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Qt Creator 2.5.0 released

Published Wednesday May 9th, 2012
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The Qt Creator 2.5.0 final has been released! There are lots of new features and improvements in this release, I’ll highlight a few here, some others are probably already mentioned in our beta blog post, and you’ll find a more complete list in our changes file.

So, new features and improvements include but are not limited to:

  • You can repeat a recent search with the same parameters with a simple click on “Search Again”
  • “Execute” Locator filter lets you run arbitrary commands in a shell from Qt Creator (“! <some command>”) (thanks to Yuchen Deng!)
  • Experimental plugin that shows “TODO” items from your sources (thanks to Dmitry Savchenko and Vasiliy Sorokin!)
  • Experimental plugin for autotools based projects (thanks to Patricia Santana Cruz and Openismus GmbH!)
  • Mac OS X Lion users will we happy to know that QTCREATORBUG-6222 which prevented adding some Qt Versions has finally been fixed
  • A very basic version of a C++ refactoring action that adds an #include for an unknown identifier has been added (move cursor on identifier, press Alt+Return (Option+Return on Mac OS X))
  • A very basic version of a C++ “extract method” refactoring action
  • Improved support of C++11 (nullptr, constexpr, static_assert, noexcept, inline namespaces, auto, lambdas)
  • Rearrange C++ method arguments (thanks to Bojan Petrovic!)
  • New hints and warnings for QML code, including an option to prevent them for specific lines (with a special comment)

Note for Windows MinGW Users

We decided to remove the custom MinGW distribution and MinGW gdb from our Qt Creator-only Windows binary distribution package. The original reasons to include it there (it was the predecessor of the Qt SDK) are since a while now filled by the Qt SDK. Also, updating the shipped version is a legal hassle as long as the binaries are provided through Nokia, but we also don’t want to ship stone age versions. We are working on build infrastructure for the Qt Project itself though, that we ultimately want to use to build Qt Creator packages, snapshots, and more. Currently, on http://builds.qt-project.org, you find Qt Creator snapshots for Linux and Windows, and also a Python enabled MinGW gdb (that reportedly doesn’t work on Windows XP). It’s still possible to install MinGW and gdb separately and register them in Qt Creator. We are not removing the support for it from Qt Creator.

Previously shipped MinGW: ftp://ftp.qt.nokia.com/misc/MinGW-gcc440_1.zip
Previously shipped MinGW gdb: ftp://ftp.qt.nokia.com/misc/gdb/7.2/qtcreator-gdb-7.2-mingw-x86.zip

Up to date MinGW: http://www.mingw.org (we might provide a compact version like the one in the old installer later)
Python enabled MinGW gdb 7.4: http://builds.qt-project.org/job/gdb-windows/ (compiled on Windows 7, doesn’t work on Windows XP)

Thanks to All Contributors

Too many to include them all here, please scroll to the end of our changes file!


See our Release Page

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Posted in Qt, QtCreator


Rezza says:

Thanks, I’m already building an updated package for Fedora πŸ™‚

Shai says:

I’m still using Qt Creator 2.3.1 and i’m using it mainly to build apps for sym^3 & s60 5th ed.
and everything is working fine also the mingw emulator.

Should i upgrade my Qt sdk/ Qt creator or not? what are your thoughts?
(i dont want to re-configure stuff and hassle too much with it)

Simon Smith says:

archlinux has a package already:-) Yeah.

Tobias Hunger says:

Shai: Backup your settings (%APPDATA%/roaming/Nokia IIRC as well as the .user files of your test projects) and try it. If it does not work you can always go back.

There were few Symbian-relevant changes though, so you will be happy with the older versions provided you do not need the new refactoring actions, C++0x support or the Todo plugin.

Julian Salamanca says:

@Simon That’s great news…

David says:

When will the next Qt SDK version ship that bundles QtCreator 2.5 with a modern MinGW and python-enabled gdb for Windows?


Thank you

NoName says:

Please, could also be a modern MinGW64 integrated into the QtSDK?

Thanks in advance

andre says:

@David: As usual: “When it is ready.”

Until then you can check out and perhaps give feedback on the potential ingredients, found at http://builds.qt-project.org/

Woohoo! Method extracting? Must try! Must try!

