Qt 4.8.1 libraries for Windows, Mac and Linux/X11 released as stand-alone download

Published Wednesday March 28th, 2012
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Today we release the Qt 4.8.1 libraries for those of you that target Windows, Mac and Linux/X11. The stand-alone download of the Qt 4.8.1 libraries will be followed, in the coming weeks, by a Qt SDK update including the updated Qt 4.8.1 libraries as well as updates in form of primary maintenance work on the  Symbian and Nokia N9 targets. So for those of you that appreciate a nice packaged SDK or target “only” Nokia Symbian and Nokia N9, we recommend you wait for the full Qt SDK 1.2.1 release planned for April 2012.

For those using Qt for Windows, Mac and Linux/X11 who want to get Qt 4.8.1 and start using it now – download it here.

Qt 4.8.1 is the first patch release to the 4.8 series with over 200 functional improvements to the desktop and embedded platforms. The majority of the error corrections, made primarily by Digia, have been on desktop and embedded platforms with a large number of fixes with focus on QtCore, QtGUI and QtNetwork. These fixes benefit all desktop platforms. Qt 4.8.1 also includes Mac App Store support.

Digia has done a major job driving the quality of Qt 4.8 and has now added maturity to Qt with the first Qt 4.8 patch release. It is great to see all Qt developers benefit from the increased amount of resources going into the Qt ecosystem. For the details of the updates of the Qt commercial offering, please visit Digia.

[UPDATE] All changes in 4.8.1 are now listed here.

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Posted in Roadmap | Tags: ,


Jonathan Liu says:

The source code zip and tar.gz links still point to 4.8.0.


Hi, where i can see a change log for new version?
https://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qt/blobs/4.8/dist/changes-4.8.1 is empty

Robin Lobel says:

I’d like a changelog as well…

Alexandra Leisse says:

Jonathan, thanks for reporting; I missed those two. Now all links should be fine.

Akseli Salovaara says:

@ABBAPOH @Robin Lobel
At the moment change log can be found only from release packages (e.g. source code zip or tar.gz).

Alan says:

The document mentioned by ABBAPOH refers to http://qt-project.org/doc/4.8, but that link doesn’t work…?

silvansky says:

So where is the changelog? What those 200 improvements are?

Helmt Mülner says:

No improvements in html5 multimedia support: html5 audio and html5 video are still not supported.

silvansky says:


Here is the changelog from .tar.gz

This build works great.

GG Trolls.


serkol says:

I would also appreciate html5 multimedia support. I can live with Phonon for now, but QT-native multimedia would be great.

Thanks for Mac App Store support!!!

Volker Götz says:

Still with regressions: https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-23258

Watch out if you need to support OS X 10.5!

Boris Moiseev says:

Also a Qt 4.8 regression: https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-24201

Hope this fix will be included in Qt 4.8.2.

Hi All,

The changes file is inside the installers, and sent earlier to the Qt Project mailing list. Thanks for those who also linked it to this blog post.

We have been able to include a significant amount of fixes and reduced the regressions together with everyone who contributed, but not yet fix them all. For those that a fix is available, they will be part of 4.8.2 (currently planned to be out in May).

There is quite large amount of fixes in 4.8.1 and we think it is a significant step forward – and target is to make the next one even better 😉


Tuukka Turunen
Director, R&D
Digia, Qt Commercial

Passeli says:

@Volker Götz
There is no point about complaining bugs if you don’t submit your fixes to http://codereview.qt-project.org. Adding patch to bugreports page don’t make sense because someone *have* to make the change to codereview, so why it can’t be you? And codereview is not all about Qt 5.0, there exist own Qt 4.8 branch where you can submit your fix.


Cyttorak says:

Nice news, it fixes a very important bug for my project 🙂

ddriver says:

Good to see Digia contributing bug fixes to the open source project. I applaud the initiative.

Hopefully we will see Qt SDK 1.3 soon, with Qt 4.8.1 or even 2 and Creator 2.5 🙂

Tim says:


Do we have to wait till Qt5 for a refresh of the WebKit base?
I’m having to do my own Bug mods e.g. adding support for WOFF fonts

I also submitted a request for info on Digia site a few days ago but no response.

If anyone is a QtWebKit/WebKit wizz please email me: tim at xemware.com, I want to access underlying WebCore classes in a QtWebKit project and hit my C++ (easily done) skills limit.

May result in paid contract work.

Anticross says:

Is this bug : http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/13705/#75959 is already fixed in qt 4.8.1 ?

