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Qt 4 moved to open governance

Published Tuesday January 10th, 2012
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Since we released Qt under open governance on, there was always one piece missing. The Qt 4 repository was so far still handled in the old system. This was done as a simple prioritization, to get the parts of Qt that we considered most relevant for the development community out first.

The main problem has been the additional work required to integrate Qt 4 with the continuous integration (CI) system used on qt-project. Thanks to the efforts of Sergio, Rohan and others this has now been (mostly) solved. We run the full CI setup (that includes both compilation and running the test suite) on both Linux and Mac OS X for Qt 4.8. On Windows we currently only run compile tests, running the automated tests on Windows is coming soon.

You can now find the Qt 4.x repository on codereview. Pushing and reviewing changes works the same way as for Qt 5.

Approvers and Maintainers are the same as for the respective areas in Qt 5, but it should be noted that I don’t expect a lot of further development to happen in Qt 4.8. The focus here should be on bug fixes, and patches should be reviewed with this in mind.

The Qt 4.6 and 4.7 branches are not CI tested, so extreme care should be taken when submitting to these branches, and I’d like to see a review from a Maintainer for any change going in there. Changes in these branches should be limited to security issues and severe bugs that can’t be worked around in user code.

Any pending merge requests in gitorious should be resubmitted through gerrit, as we’ll close merge requests on gitorious and turn the repository there into a readonly copy.


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Posted in Contributors, Qt


Ahmed Sabbour says:

So there is a possibility for submitting changes to Qt 4.8?

@Ahmed: yes, through the same process as submitting to Qt 5, just, to a different repository.

See the wiki on for more information on the processes, etc. Pop into #qt-labs on freenode IRC ( if you have any questions/need help with something in real time.

cba says:

Is there any schedule of the QT5 release?
QT 5.0 TP,beta,RC date?

Is Qt 3.3.8 dead? says:

I am curios what’s going to happen to Qt 3.3.8b now that you have this new “meritocracy” management system in place. Is it going to be buried completely, or can Fedora, Suse, Ubuntu add changes to a common repository, if they change something in order to compile their versions? Or, by design, old Qt 3.3.8 should rest in [Microsoft] peace?

On a personal note, I don’t see that many of this new wave of Qt programmers are interested in old code maintenance. Today’s new kind of a Qt C++ programmer wants only cutting edge software features, mambo-jumbo exotic solutions, [etc.], but utterly hates maintaining old code. Worst, they can spend hours blogging why they don’t like something, but cannot afford 5 minutes to read the documentation, fix a minor bug or a small problem before they lament.

Only last month I read a comment on this board that Perl is crap, because this “teenager” didn’t know how to compile Qt. Unfortunately, the “prestige” of a Qt C++ programmer is long gone.

Linus Torvalds himself sees this new type of a programmer like a moron type, a guy extremely far away from the professional type he once had respected. But, anyway, if Perl is crap, so is Linux. And Qt 3.3.8 is dead, while Qt 4.8.0 got cancer!

And for those that don’t understand software management, meritocracy management is a new fascist type of dealing with issues! More explicitly, this meritocracy is an Anders Behring Breivik way of solving problems.


LOL: The guy who advocated meritocracy two years at Nokia, like it so much that he jumped off with great enthusiasm to Intel!!!

Jonathan Shapiro says:

Lars: Will the CI tool set and test suite be migrating as part of the opening of Qt development? Will these be available through somehow?

@Jonathan: CI scripting is largely public as I understand it, results are already public (posted as codereview comments). Test suite is already public (tests/ subdirectory of source).

Knut Yrvin says:

An antonym person asks if Qt 3.3.8 is dead? No, Qt 3.3.X improvements can be added to the Trinity Desktop Environment project:

Chance says:

Wow Peter, quite a soapbox there. Did you know you are the first generation to complain about the younger generation?

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