Daniel Molkentin says:

@NoName: 64 MinGW is being worked on. The problem here is that the MinGW Community itself is rather fragmented. If you are interested in MinGW64, read http://lists.qt-project.org/pipermail/development/2012-April/003332.html for the reasons why we don’t have it yet.

Fonzi says:

It appears that Qt Creator 2.5 has enough changes to break compatibility with some Qt Creator plugins. Notably, the Doxygen plugin no longer compiles properly against Qt Creator 2.5: http://dev.kofee.org/issues/6.

andre says:

Fonzi: Try git fetch https://codereview.qt-project.org/p/qt-creator/qt-creator refs/changes/38/12438/5 && git cherry-pick FETCH_HEAD

Font says:

@vlad: The font is ‘Monaco’, I believe.

Please add support for the D language. It’s my favorite new language.

quhuanyu181 says:

Hello what’s the interface for linux’s io control function: unlocked_ioctl() , I cann’t find it in QT’s functions

arquebus says:

will QT Creater ever support multiple languages like Eclispse does? Id like to see support for Ada and D.

andre says:

@quhuanyu181: just use the system function as usual. there is no specific Qt wrapper.

Daniel Molkentin says:

@arquebus: Will it ever support multiple languages? I fact it already does. C++ and QML as well as C and ObjC (with certain limitations). Creator even comes with all that’s needed to add your own language: You can add your own language support as a plugin. However, adding more languages is not the primary goal. Supporting a language well and making sure it integrates well with the build system, etc is significantly more complicated and currently there is a preference on making what’s there more solid before shovling in new features. This is why you will probably not see support for new languages from existing contributors. This does not mean support for new languages would be outright rejected. On the contrary, patches (and involvement on the mailing list) are welcome.

@Fellow Traveler I’m afraid this is not Santa Clauses lap.

andre says:

@Fellow Traveler, arquebus: Adding support for a language is not a conceptual problem. There are arguably already a few supported (like C++, JS, GLSL, …), the base infrastructure is there. But “someone” has to do it, preferably someone who knows the target language, and has the time to do it. In the cases of D and Ada this essentially rules out the current developers, such contributions have to come from the outside. You’d get help to get started and you’d get help to get the result integrated, but “please add support for $FOO” is not the way to get the process started (even if I appreciate the ‘please’ ;-})

Rob Caldecott says:

How do I get Qt Creator 2.5 to auto-detect the python-gdb debugger? I uninstalled all versions of Qt Creator, installed 2.5, then downloaded the previously shipped MinGW and gdb. I extracted MinGW to c:mingw and added c:mingwbin to my PATH. I extracted python gdb to c:qtcreator-gdb-7.2-mingw-x86 and added it to my PATH. When I look in the Build & Run settings in Qt Creator I see “MinGW (x86 32bit)” in the list of Auto-detected tool chains but it doesn’t have the Debugger details. I have to create a manual entry instead which I’d rather avoid.

So how do I get Qt Creator to pick up python-gdb automatically?

3DH says:

Great job! I love the new features – especially the refactoring and the TODO items plugin (would be great, if the warning/fixme etc. icons appear left of the line numbers, too).

Tobias Hunger says:

Rob Caldecott: The Qt SDK installer adds the information about preferred debuggers into $INSTALL_DIR/share/qtcreator/Nokia/toolChains.xml.

The simplest way is most likely to just copy the files found there (there are some more there) over from the Qt Creator shipped with the Qt SDK.

Xenakios says:

Thanks for the great work, Qt Creator is definitely my favorite IDE, and it’s so great to be able to use it on both Windows and OS-X!

voral says:

TODO list it’s cool!

Sumedhe Dissanayake says:

WoW.. A good news.. Thank you..

7 says:

It is good to see C++11 features making their way into Creator, but what about an actual compiler supporting C++11 in Qt? The SDK still ships with a rather ancient version of gcc…

Are there any plans on updating the SDK toolchain?

vasu says:


What font family is on image…

I think that it is comic sans serif on m$ windows

Eike Ziller says:

To resolve the font guessing game: I did the screen shot on a Mac with Qt Creator’s default fixed font on that platform, “Monaco”

hipersayan_x says:

Please, next time remove the stylesheets of “New File” dialog, not good for dark themes:


Sven says:

Same problem here Boone, this code has been sherad on various sites, but in every one, this function cac_forum_reply_url has been left out, rendering the whole kit unusuable help?