Volker Götz says:

I have a workaround that works for *me*, I don’t know whether that is a correct bug fix. I have neither time nor interest to dig into the deep internals of the build system in general or Qt Webkit in particular. And I also do neither have time nor motivation to fight that decision whether a Qt 5 patch is necessary or not – which *will* come if you submit a patch to 4.8 only.

Complaining about bugs that are not fixed *is* actually a point. Everyone is told to open bugs in Jira so “that the devs get it”. What’s that worth if no one cares about it? It just leads to masses of frustrated developers that stay away from the bug tracker at all in the future.

And don’t come up with “submit your patch to gerrit” – please! Not every developer who is enthusiastic about *using* Qt is able or willing to contribute patches.

Knut Yrvin says:

@Volker Götz
It’s totally ok to ask others to focus on a specific bug, and look at a suggested workarround which you reported Volker.

@Tim: Most likely it will be Qt 5 to bring you updated WebKit trunk snapshot first. However, I would very much like to see such also for 4.8, but not yet sure if it can be done with reasonable effort. WebKit is constantly updated with security fixes, of course. We can continue this discussion in the Qt Project mailing lists.


Tuukka Turunen
Director, R&D
Digia, Qt Commercial

@Anticross: Can you provide with the corresponding bug id? You pointed to a discussion forum, and I did not see reference to a bug id there.

If you are Qt Commercial licensee, you can contact our support who can sort this out for you. If not, then at least you should do a bugreport so that others can vote on its importance and someone fixing bugs can pick it up.


Tuukka Turunen
Director, R&D
Digia, Qt Commercial

Zanjy says:

Is there a chance to get the 32bit Mac Version without compiling it by myself each time there is a Qt update.

RP says:

Does this version really support Mac App Store? I just compiled my application with 4.8.1 and when it runs it still created that infamous com.trolltech.plist file in Preferences folder. That will NOT pass Apple’s review!

Guido Seifert says:

Downloaded, compiled, my own project compiled with 4.8.1, program started, program stopped, 4.8.1 deleted.

Sorry, looks like the network stuff is badly broken.

Guido Seifert says:

I take it back… was not Qt’s fault.

@RP: Yes, All that it takes to submit to Mac App Store should also be in and work nicely in the LGPL version. See our blog for details: http://www.digia.com/en/Blogs/Qt-blog/Pasi_Matilainen/Dates/2012/4/How-to-Publish-Qt-Applications-in-the-Mac-App-Store/


Tuukka Turunen
Director, R&D
Digia, Qt Commercial

SpinyNorman says:

src/gui/kernel/qtdnd_x11.cpp is broken for Solaris 10 since it now (new to 4.8.1 from 4.8.0) uses ShapeInput from X11/extensions/shape.h but ShapeInput isn’t present for Solaris 10 (only ShapeBounded & ShapeClip).

Solution is to #ifdef ShapeInput usage.

@SpinyNorman: The problem you mentioned is already fixed in Qt Commercial 4.8.1 release. Solaris 10 is a supported platform for Qt Commercial 4.8, so every release is tested on it. For Qt Project releases this is not the case. So as has happened here the fix we have done for Qt Commercial and contributed to the Qt Project is not in the 4.8.1 LGPL – probably as it was noticed so late by us that it was not possible to get it in. The fix we have done is in 4.8 branch waiting to be included into the next Qt Project release. So, eventually the fix will be in the Qt Project release as well.


Tuukka Turunen
Director, R&D
Digia, Qt Commercial

Passeli says:

@Zanjy: Mac versions are build as universal, so they contain both 32-bit and 64-bit binaries.

@Tuukka Turunen: Some people already mentionned it but what about and support in Qt 4.8.X ? It was supported in Qt 4.7.4 but not in Qt 4.8.1… Any answer ?

Aparna says:


i have problem with QT4.8 version. yesterday i have updated and my project does not connect to Network.
i am using kqoauth files and had developed my own DLL, which was connecting to WebService via Net was working fine with 4.7 version. but DLL not connecting to network with 4.8 version.
i dont know where to report issue. Plz help we are in middle of release.

@Romain: 4.8.1 is a patch level release and is intended to support everything 4.8.0 did.


Tuukka Turunen
Director, R&D
Digia, Qt Commercial

gogo says:

Can we use qt 4.8.1 with the mapp app store now, pls?

jason says:

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It does not recognize the url encoded , duplicate percent encoded as % 25 .
Thank you!

I was suggested this website by my cousin. I am now not certain whether or not this post is written through him as no one else recognise such detailed about my trouble. You’re amazing! Thank you!

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