The show must go on! Qt experts are talking and showing (again)!

Published Wednesday December 21st, 2011
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It seems to be almost a tradition that shortly before Christmas, I post this message… “Qt Developer Days videos are online! Many treasures are inside”.

This year is different in many ways…

First, we used modern, broadcast grade video equipment and the content is in 720p HD format. All this means a much better video quality. We also have a new layout and storyboard flow which keeps the screen-cast video always visible.

The downside of that is that this is a lot of stuff. Despite 7TB of raw footage that we had to review and crunch in the last weeks, there are more than 60GB videos to publish. This takes time and a lot of bandwidth… Around 50% of the talks are now online and more are coming each day. We hope to finish before Christmas break.

Today, I thought I’d better post this news soon in order to make sure that your Christmas entertainment program is filled with proper content! πŸ™‚Β  I’m sure this does not sound too bold since we really have quite some content to be proud of! There are many very cool talks. You can access all of them in the “Qt Developer Days” -> “2011” category in our video collection.

Some pages hosting videos contain a link to the presentation slides. If there is no link, then the slides are not available to us or we cannot not publish them for one reason or another.

If time permits us, we will add links to small size videos for downloading and watching on mobile devices. If you need an offline copy right away, please use your favorite flash video download browser plugin.

We have also got a new feedback form. You can find this link at the bottom of each video page. Please rate our video collection! Feel free to rate now! Thanks!

I’m also watching (finally! I had no time for this during the event!) and, as of now, my personal favorite is this one:

“Pimp your UI – Using effects, transitions, etc” by Johannes Zellner:

Have fun and learn more!

And most importantly: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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PLS says:

In Johannes Zellner’s presentation, at 22:10, he uses an “add” transition in the grid to animate items being added to the grid. Is there an equivalent way in pure Qt (without QML) to animate items being added to a QListView, using a QPropertyAnimation?

knobtviker says:

I just tried some of the pimp outs that Johannes showcased and all I can say: WOW that was easy and a real good addon.
Great stuff!

Numu says:

The “Meet Qt Creator IDE” video page shows the video “Qt Quick Designer”.

Alvaro Pagliari says:

Hi, I tried two flash video downloaders but none of them worked (flashgot and FlashVideoDownloader both in firefox).
Can you tell me one that is able to download the presentations?

Lilian says:

@Alvaro_Pagliari People usually use this: it’s more popular and at the same time more suitable for this kind of things. If it doesn’t work(it should), try the Maxthon browser, it has an integrated feature to download video content from websites but anyway, Video DownloadHelper add-on should work just fine.

maour says:

I tried every extension you can think to download DevDays 2011 videos! but no success! πŸ™
surly we can use video download helpers to download videos from sites like youtube or some videos on Qt videos page but not 2011 DevDays videos cause they stream from and won’t cache on system. :p
We need help anyway!

Luca says:

Same problem,
I can’t download videos and using Linux + Firefox + Flash plugin I get some problem in showing videos…

Mabrouk says:

there’s a video for Qt on android πŸ˜€

html5 lover says:

Why are all the videos flash only?
What about HTML5 video?

Roland says:

Wow! Very good video and audio quality. The perfect Christmas entertainment program.
Thanks Vladimir!

Mario says:

best Christmas present, ever!!!

qtnext says:

good πŸ™‚
Is it possible to download just the slide (pdf ?) .

Jaya the Cat says:

Please enable the download of the videos, I’ve also tried everything I could to download them, but with no success

Nike says:

Please upload videos on Youtybe as well,
It is very difficult to watch this video!

maxoreli says:

PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE, do something,we dont download
Qt Develpper days .
I try everything Orbit,IDM,extension of firefox, really everything.

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