James Huk says:

Another release, with more features – great πŸ™‚ however one important thing that is missing is automatic Doxygen documentation plugin (like the one that doesn’t compile with Creator-2.5, here: http://dev.kofee.org/projects/qtcreator-doxygen/wiki).

I was wondering what are the criteria for a plugin to be included by default with the Creator? This one is pretty important IMHO…

Tobias Hunger says:

James Huk: The criteria are pretty straight forward: The code needs to be submitted through http://codereview.qt-project.org/ and pass the review process there. We had quite a few nice plugins contributed through that process, so it seems that this is not too big an obstacle:-)

Details can be found here: http://wiki.qt-project.org/Qt_Contribution_Guidelines

andre says:

@James: It has to be submitted to gerrit by the author of the code (which has been done, see https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,12438 ) and undergo the usual review process.

Daniel Molkentin says:

@hipersayan_x There are no stylesheets in this dialog. This looks like a bug. Please file a report.

messen says:

todo-plugin is great! i was just wondering if it could complement Creator’s Doxygen code completion. I.e. accept lines such as //! todo and //! note. IMO this’d be a nice feature.

David Johnson says:

I’m just happy Qt Creator still supports C++.

David Johnson says:

Is this a bug or a feature: When adding existing files to a project (via context menu), the standard “Add Existing Files” dialog we are used to pops up. But you cannot select multiple files, since when you click on any file it immediately adds it to the project and closes the dialog. I have not changed Qt versions, so this bug/feature must be in Creator and not in QFileDialog. Or perhaps I’m just clicking with the mouse incorrectly?

orion says:

Great Job,,,!! Thanks,,

Jeremy says:

I’m having a problem with 2.5. I have a QML project in which I can run individual qml files to test bits of my project in 2.4.1, however in 2.5 on the projects page the “Main QML File” is greyed out and locked on the root qml file for the project, so that I can’t choose as 2.4.1 does. Why is it doing this? And how can I get it to work like 2.4.1? There’s no reason it should lock out the ability to run individual qml files.

@ Andre, Daniel: Anyone who knows C++ or Java will know D already. Compilers are already available via gcc and LLVM. In fact I think there’s already some kind of free Qt/D integration, but would be nice if QT started supporting it officially. It’s everything that C++ should have been. (See for yourself http://dlang.org/overview.html ) After reading that, you will probably be D’s newest fans. I’d be surprised if not.

Daniel Molkentin says:

@Fellow Traveler: “Anyone who knows C++ or Java will know D already”: There is where your argument falls short. C++ and Java require two completely different parsers. And so does D. No matter how similar they may look to the human eye. I think you are greatly underestimating the effort here. Plus yes, most of us are very aware of D. It’s nice, I like the concept. Does this change the fact that Qt does is not supporting D officially? No. I know there are bindings, but they haven’t been touched for more than a year.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

@messen: https://codereview.qt-project.org/24625 which does that is currently in review

@fellow: To add any value over “your-favorite-text-editor + make”, an IDE integration needs things like code completion, code navigation, syntax checking and similar things. That is quite some work, and requires quite some knowledge of the workings of a language and its definition, that one definitely does not just have if one already “knows C++”. It also doesn’t help if compilers exist, since these usually don’t have useful api/abstraction for the use of IDEs.

Carsten says:

well done πŸ™‚

kkoehne says:

@Jeremy: The selection is grayed out if .qmlproject file sets the ‘mainFile’ property. The property is set by default for newly created Qt Quick UI projects. Just remove it if you still want to switch (but you can btw. also launch individual files through the Tools->External->QML Viewer menu).

Rezza says:

Are translations coordinated somehow? Or it’s just – who sends pull request, it’s accepted? As the Czech translation has a discutable quality as it’s translated literary not based on known terms etc., see latest discussion (in Czech) http://www.abclinuxu.cz/zpravicky/qt-creator-2.5.0

Btw. I know the guy who’s translating Qt Creator, he’s trying, it’s great we have a Czech support but he’s trying too hard sometimes…

JC says:

Hi, thanks for this new release !

I have a “BIG” problem, I’m stucked in this mode :
I can’t use ctrl-z, ctrl-c, ctrl-v, etc etc… What is this mode and how to exit this ?


