Qt 4.8.2 and Visual Studio Add-In 1.1.11 Released

Published Tuesday May 22nd, 2012
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Today’s blogger and presenter of Qt 4.8.2 is Tuukka Turunen, Director R&D at Digia, Qt Commercial.

As part of the Qt Project, Digia has taken on the responsibility to package and test Qt’s LGPL releases in addition to the Qt Commercial releases. Today, together with the other contributors to the Qt Project we are happy to support the Qt Project’s release of Qt 4.8.2. And that is not all – we have also updated the Visual Studio Add-In with some highly requested functionality and fixes.

As a patch release, Qt 4.8.2 introduces approximately 150 improvements and error corrections over the previous 4.8.1 release.

Highlights of Qt 4.8.2 include:

  • Over 100 functional improvements
  • WebKit updated to version 2.2.2
  • libpng updated to version 1.5.10
  • Thirty improvements to documentation and tools

A detailed list of the fixes and improvements, as well as a change log showing differences from Qt 4.8.1 can be found here.

The updated WebKit 2.2.2 and libpng 1.5.10 offer a set of functional improvements, as well as fixes to known security issues and vulnerabilities. If you use these libraries, we recommend migrating to 4.8.2.

Highlights of Visual Studio Add-In 1.1.11 include:

  • Documentation support for Visual Studio 2010, and documentation updated
  • Fixed always moc’ing problem. (QTVSADDINBUG-92)
  • Fixed .pro file opening having include to “.” path. (QTVSADDINBUG-117)

As agreed with the Qt Project in December, Digia will maintain the VS Add-In functionality for both Commercial and LGPL users. Today, we are happy to provide you with the first release that we have created. Along the way we plan to add some new functionality for Qt Commercial customers. However, we aim to make bug fixes and such available for all Qt users.

Here is the detailed list of changes to the Visual Studio Add-In 1.1.11

The source code will also be pushed to the repository.

Working Together for Qt

Digia packaged and tested Qt 4.8.2, which feeds from the Qt Project 4.8 branch and the Qt Commercial 4.8.2 release. In addition to the increased flexibility and included technical support a commercial license provides, certain functional fixes may be accepted and applied first to Qt Commercial releases before being integrated to the Qt Project. The Qt Commercial offering also provides support for additional platformsDigia is actively working with the Qt Project in developing Qt 4.8 and 5.0 and contribute our improvements.

The stand-alone installers for Qt 4.8.2 are available for download at http://qt-project.org/downloads

With a lot of Qt Project’s focus already directed towards Qt 5 it is important to note that Qt 4.8 is still being actively improved. It has been less than two months since Qt 4.8.1 was released and there already are about 150 improvements in the 4.8.2 release. This proves that both the Qt Project and Qt 4.8 branch are very much alive. We have planned to create the next patch release of Qt 4.8 libraries in Q3/2012.

We look forward to your feedback and hope you use the Qt Project mailing lists to keep the conversation going. Also, please sign up to the Qt Commercial developer blog RSS feed to keep up to date with the specific Qt Commercial R&D’s projects and releases.

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Still no support for html5 video and audio on Windows 🙁

Alan says:

Nice, but… when is it going to be available via the Qt SDK Update tool? Same for the new Qt Creator 2.5.0. I wish things were made available to Qt SDK users at the same time…

Great work Digia! These refinements definitely improve the overall quality of the framework. Companies that can afford Qt Commercial should really go for it.

Danny says:

Nice work. Look forward to test driving the VS plugin.

@Helmt: QtWebkit, also the 2.2.2, depends on QtMultimediaKit module, which is part of QtMobility. And since this module is not part of Qt 4 the media support is not available by default. You can make it happen, instructions e.g. at http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/12950. This will change in Qt 5 as QtMobility is no longer a separate entity.


Tuukka Turunen
Director, R&D
Digia, Qt Commercial

andre says:

@Digia: Good work!

@Alan: Putting things out at the same time usually means that you’d get the bundle later than you get the individual items now. An SDK update does not magically appear, there’s real work involved, this work takes some time.

Alan says:

@Andre: I appreciate that, but it’s still a bit frustrating, especially when use of the Qt SDK has been ‘pushed’ as it has been.

Roman says:

When will be released 64 bit version for windows ?


@Roman: Unfortunately Qt Project does not have 64-bit Windows reference configuration for Qt 4.8, thus there are no such packages either. It is likely that things work, but it is not thoroughly tested, and you will need to build yourself. There are a lot more configurations available pre-built and tested for Qt Commercial customers, including 64-bit Windows.

Tuukka Turunen
Director, R&D
Digia, Qt Commercial

Kevin Kofler says:

http://windows.kde.org/ has W64 binaries (built with mingw-w64) of Qt among other things (the “w64-mingw4” flavor of binaries).

Kevin Kofler says:

(“x64-mingw4”, actually.)

