Qt at Mobile World Congress – The popular new Nokia 808 PureView and more

Published Monday February 27th, 2012
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At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Nokia is promoting a new Qt opportunity. The flagship for developers in Nokia Qt powered device portfolio will soon be the new Nokia 808 PureView that was announced today. With the launch of this high-tech camera smart phone that features a 41-megapixel sensor with high performance Carl Zeiss optics, Qt developers have yet another interesting Nokia smart phone to target with Qt apps. The numbers of Qt-powered Nokia devices have now reached record levels – 180 million on the market!

In addition we continue to receive a lot of positive feedback for the new Belle UI, which we released to consumers a few weeks ago. I myself updated my N8, which I happily use together with the Nokia N9, and actively contribute to the increasing download numbers on the Nokia store. The Nokia Store is now driving more than 13 million download requests per day! This is to be compared with the high of 6 million downloads per day and up-coming new Symbian phones we blogged about only 8 months ago.

At the Qt Booth here at MWC, we are seeing many familiar faces that have passed by, and I received numerous reports about the increased challenges many have faced in recruiting Qt developers. The ever-increasing trend in using Qt is creating a high demand for Qt developers, especially in the embedded space.

Qt at Mobile World Congress

Qt at Mobile World Congress 2012

In 2011, we experienced 2,1 million Qt downloads plus a multitude of online updates. When comparing this to the almost 1,6 million Qt downloads we had in 2010, you see a significant indicator for an increasing amount of Qt projects.

So it is spring in Barcelona and for Qt, optimism is running high, and the opportunity for Qt developers continues to grow and flourish. For mobile developers, the amazing new opportunity that is coming in the form of the Nokia 808 PureView is just icing on the cake.

Daniel Kihlberg
Global Director Qt Ecosystem

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Nils says:

Do the download numbers include all the re-downloads necessary after the Belle update (or any hard device reset)?

Which markets is the 808 PureView going to be available in? You didn’t sell the N9 in most western markets except Australia and Scandinavia despite it being a serious competitor to the iPhone (open-source and vastly superior to Android). Will any Qt-based mass-market devices be available in the UK or the USA any time soon?

toda says:

The power of Qt Quick 2 + the power of Symbian Belle + the power of Nokia 808 = wonderful apps 🙂
waiting Qt Quick 2 for Symbian to realize my app ideas for 808 and Symbian Belle devices 🙂
There is any date for official release of Qt Quick 2 for Symbian Belle?

Javi Moya says:

(I’m a QT and Photography enthusiast…)

I’ve seen some untouched samples from the new phone (cdn.conversations.nokia.com.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Archive2.zip) and are quite good.
The sensor is larger than more point & shoot cameras.
Of course there are noticiable problems (distortion: http://allthingsd.com/files/2012/02/2012-02-22-411.png)… but… the quality is really high (in par with point and shoot cameras… So… this is a “camera-killer”: you don’t need a compact camera anymore).

Sadly… I love qt… but I hate qml and qt5 strategy…

mja says:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Qt5 and Qt Quick 2 aren’t coming to Symbian

daniel says:

At mobile world congress we use Qt 4.8 for the Nokia 808 PureView and the performance is really good. Daniel (using it for this answer)

Jiao says:

sure,the performance of 808 is really good. But some UI design should be polished. e.g.:The camera settings UI only work on landscape, and the buttons are too wide, the setting list is too long…Furthermore,41MP is not necessary for most people, and it has a bad pic quality in high ISO mode.

timothy says:

Something quite interesting and looking forward to it in the market and see how is it going to rank.

Leander says:

Unfortunately, nokia is killing symbian. Windows phone is in high, medium and low range phones too. The future of Qt is blackberry, as backend of Cascades UI for new BB OS 10 phones.

New ashas are bad, poor toys. For nokia, qt is now a secondary player. Do we must think that Qt is a looser framework? I don’t.

And now, RIM is betting for Qt.

Mika Hanhijärvi says:

The new Nokia 808 PureView looks REALLY awesome!This is exactly what I was hoping for.

Smsrtphone with Symbian Belle and hardware like that will be really great device. This will definetely be my next smartphone . This new device will also make it possoble to create great new apps for the Symbian. I can’t wait getting one of these devices 🙂


Dude Hautamaeki says:

Meego is dead, Symbian is dead, now it’s not, no Qt on Wp7, no Qt5 on Symbian.
Does anyone understand Elop’s master plan? What’s the point in putting resources into Qt – does Nokia want to strenghten RIM? I don’t get it.

Leander says:

Meego is dead, Symbian is dead, N9 is dead, 700 is dead, 701 is dead, N8 is dead…, for Nokia, Qt is dead.

808 Purview was developed with Symbian in mind, before windows arrival. It’s the last medium range phone with Symbian. Next ones will be launched with Windows Tango with prices under than 100$. Don’t you see?

The ‘next billion will be Window Tango phones, don’t crappy Ashas, old fashioned phones. Nobody wants waste money on obsolete technology. Do you want waste your time developing for old phones?