Darryl says:

@JC That looks like “FakeVim” mode. To turn it off click Tools -> Options -> FakeVIM and uncheck “Use Fake Vim”.

Rob Caldecott says:

I tried editing %appdata%NokiatoolChains.xml but all the “auto detected” entries get regenerated when you open the Options dialog. It must be looking *somewhere* for pythongdb.

JC says:

Thanks, that’s it ! So I tried to use alt-C alt-V and it activates FakeVim….

christoph says:

Thanks for the release :)! We use the binary release for development, but repack it into a debian package. I’ve created a ppa where I uploaded this repacked QtC, but without our customizations. ppa:eraserix/qtcreator-repack

Tobias Hunger says:

christoph: Which customizations are you using if I may ask?
Anything that should be in the repo for everybody to use?

andre says:

@JC: Alt-v Alt-v toggles FakeVim mode.

jason says:

The application signature is very good , I give different permissions signature better .

Lilian says:

Qt 2.5.81 is pretty nice… I like the start-up page but I still like more the old way of searching through examples. Every example in his own category, Qt/C++ and QML in their own category. You were in need of some Networking examples then you were going to networking, now is a bit more complicated, the search doesn’t always give you what you want…

Tobias Hunger says:

Lilian: Please report examples and demos that you could not find so we can improve on the search. Just file a bug report against the documentation or – better yet – add keywords to the help files and send the patch through codereview.qt-project.org.

christoph says:

Tobias: I change the threadnames function in dumper.py to qtthreadnames to make really sure our own threadnames function gets called.

esp says:

TODO plugin is not supported cyrillic symbols. πŸ™

See for example:

Daniel Molkentin says:

@esp Thanks for reporting the error. Please report this bug through the bug tracker so the responsible maintainer can fix it and other people with the same problem know that it’s a known issue.

esp says:

@Daniel Molkentin,
I see, have already reported this bug https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTCREATORBUG-7356

JL says:

When will MinGW shipped with the SDK be upgraded? On e.g. Ubuntu it doesn’t matter (I use Ubuntu’s version of GCC anyway), but on Windows it’s a PITA, because you need manually install the newest MinGW in order to get a better C++11 support.

BigRoll says:

How about visual QML designer, what’s new?

Danny says:

Good release guys.

Is there a way to turn off all of the QML/QtQuick features? I build Qt without the declarative module but Creator warns me that QtQuick is not built when it detects my installation.

It also forces QML debugging options on my non-QML project and bleats at me when I turn them off. Choosing to NOT use QML should not be considered a problem.

Tobias Hunger says:

Danny: Go to “Help->About plugins” and disable everything you do not need there. What is not loaded can’t add stuff to the UI after all;-)

przemoc says:

Thanks for the new Qt Creator!

I also think that you should switch to better and more robust MinGW-w64 (and by that we all mean actually mingw-w32, as you weren’t providing 64-bit Qt libs for Windows so far; yet mingw-w64 will be the obvious choice for 64-bit ones). I think we were discussing it on IRC back in the gcc 4.4 days, but frankly speaking I don’t really remember what were the “unfixable” issues that prevented the switch then and remain (?) for so long.

@Daniel Molkentin:
In the link you gave (http://lists.qt-project.org/pipermail/development/2012-April/003332.html) MinGW-w64 is not even mentioned. What exactly are your concerns regarding it?

Joe says:

The one single thing that keeps me bound to Visual Studio IDE is Rock Scroll (http://www.hanselman.com/blog/IntroducingRockScroll.aspx) This has enhanced my productivity more than all the refactoring tools combined. Are there any plans to add a Rock-Scroll-like Scrollbar to Qt Creator? (maybe as a plugin?)

Tobias Hunger says:

Joe: We had somebody contribute something like that before (on gitorious). It never made it into Creator itself though.

I personally don’t find this to helpful: I hardly ever scroll anyway. The locator is so much better at jumping around the sources. Try it: Ctrl-K and then “. someMethodInCurrentFile” or “someFilename” or “c someClass” or “m somemethod” or “l linenumber” or lots of other things!

Claudiu says:

Probably you never used Rock Scroll before … The locator has nothing to do with Rock Scroll. Try it, you will love it!

Rob Caldecott says:

I still can’t double-click on Qt Test output to go to the line of code where the test failed. Are there any plans to improve support for unit testing in this product?