Luke says:

Dear Tuukka QT 4.8 and future 5.0 libs will gives functions to join 2 big or reduced photos in one with removing the noise?? Or we must wait Adobe app with a specified function for this.. I think that with modern smartphones with 512mb or more join or cut a photos must be an obliged choice of system.. e.g. Nokia Panorama must manupilate image (join or crop images and remove noise) too..

David says:

Thank you very much guys, especially to Digia. Now I’m confident that Digia will continue support of VS Addin. 🙂

Amir says:

any plans for VS 2011 support in VS addin?

Great progress, I’m really looking forward for 5.0!

P.S: Can you please take more care of reported bugs/patches? None of bugs I’ve reported have been fixed yet (look at QTBUG-18807 and QTBUG-24949 for example).

Keep up your good work!

@Dmitry: Rather than submitting a patch, please take the extra step and make the contribution via Gerrit. That way you can ensure that the fix gets a proper review, and will eventually be merged into Qt. Naturally reporting bugs is also important, but best way to get the fix in is to contribute, or to have someone to do the fix for you.

@Tuukka: Re HTML5-Video and Audio: I have QtMobility installed, but the instructions in http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/12950 do not work for me (Helmut Mülner == hmuelner)

AlexTAI says:

Part of the site still says that latest release is 4.8.1 – can someone fix that.
For example you can see this at http://qt.nokia.com/ or at download page.
Only if you scroll down to the section of actual download links you can notice that it is 4.8.2
Is this possible to publish md5 checksums for downloads as well?

Thank you in advance.

JubiluM says:

Thank you very much Digia, continuing and keeping the good work of the Qt trolls :)!

As a seasoned C++ Qt programmer I feel really confident of your work and communication, for me it is really important that there is a solid ground beneath C++/widget Qt. I also read and like your Digia Qt blog also very much.

David says:

Moved my projects to Visual Studio, thanks to Digia. 🙂

Nole says:

Will you develop add-in for Xcode??

@Nole: You can use XCode to some extent, as qmake is integrated. I am not aware of an active plan to make something beyond that.

OtherDavid says:

Wow, great work from Digia. Kudos all around.

Keep it up! 🙂

Stephen Cheng says:

Why do you guys take away the option to compile 32-bit binaries on Mac OS X? The 64-bit executable we compiled from our browser project based on QtWebkit won’t load any flash content or simply crash when we attempt to open any pages with flash. We use flash This bug has been reported by someone else at this page: https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=84983 . So I am clearly not alone. A webkit not supporting flash is seriously crippled.

Would you guys please either fix this bug or gives up option to compile 32-bit on Mac?

@Stephen: While waiting for that bug to be fixed, you can still use Qt 4.8.2 with 32-bit binaries on Mac. You just need to compile it yourself for 32-bit architecture. It should work with Flash

David says:

Guys, where can we report bugs in VS Addin? Currently there is no way to manage folders in solution explorer. 🙂

@David: Please report bugs to the Qt Project bug reporting system at: https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTVSADDINBUG

In case you are a Qt Commercial licensee, notify our Support as well. Then we know what problems are from Qt Commercial customers, and can prioritize accordingly.

Valentine says:

Hi! Many crashes under Mac OS X 10.7.3, also no QtDBus module in package.

@Valentine: There seems to be something wrong or you are trying something special. In general Qt 4.8.2 works fine on Mac OS X 10.7. Anyway, please use https://bugreports.qt-project.org, Qt Commercial Support or the Qt Project mailing lists to address these.

Stan Pensak says:

Can anybody point me to a description of what improvements are provided by the update to Webkit 2.2.2? I can’t seem to find this information anywhere online. Thanks.

7 says:

A question, when will the new versions of Creator and the libraries be available through the SDK maintenance too in the form of updates?

@7: I have understood that 4.8.2 will be provided also in the Nokia SDK.
@Stan: As said in the changes file it is mainly security fix release, no functionality. You can have full list of changes from git log.

It took a bit longer than expected, but the source code of the changes we have done to the VS Add-In can now be found at: https://qt.gitorious.org/qt-labs/vstools

We are happy to take in contributions from the community for the new versions, so in case you have some issue that you would like to improve, feel free to provide the fixes via https://codereview.qt-project.org



Nicholas says:

I *know* that QT Creator is the preferred IDE, but I really wish the trolls would update the QT Eclipse plugin or at least put the code up on gitorious.

Yury says:

How about Visual Studio 2012?

Chris says:

I post it here again as already done in this location


Digia: please, can we get a date of release? Thanks so much & Best Chris

*** details ***

Totally agree w/ Craig, the plugin is super useful. I am a commercial user.

My company just bought the MSVS 2012 Premium MSDN sub and the only single thing I’m missing yet is a QT 4.8.x MSVS2012 addin that works. My team heavily uses it.

Also went on GIT repo (https://qt.gitorious.org/qt-labs/vstools) to check out where we might go with this?

Can you Digia please tell me when I might expect this addin for MSVS 2012 as well if any chance? Just give me an answer that will suffice.

Otherwise: great job and very strong tooling, QT for ever.


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