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Qt Creator 2.5 RC released

Published Monday April 23rd, 2012
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We are happy to announce the Qt Creator 2.5 release candidate today. Since the beta release we did a lot of bug fixing, including some crashes and some regressions in the C++ code model handling. Thanks to all who contributed to these 180+ fixes. And special thanks this time go to Leena, for all the effort she put into updating our documentation and screenshots again!

Featurewise I refer you to the beta release blog post. One thing we didn’t mention there though is another new (experimental) plugin for direct support of autotools projects. If you work with autotools based projects, you might want to check this out instead of using the generic “Import existing project”. Just enable Help > About Plugins > Build Systems > AutotoolsProjectManager, restart Qt Creator, and open a Makefile.am. Many thanks to Patricia Santana Cruz and Openismus GmbH for contributing this plugin.

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Posted in Qt, QtCreator


jshell says:

Any word on a release date? Thank you.

Ignacius says:

I would like to see some integration with Pyside. Is this in the roadmap or is going to remain C++ only?

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

@jshell: the tentative plan is always visible here: http://wiki.qt-project.org/Qt_Creator/Releases

elemental says:

I am really excited about the new release: TODO plugin is integrated (I always had to compile it myself) and many bugfixes (e.g. following preprocessor definition). Thank you, waiting for final release.

RealNC says:

Autotools support! Upgrading as we speak πŸ™‚

Greg says:

Nice! What a great editor!

Some C++11 statements are saw as erroneous like this one for example:
A a {1, 2, 3};
fun(A {4, 5, 6});
Is this normal?

Daniel Molkentin says:

If you are interested in the support for C++11 in Creator, you probably want to watch https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTCREATORBUG-903, which is a meta-report tracking the general support.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

@greg: supporting C++11 is still an unfinished, ongoing process, I’m not quite sure what is supposed to work in 2.5 and what not πŸ™‚

Journey says:

Which Version of MinGW comes with the Windows Version of Qt Creator 2.5? Will Boost/AsyncSerial be supported?

danny says:

There are still issues with editor glitching when scrolling on Mac – is there a bug logged for this?

Rob Caldecott says:

I like it. However, gdb will crash when I attempt to debug with an unhandled win32 exception *every time* so I’ve reverted to 2.3.1.

I’ll try 2.5 with the mingw tools from 2.3.1 later and see if the issue persists.

clan says:

I downloaded the 2.5.0 rc…but it turns to be 2.483 after installed…

Rob Caldecott says:

I tried this release using the mingw toolchain shipped with qtcreator 2.3.1 and gdb works fine. So it looks like there is an issue with gdb-i686-pc-mingw32.exe shipping with this RC.

Mark Visser says:

I’m trying to use the qt-components/desktop components with Qt Creator. Everything works except for Qt editor integration. I’ve built qmldump and generated the plugins.qmltypes file as documented here: http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qtcreator-2.4/creator-qml-modules-with-plugins.html. The syntax highlighter no longer red-underlines the “import QtDesktop 0.1” statement, but does not recognize any of the components (Window, MenuBar, Menu, etc.). I’m not sure if this is a bug or a configuration issue, so I’m posting here instead of filing a bug report.

Mac OS X 10.7, Qt Creator 2.5 RC (same issue is also in master), Qt Libraries 4.8.1.

Qt Creator 2.4.x doesn’t even recognize the plugins.qmltypes file (and claims that qmldump “can’t be built”), so it’s an improvement.

Also, there is an error in the documentation — the tool is called qmlplugindump instead of qmldump.

Here is the generated qmltypes file: http://pastebin.com/7e9xLHE2

Alexis Leseigneur says:


I don’t know if this bug below has been reported:
When i launch Qt Creator 2.4.1, I always have to go to options to select the right c++ style i have created. The default one is always selected at launch.

ts- says:


Unfortunately I’ve been unable to test this latest RC, but I’d like to know whether there’s been any changes in indenting code. As of 2.4 (I think) the “mixed” tabs-and-spaces mode still uses tabs for alignment in certain cases (the one I always bumped against was multi-lined function calls). I know this isn’t the place to report bugs, but I don’t know if this even qualifies as one, so I’ll just leave it here.

(Yes, I know the all-spaces-options are typically more cared for and thus more honed. But no, I’m not going to switch over; tabs are for indenting and indenting is done with TAB characters, over and out.)

Anyway, it’s still a great product, but all automatic indenting solutions are completely useless if they have quirks as big as this, as it’s easier to just do semi-manual indenting and aligning instead of fixing broken alignments.

andre says:

@clan: The rc is 2.483 is (or more precisely ea07c55fbaf156dfced1b71beec79664633fedf2).

David Johnson says:

Back when Qt Creator was announced, one of the goals was to be “an IDE for people who hate IDEs”. This is tree. I used to develop with just Emacs and an xterm. No more, Qt Creator is the way to go. What makes it different from the typical IDE is that it keeps the user in control, and doesn’t get in your way.

kralyk says:

Any news on Clang integration?

