine in openGL/openVG

vladest says:

Guide is interesting but not compatible qt components for symbian and meego plus developing 2 different qml files for each OS with inly different row with import is great headache and luck of QML design

Mika Hamhijärvi says:

Nice and helpful guides, thanks guys!

Mika Hanhijärvi says:

@ vladest December 14, 2011 at 12:16 pm

> Guide is interesting but not compatible qt components for symbian and meego

Male sure you read the right guide. There is two guides, one fior desktop and one for the Symbian with Qt Quick Components.

This is not relevant to this post. But its about Qt. A company called Vision Mobile has just taken s survey about Open Governance. In that our Qt, Linux, Meego are highlighted and scaled based on various parameters. I some author can make out the future value of Qt from this report, he/she can post us something nice. Something about Meego and Linux will also be good to hear.

The link is

Antonio Cano says:

I downloaded both developer guides.

I think that they are fine.

Thanks for you work!

I only guess that could be fine to make only one where the same application could be developer for mobile devices and desktops. Showing how much code could be reused.

Shaun says:

This is a good start but what is immensely confusing to a new QML developer targeting Harmattan is that in Qt Designer there are a lot more components displayed when starting a project for Symbian than is available to visually design with under a project started targeting Harmattan. The components work running on an N9 but don’t display on a desktop OS.

I hope this is just a bug but the bug report for this has been outstanding with no activity seemingly for months. Is someone fixing this?

Mike says:

It seems MS are running a poll to see who’s interested in getting Qt on WP devices. Seems pretty low key, maybe something to bring to Qt devs attention with a blog post?

vladest says:

@Mika: I mean that if you developing QML app for 2 platforms – symbian & meego and have same qml code uses same qt components you still have to write 2 different qml files! just because of import statement! why there is no some kind if ifdefs or which is simplier: use for example import* and it will import all necessary stuff?

Jaa jaa says:

hope that Nokia Store team reads you blog, to speed up learning and stop stuttering.

Tslv says:

I have found video tutorials that explain Hello World application creation process and code behind it. You can find it on You Tube.

Hello World for Symbian^3 with Qt Quick components done using Qt Creator

Qt HelloWorld Explained part 1 of 2

Qt HelloWorld Explained part 2 of 2

Tslv says:

Thanks for the guide. I think something like this was needed. Where can I ask questions about this guide?

In chapter 3.2 “Providing Page Navigation Using the Page Stack” starting on page 22 we have defined PageStack inside file main.qml. Inside file HomePage.qml we have defined Page with id:root. How come we call
onClicked: root.pageStack.push(window.boxPage);
inside the HomePage.qml? Page stack is not defined inside root page. Shouldn’t we call window.pageStac? Because pageStack element is child of window element in file main.qml?


Tslv says:

I have more questions on the guide.
I have reached page 33 of the guide. I run the app in simulator. I am not sure which action should take me from one screen to another? Looking at your screenshot you don’t have “Open Box Page” button and “Open Todo Page” button. So if the buttons are not there how can we go from one view to another. If the buttons should be on the screenshots how can I push them when List view is on top of them?


Emely says:

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@Tslv: Page has a pageStack property, too, which is set (by the page stack mechanism) to point to the stack the page is in.

See (for example)

Henrik Hartz says:

Suggestion, could you deploy these guides as HTML on as well? Seems a bit arduous to take the detour through download then to assistant/creator/reader if you could just continue clicking in your browser 😉

Tslv says:

@Robin Burchell – Thnx for explanation

@Document Autorhor – Hello World code generated by Qt Quick when creating new Qt Quick project is different from your hello world code in chapter 2. Your code is also auto generated by Qt Quick. How come? Chapter 3 is continuing on chapter’s 2 code 🙁

I am using Qt SDK 1.1.4.
Qt Creator 2.4.0
Based on Qt 4.7.4 (32 bit)
Built on Dec 16 2011 at 03:25:42
I belie this is latest version.

Jason says:

Hello !
Qt for meego inside which class can dial phone ?

tysh says:

On page 38 of the Symbian/Harmattan guide it mentions inserting new items in to the database, but there’s no reference on how to create new items in the Sqlite database.

“So first, please ensure you have inserted some new items into the database so that we can display them in the BoxPage.”


Adam Meyer says:

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Tslv says:

Hi tysh
In the guide on page 19 it says you should use their skeleton code. Inside it already contains a SQL lite database with lots of todo items.

1. My question is how should I create new SQL Lite database from scratch? I want to create my own project. Should I write an app just to fill the database, and then use this database in my project?

2. My set of data is not that big. I don’t really need a database. Can I use array of dictionaries? Is there an example code for this?


Tosin says:

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