Thomas Dalla says:

Does it mean we can code, run and debug Python in QtCreator? And even get the usual features in Qt/C++ applied to Qt/PySide?
That would be awesome, but I am a few releases too early for that or can I switch back to Qt Creator now?

Eike Ziller says:

@thomas: Does *what* mean that. If you refer to the mention of “python-enabled gdb”, that is a version of gdb that allows to use python for interfacing with gdb itself. Qt Creator then uses python e.g. to let gdb dump information about various kinds of variable types, so Qt Creator can show a nice presentation of them (e.g. QMaps as lists of key-value pairs, hiding all the internal structure of QMap).

vulee says:

What qtcreator/sdk would you recommend for debug? Running the application in debug mode without setting any breakpoint, I would like see the current qml file on stack, but the stack did not get updated correctly.

danny says:

@Tobias Hunger I’ve disabled all the QML plugins but QMake is still being called with ‘CONFIG+=declarative_debug’, I get a warning that ‘enabling QML debugging might make your application vulnerable’ and in Qt Versions, I get a warning that no qmlviewer is installed.

I don’t want to use QML!!!!

Thomas Dalla says:

OK, thanks for the clarification Eike.
As PySide became an official Qt plugin, can we expect more PySide support, and even a PyQtCreator, or am I dreaming?

The main concern I have about the other IDEs when coding in PySide is that the IDEs are not aware of the signature of the methods.
Everything is recognized as (self, *args, **kwargs): http://s17.postimage.org/kukkjeoq7/Py_Side_IDE.png

That’s very flexible, but does not help that much…
(I read that Eric4/5 is PyQT signature-aware, but I just don’t like that IDE)

A PyQtCreator as nice as the QtCreator for C++ would be awesome!

andre says:

Having “proper” Python support in Creator would require someone on the PySide being interested in and contributing to it.

lixin says:

The debugging helper is used to nicely format the values of some Qt and Standard Library data types. It must be compiled for each used Qt version separately. In the Qt Creator Build and Run preferences page, select a Qt version, expand the Details section and click Build All.

what should i do?

Kikohs says:

Unfortunately, the new Qt creator is completely bugged on mac, it can’t handle non-default font. This is serious, I’m forced to use an older (working) version. Fix it quickly please …

Erik Bunce says:

I concur with Kikos, text display is seriously bugged using the default Monaco font on Mac OS X Lion. After swapping through a number of fonts I ended up finding Andale Mono to be usable for editing files.

Matthias Mayer says:

Is anyone else experiencing crashes of QtCreator 2.5 very frequently?

Francisco C. says:

Yes I have crashes very frequently is there some fix?

I am on windows 7
Qtcreator 2.6.1

7 says:

A question, when will the new versions of Creator and the libraries be available through the SDK maintenance too in the form of updates?

Magnus says:

I about to download QT sdk version 1.2.1 which has QT Creator 2.4.1. Would it be possible to update QT Creator by downloading and installing QT Creator 2.5.0?

Eike Ziller says:

@7: @magnus:

There’s currently some work going on putting the next SDK version together. AFAIK they are waiting for Qt 4.8.2 to be ready (which should be soon, and was expected to be earlier).
In the meantime you can install the Qt Creator 2.5.0 standalone package, but you’ll need to tell it manually about the Qt Versions from the Qt SDK that you want to use (that information is not shared between different Qt Creator installs).

Eike Ziller says:

@Erik: @Kikohs: Hm, actually Qt Creator’s default font&size is supposed to work at least, I’ve only heard reports of some other fonts&sizes going havoc. Default is Monaco, 12px, scale 100%

alb3530 says:

@Matthias Mayer: I’m experiencing frequent crashes when compiling a project that has many files.

I’ve noticed when several compiling errors happen at once, Qt Creator is bound to close itself.

Best regards

Maximilian Hrabowski says:

I’m also experiencing frequent crashes after build triggered by Ctrl+B.
The problem ist not existing with 2.4.1.

Eike Ziller says:

@matthias: @alb: @maximilian: A bugreport on bugreports.qt-project.org with steps how to reproduce and in the best case a backtrace would be good, if not even necessary to get your issues fixed.