Brian Warner says:

How come indentation is (still) broken?
I set “tabs only” in the options dialog, open a C file, hit at start of function, yet it inserts spaces..

Brian Warner says:

The word “ENTER” with angle brackets has been stripped out, so.. edit:
“..hit ENTER at start of function..”

Andre Hartmann says:

@Brian: There are two option pages for indentation: Text Editor -> Behavior and C++ -> Code style. Did you hit the right one?

Brian Warner says:

Thanks for the tip, but:
1) After setting C++ – Code style to “Tabs Only” the dialogs “OK” button stays disabled so I can’t apply the new setting.

2) Inconsistensy:
2.1 Either rename it to “C/C++” or create a “C” options tab as well.
2.2 The spacing policy is inconsistent. For C++ it’s hidden behind a dialog to be opened from a “Code Style” tab, for other langs it’s under the “Behavior” tab. For consistency it should at least be available either under “Code Style” or under “Behavior” in both cases.
2.3 I know it might sound like a rant, so I’ll just stop here..

Brian Warner says:

My reply doesn’t show up so I’ll post again (btw, this submission system seems buggy):

Thanks for the tip, but:
1) After setting C++ – Code style to “Tabs Only” the dialogs “OK” button stays disabled so I can’t apply the new setting.

2) Inconsistensy:
2.1 Either rename it to “C/C++” or create a “C” options tab as well.
2.2 The spacing policy is inconsistent. For C++ it’s hidden behind a dialog to be opened from a “Code Style” tab, for other langs it’s under the “Behavior” tab. For consistency it should at least be available either under “Code Style” or under “Behavior” in both cases.
2.3 I know it might sound like a rant, so I’ll just stop here..

kralyk says:

@Brian: Jesus, you just need to wait a bit, the comment shows eventually. Do people have now patience?

Also, there is no inconsistency. In the “Text Editor” section you set indentation _generally_, whereas in the “C++” section you set the indentation for C++ code (which also encompases C code, because it’s _roughly_ subset of C++. I don’t think the code model makes much distinction between C and C++).

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

@kralyk: http://lists.qt-project.org/pipermail/qt-creator/2012-February/000251.html still holds regarding clang integration.

@brian: reg 1) “You cannot save changes to a built-in code style. Copy it first to create your own version”. It’s bad that the UI isn’t disabled though.
reg 2.1) We don’t have any specific support for “C”, it just falls off of the C++ model with a few hacks for accepting some C differences. Could probably be called C/C++ though that might actually create unrealistic expectations.
reg 2.2) The “common fallback” setting is no “code style” and using the same UI would be overkill. And actually the rest of the text editor behavior tab also applies to C++ editors. So “behavior” and “code style” settings really are two different beasts. It should be made clearer though that the text editor > behavior > tabs and indentation setting is only a fallback.

kralyk says:

Thanks Eike!

Maiss says:

If I understand, C++ future in Qt will remain unchanged?
Concerning OpenCL (QtOpenCL), I hope to see it fully supported by Qt one day. I think a lot of potential is out there. Apple (both the company and the community) seized that opportunity in the right time. The same happend with OpenGL and hope will happen with OpenCL, OpenVG and OpenCL.

Marvin says:

Food for thought for QtCreator 3.0?

Fonzi says:

I’m excited to try out the new features in Qt Creator once 2.5 is officially released. πŸ™‚

And Marvin – thanks for the link. That’s some amazing stuff. In principle, I don’t see why Qt Creator couldn’t implement some features like that where the designer and code are edited in sync side-by-side (particularly since QML is declarative). Aside from the increased usability/programmer-friendliness, that certainly has a lot of wow factor too!

Larswad says:

Really great! Happy to see that the autocompletion / jump to definition for global namespace and using directives has been fixed.
Qt Creator is the best and easy to use IDE by far.

Larswad says:

But…tested it with this beta (2.4.83), and it didn’t actually work with “jump to definition/declaration” for symbols within namespaces that has been exposed with the using directive. Only for symbols with fully qualified namespace works (as before).
Hmm, wasn’t that supposed to been fixed, like the changelog says (C++ support, line 85)?
Maybe I misunderstood.

Andre' says:

@Rob Caldecott: Could that be the same as https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTCREATORBUG-7372 ?

Rob Caldecott says:

@Andre: Yes, that looks like the gdb issue I’m seeing.

Agroni says:

Is someone working on database plugins qt-designer? I mean a plugin that helps you design a form with database fields.

NoName says:

Is there a way to get a portable version? In some companies there is a restriction on installing new software so a portable Qt Creator would be great. (Maybe a zip file would be enough)

Best Regards

hatl says:

i like qt creator, but there is one thing really missing: the generation of qtestlib stubs
an integration of something like https://github.com/icefox/qautotestgenerator would be very nice
it could save so much time…

best regards

CSS says:

Awesome issues here. I’m very happy to look your post. Thank you so much and I’m having a look ahead to touch you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

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