Has Qt expiration date for Nokia? If Symbian has, Qt has.

The future of Nokia is Windows, thanks to Elop, trojan horse of Microsoft. The future of Qt in mainstream phones maybe RIM with Cascades UI.

It’s sad, Nokia, it’s very sad.

Toni says:

A least for me qt is not dead.

I will support that for ever.

Leander says:

Hi Toni !

Qt is not dead as development platform, I will support too. But for Nokia phones, in mind of Nokia bosses, Qt is dead.

Leander says:

Dude Hautamaeki, Elop’s master plan is Microsoft. There isn’t plan B.

Dude Hautamaeki, says:

@Leander: I understand, and it was a rethoric question.
Our product is running under Embedded Linux, and Qt is just great.
I don’t understand why Nokia keeps investing but not harvesting the fruits. Crazy.

Leander says:

@Dude, yep, Qt is a fantastic framework. I’m a freelance developer of windows, Linux and mac soft, and Qt is my main tool.

Sadly, Nokia is killing Qt step by step, silently. I was thinking make symbian soft, but I see more future on android or blackberry platform, where Qt is alive and better considered.

I’m waiting for RIM’s BB10 Os and Cascades UI, based in Qml. It’s my hope.

ced says:

Just came here to say that our Qt is beginning to suck thanks to you Nokia employees.

– Qt SDK is a massive piece of crap
downloading Harmattan Documentation seriously what ?
– Qt website is not kept up to date
current version of Qt, frontpage says Qt 4.7.4 ?
– Qt documentation is not easily available
search for QDate for Qt 4.7
– Qt search documentation is a joke
just use google and kill that useless search function

I’ve been using Qt for 8 years so you got to fix this guys; I don’t care what Microsoft is doing to you, man up a bit.

> Which markets is the 808 PureView going to be available in?

Atlantis, Mu, and Lemuria.

Leander says:

… and Benidorm

Knut Yrvin says:

@Dude Hautamaeki,
Nokia is investing more in Qt due to long term commitment, also getting apps to the next billion in the future. Today Qt is on record level 180 million smart phones from Nokia. Qt apps also runs on Android with Necessitas. At Qt Developer Days late 2011, the RIM Vice President, George Staikos explained how Qt will be a part their new BBX software platform. In addition Qt are doing great in home entertainment, in vehicle infotainment, smart devices and so on, including 70 different industries.

I’m happy that you’re still believe in Qt and QML. You’re not alone. The number of Qt downloads has increased from 1,6 million in 2010, to 2,1 million last year. This excludes Linux-distributions and online updates, which comes in addition to the 2,1 million downloads in 2011.

The Doc team are working at full speed, improving the documentation. Personally I’ve seen considerable progress in he latest Qt SDK version.

There are also suggestions on improving ways on how the documentation is split into repositories and compiled, making it easier to contribute. Due to the Open Governance nature of the Qt Project, your concerns might be best addressed in the Qt bug-tracker[1] and/or at the Qt Project pages[2]. Also, there is plans for a Qt Contributors Summit[3] this year too, June 21-23 @ Kalkscheune, Berlin. I hope documentation will be an important part of the agenda.

1. https://bugreports.qt-project.org/secure/Dashboard.jspa
2. http://qt-project.org/contribute
3. http://wiki.qt-project.org/Events/Qt_Contributors_Summit

Toni says:

I think that people for Nokia is doing very good things for Qt.

The only problem that I see is that some media attack Nokia when they try to release something with Qt.

If the Nokia 808 would run on Windows Phone, those media will not be complainning.

So I support Nokia. The only, company that is supporting seriously an European technology (Qt).

¡¡¡Go on Nokia!!

Dude says:

The point is – I love Qt, it’s great technology.
But I need hardware to run my applications on. I’m especially looking at a GPS enabled consumer Tablet, just like the Blackberry Playbook.
Unfortunately, things don’t look too rosy for RIM right now and I beginning to think I’m better off investing my time in learning ObjectiveC and Cococa, even though I prefer Linux over IOS. I wouldn’t even mind getting a Win8 tablet – if it ran Qt.
But no way I’m gonna learn that new crappy Microsoft Metro UI (I experimented a bit with it, but I hate it). So Nokia, fire your stupid CEO, please. He’s done enough harm already.

Dude says:

I agree with you when it comes to Qt. But I don’t understand Nokia’s strategy, I think no one outside Nokia does. What is the ‘next billion’? Is it Symbian, some form of Linux, Windows, QNX or something else?
I understand that Blackberry is betting on Qt and I love them for this.
But unfortunately they don’t own Qt.
So is Nokia trying to make their competitor RIM stronger? That’s kind of hard to believe. Why is it so hard to clarify this? Is this some legal BS imposed by Microsoft?

Mark says:

@Dude: If you like Qt, prefer Linux to IOS, and are worried about RIM’s future – you should check out Qt for Android (Necessitas) – I’m using it to now write apps for both Android and Symbian 🙂

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