Kikohs says:

@Eike Ziller:
Any news on Qt creator handling non default font in Mac OS ? There are 3 bugs related, marked as P3 “somewhat important” instead of “deal-breaker”, see QTCREATORBUG-7127 https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTCREATORBUG-7127. I actually cannot use the new release, very frustrating.

JasonJ says:

Re: crashes

Qt Creator 2.5 looks very cool. However, on Windows it crashes constantly and is unusable. Is there a way to download Qt Creator 2.4?…or are we going to get an updated version soon?


GulBroz says:


qtcreator archives: ftp://ftp.qt.nokia.com/qtcreator/
qt archives: ftp://ftp.qt.nokia.com/qt/source/

all version, on all systems…

And yes, qtcreator 2.5.0 is crashing a lot on windows (I’m trying to build from git sources, to see if it’s better…)

JasonJ says:

crash update:

I installed Qt Creator 2.5 on my windows 7 laptop and it runs fine. The laptop does not have any version of the Qt sdk. I am thinking the crashes I was seeing are related to having an older version of the Qt SDK in my path on dev machine.

Eike Ziller says:

@all: if you experience crashes, and are able to generate a backtrace (attaching from VS on Windows or a working other instance of Qt Creator or whatever tool you know), it would be great if you could create bugreports at bugreports.qt-project.org and attach that trace. We haven’t experienced regular crashes here, so it’s probably something in your specific environment interfering/interacting with Qt Creator that makes it crash.

GulBroz says:

@Eike Ziller: the problem is (at least from what I’ve experienced on my system) that Qt Creator just shuts down, without any warning, alert or anything. Windows does not tells me an application has crashed, and does not ask me if I want to hook a debugger…

Maximilian Hrabowski says:

@Eike Ziller: I experience many crashes now – about one-two crashes in 5 minutes – so i have no problem to reproduce. It seems to depend on the kind of project – i include lots of C code. I experience similar crashes in 2.4.1 but not as frequent as with 2.5.0.

When i attach Visual Studio, how to generate the information you need? Is a minidump sufficient?

Oliver Knoll says:

Hooray! Thanks a lot, guys!

Oliver Knoll says:

Huh… stupid question: is this update supposed to come through the SDK Maintenance Tool? Because I don’t see any updates available there (on OS X 10.6.8). Or do I have to download the entire thing myself? So what would be the point in having this updater then?

And with regards to the frequent crashes: any experience so far from anyone on OS X (Snow Leopoard or Lion)?

Oliver Knoll says:

Aye, sorry for triple-posting here, but ignore my previous post about the updater. Only now did I realise that we’re talking Qt Creator here (only) πŸ˜‰

Anyway, looking forward to an updated Qt SDK with Qt Creator 2.5 and Qt 4.8.2 soon πŸ™‚

Danny says:

Ok I take it back – after using 2.5 heavily I’ve found the instability and font issues on Mac (https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTCREATORBUG-7127) to be too much.

I also can’t get the debugging helpers to work at all and I’m forced to revert to qDebugs.

I’ve had to rollback to 2.4. Really disappointing.

danny says:

@Oliver Knoll I would like to know this as well. I was an early adopter of the Qt SDK and it showed great promise.

Dairon Dominguez Vega says:

Why qtcreator do not implement the posibility to create subdirs in the project tree?

Greg says:

I’v re-installed the 2.4.1 version because the 2.5 keep crashing again and again, an average of three or four times per hour.
I tried to disable all the plugins in ‘utilities’ and ‘version control’ but it changes nothing.

The crashes are very random, I didn’t find a particular case. I’m using a lot of C++11.

Maximilian Hrabowski says:

Is there already a schedule for 2.5.1?

I found out that some crash bugs are already fixed for 2.5.1.

Jon says:

I’m also experiencing these frequent *crashes*. I can’t produce a crash log, because it doesn’t appear to be crashing. It’s more like the application is randomly deciding to safely shut down. Windows doesn’t report any problems. I’ve had it happen to me while typing code, and at first thought 2.5 implemented some hotkey for Quitting instantly. But it also happens while my code is building, and while scrolling through build issues.

Kiyara says:

Posted on The manual is AWESOME and eepexssrs lifes most important teachings, a must have for ALL .I’m joining the revolution. Keep up the excellent creative work, you will inspire thousands of women to unleash their sexy, powerful, rebellious, compassionate inner super hero.VIVA THE REVOLUTION!!!

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