Our holiday present to you – Qt Developer Days videos

Published Friday December 23rd, 2011
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You asked for them, waited for them, and we promised they would be worth the wait.

Videos of the tech sessions from Qt Developer Days have been encoded and uploaded, and are now available for your viewing pleasure.

The link you need is http://developer.qt.nokia.com/videos

Use the Qt Developer Days tag on the left side to filter our other videos out.

Huge thanks to Vladimir, Torsten, Michael and everyone else that spent time recording, reviewing, editing and publishing these videos.

Happy viewing, happy holidays, and happy new year.

David (writing from sunny Melbourne)

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Posted in Learning | Tags: , , ,


Gordon Freeman says:

Great stuff, thanks very much for the hard work making these available!

I think kyte.tv needs some more bandwidth though… *buffering*…

Happy holidays to all the trolls 🙂

Sagar Sadbhaiya says:

It would be great if we have these on http://FTP.. it becomes easy to download them & view whenever we require… 🙂

Bojan says:

Thank you for this. It’s the best present for holidays.
Hack on!

m][sko says:

ftp will be great as server don’t support seeking in video files

tt says:

As much as I really do appreciate these videos, they become unwatchable half way through. They start constantly recaching every few seconds. And there’s no way to download the videos to watch offline.

Gordon Freeman says:

Yeah unfortunately these videos are unwatchabe for me as they just keep stopping to buffer every few seconds. I’m on a 13Mbit connection so the problem is not my own bandwidth, it’s the server’s — kyte.tv.

Please make these videos available for direct download or at least put them up on a decent host, e.g. YouTube.

I’d love to watch them but all the work gone into making them is wasted if they’re on a crappy host!

m16 says:

i want download last qt videos but I can not… why?

Alex says:

It would be awesome to be able to download the videos, in whatever form. I want to watch them on my N9 while I’m commuting, and even if I have to watch them at home, I can’t stand the abysmal flash player performance on Linux. 🙁

Darryl says:

Is there a video for the talk on Qt for iOS?

mumin16 says:

if you want download videos, you can use rtmpExplorer…

Jason Black says:

I noticed that below the description of each video there is a link for “Download” – it is not super obvious, but it is there. Enjoy!

Dian says:

Dunno why but the download links aren’t really working for me…

Dian says:

None of the new videos is really downloadable, the domain http://momedia.kyte.tv is not showing anything, nor is there any way of getting a valid url from the download link.

The clips are actually not watchable, the host is very slow. Playback interrupts every few seconds, and it is not like my internet connection is poor, I am on a 50 mbit international line and playback still sucks. I don’t have problems streaming HD content from any other host I tried, so the problem is not in my TV so to speak…

Please Qt, ditch that lousy host for your videos, upload at sites like youtube, where clips are downloadable. Or better off, just upload a torrent, and let us host those resources, I promise I will seed for months.

Otherwise your holiday present is spoiled…

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