VLC hits 1,000,000,000 downloads

Published Tuesday May 29th, 2012
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VLC downloads

The VLC media player recently hit 1 billion downloads, VideoLAN project reports.

VLC’s enormous popularity is largely caused by the huge variety of video-formats it supports, and its cross platform support. VLC is made with Qt and it’s free software. It runs on desktop systems including Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. It also runs on *BSD systems, Solaris, Android, QNX, Syllable, Maemo, MeeGo and OS/2.

It was in 2008 with version 0.9.0 when the VLC project switched to Qt. Since that point it has been downloaded around 824 million times. The real number is even higher because Linux, *BSD and smartphone systems are omitted from the statistics since VLC is downloaded directly from app stores.

The project manager Jean-Baptiste Kempf has spoken to us previously about why they switched from wxWidgets to Qt. It’s cross platform, open source compatible and has UTF-8 support, making it Asian-language friendly. With this 0.9.9 release, the team had to redo the UI from scratch. The did that with Qt, and VLC became a huge success, with the new Qt-based interface a large part of the success, according to Kempf.

“The problem with Qt is that you spend more time thinking about your
problem than coding the solution :)” –  Jean-Baptiste Kempf.

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codesprints says:

Thats great ….

real says:

hmm a qt prokect has crossed this msuch and i must say that from ubuntu vlc must have atleast 100 – 200 million and there i no suprise if there is even more than that

Well, the actual userbase would be way above that. For instance, during my university days, one guy downloaded the apps and many other’s pulled it off the shares over the LAN. Plus of course, like you mentioned, linux repos aren’t in these stats.

So all I can say is, “you nailed it”! 🙂

Razi says:

V1000000000W, great app and great framework…

Andrew_C says:

I admit I was sceptical when VLC announced the change from wxWidgets to QT. I didn’t see the need. But the QT interface immediately looked more native on all platforms I use and has developed into a much better program, IMHO a better one than if they had stayed with wxWidgets.

Andrew_C says:

By the way you should add Haiku (The BeOS clone) to the list. The Haiku people ported Qt 4 to Haiku just so they could build newer versions of VLC.

Joe says:

VLC achieved the success without QML…right?

Magnus says:

1 billion downloads this is a great achievement. Right from the day i installed it on my computer, it has been my default video player. Really love the program because of it support for varieties of video formats.

Koranteng David says:

Like it.

Deepak Pasahan says:

It’s the best Video Player,,!
“You can install it, But you can’t even think to remove it!”

congrats VLC.. 🙂

raj says:

I like vlc player. Its the best because it supports a large number of video formats. I always change the “open with” property of all the media files to vlc. Congrats vlc!! Good going 🙂

STiAT says:

Well, I’d argue that the smallest part of VLC is written in Qt. Even though, it’s the best movie player around, and those stats are most likely to be the windows and mac users only. Not saying that linux would make a huge difference ;-).

And I agree with the quote of Jean-Baptiste Kempf. It’s really like that, I started with wxWidgets as well, but switchet to Qt later. And I think about a lot – but rarely about implementation part of the interface.

Customer says:

I hear disturbing rumors (Nokia stopping its investment into Qt).

Can anybody comment on this and the future of Qt?

widi says:

i like Qt

Leslie Satenstein says:

In response to Customer, note that Nokia transfered Qt to its own support institution (group), and where management of Qt is not of Nokias concern. Nokia is with Microsoft, and since Apple has taken the market by storm, revenues are down, and costs will have to be reduced to maintain the company healthy to do future development in their prime business.

naveen says:

VLC is a very good and user friendly SW. I like it very much.

Since it is now developed using QT and Nokia smart phone also support QT why VLC is not available for Symbian belle mobiles like Nokia N8 and other.

Please develop for our Nokias also.


Antonio says:

VLC for android is made in Qt too? With Necessitas?

Quote says:

That doesnt surprise me at all! I mean, we all know is the video player with best performance. Many times better than BSplayer, imho.

That`s awesome to hear!

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