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Published Wednesday April 11th, 2012
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Well its taken 3+ years for Qt 3D to be an overnight success, but here it is: we are now part of Qt5 and we’ll be front and centre in the exciting picture that will be powering a new generation of QML enhanced apps on a whole range of platforms. As a Qt5 Essential Qt 3D will be running on all those supported Qt5 platforms providing OpenGL accelerated 3D content defined in QML. Its great news for us in the team, and good news for those of you using Qt 3D or planning on using it for your projects.

If you’re a Qt 3D fan and have been following the project for a while you’ll know that as a labs project we had to do our own releases, carefully making sure that packages we created matched the current supported versions of Qt 4. We have in the past released easy-to-use packages for Symbian^3, N900 and the N9 platforms, as well as for Windows desktop; and supported Linux and Mac with source packages. We got great feedback from those package releases, and saw some interesting projects built on Qt 3D.

As part of Qt5 the SDK team and release program will make Qt 3D available through official Qt5 release activities. This will free us up to spend more time on performance, bug-fixing and best of all the features that we’ve been asked for. This is fantastic news for us since packaging consumed quite a bit of our resources, and now we can focus that on improving Qt 3D.

Before we move away from Labs status we are making one more Qt 3D labs release: and this is it. This follows our Qt 3D TP1 and TP2 releases with a 1.0 release as part of our Qt 4.x programme. In this release are a number of important bug fixes, some new stuff like threaded texture and model loading, and the new Qt 3D Asset Viewer, which allows you to visually configure the models you load into your Qt 3D applications.

Today we announce our Qt 3D 1.0 for Qt 4.8.1 with only a small amount of fanfare: this will be our last 4.x major version release.

For Windows folks, you’ll need the Qt 4.8.1 Windows MSVC release which is available from the Qt downloads page.

The documentation is also available on-line on the Qt project site.

For N9 developers we no longer create a package. The publicly available Qt SDK can build these packages for you from our source download using the Qt 4.7.x Harmattan support, that is built right in to your SDK. Just follow the special N9 instructions in our build documentation. For Symbian likewise you will need to create your own packages. For folks using a MinGW based Qt on Windows, you will need to use the source package also.

Why are we not supplying N9 or Symbian packages for Qt 3D 1.0 against Qt 4.x? Since Qt 3D 1.0 for 4.x is a labs project, our previous device packages were not official Nokia system packages, and just functioned as a convenience to the developer. This is why we’re asking that you create your own packages to underscore the fact that Nokia does not supply Qt 3D system packages as part of Qt 4.x, and you’ll need to do your own work to include any Qt 3D functionality in your device apps. Apologies for this, but its the way it is for our 4.x labs status programme. Qt 3D team remains available on IRC and via our email lists (see below) to support you as far as possible when including Qt 3D in your apps, but unfortunately for Qt 4.x we cannot supply Nokia system packages for these platforms.

What about Qt5? That is where the excitement lies, with a vastly improved QML rendering engine, which has the benefit for Qt 3D of guaranteed OpenGL support. If you have QML2 then you have OpenGL and that means Qt 3D is ready to go on any Qt5 platform. We’d love you to try out Qt 3D on Qt5 – go and check out the Qt5 Alpha release which has just been announced, and tell us what you think. If you want to try out the bleeding edge, you can also get Qt 3D in Qt5 by building from Git.

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Sylv says:

Thanks a lot for your amazing work! Qt3d Is a real good piece of code!

gabriel9 says:

Great stuff. Thanks for this amazing release.
Best regards.

Alex Kerr says:

This is great stuff, and thank you for all your hard work.

However, it is still total insanity that Nokia refuses to put Qt 5 on Symbian (while proudly stating on the Nokia developer site that you can reach 180 million Symbian phones with Qt!) and also no Qt on Windows Phone.

Qt *5* needs to be on Symbian (at least S^3 devices onwards) and on WinPho and on Meltemi (which I expect is the case actually).

stronghui says:

thanks for your hard work.

dzimiwine says:

Great work guys!!
Btw, How does QtQuick work with multi threaded openGL? If not yet, is there any plan to do it?

Uwe Kindler says:

The documentation package link is broken

Uwe Kindler says:

The correct link to Qt3D documentation is ftp://ftp.qt.nokia.com/qt3d/noarch/2012_04_11/qt3d-1.0-doc.zip

Riccardo says:

I have downloaded Qt 5.0.0 Alpha, but i have many troble in configuring it and building.
Option -no-webkit is not recognized, i have used this configuration:
“configure -debug-and-release -D _ITERATOR_DEBUG_LEVEL=0 -opensource -confirm-license -nomake tests -prefix c:qt5.0.0”
but there is this error while executing nmake : “to build QtWebKit with Qt 5 you need ICU”.
I have downloaded it, cleaned configuration and tried with this one:
“configure -debug-and-release -D _ITERATOR_DEBUG_LEVEL=0 -opensource -confirm-license -nomake tests -icu -prefix c:qt5.0.0”
but there is another error when making nmake: “toolsqlocale_icu.cpp(46) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘unicode/uversion.h’: No such file or directory”

Any suggestion?

Riccardo says:

Good Day,
Anyone can provide a working configuration for QT 5.0.0 for Windows 7 32 bit?
I’m in trouble with it.
Thank you all.
Best Regards.

孙雪峰 says:


jdebhal says:

@Uwe: Thanks for the correction! I’ve added the gzipped docs package, so the original link works now, and I’ve left the zipped package you link to up as well for added convenience and less confusion 🙂

@dzimiwine: I’d be very surprised if there wasn’t a blog post going into multithreaded GL rendering at some stage. I don’t want to steal any of the graphic’s team’s thunder, so I’ll just say that they’re doing a great job.

@Riccardo: I think there are a few challenges with building the Qt5 alpha on windows. Have a look at http://labs.qt.nokia.com/2012/04/03/qt-5-alpha/ and see if they’ve got the answers you need.

@Everyone else: Thanks for your kind words 😀

Lwdbluesky says:

Thanks for this amazing project. oh i see a Chinese people.

Danny P says:

@Riccardo: if you continue to have problems configuring and compiling, email the qt3d mailing list and I’ll help you get through the issues you’re having – I’ve been through them recently myself working with Qt5, so understand some of the hurdles when working with Qt5 on Windows.

dzimiwine says:

@jdebhal: Thanks for your reply

Wayahead says:

Welcome Qt3d 1.0, thank to the team for great job!

MySchizoBuddy says:

Is there a QT5 based graphing/charting 2D and 3D library in the works.

Sylv says:

@MySchizoBuddy if you are a commercial license holder, take a look at this

陈杰 says:


Alberto says:

In the installation of Qt3D for Qt 4.8 hasn’t a debug compilation of lib. This is right?

visakh says:

I have issues in building qt4.8.1. On running nmake after doing all configuration it suddenly shows error. Cannot open windows.h on compiling qt_windows.h. The windows.h is included in line 63 of qt_windows.h. This windows.h is in smart device folder in VS but why it cannot include this??

Sako says:

We are trying Qt3D with QT4.8 releases and yes it is opengl h/w accelerated UI, we can UI is more fluid and fast.

But some reason GraphicsView/QGLWidget is not working for us.

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