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Qt Creator 2.5.1 released

Published Wednesday July 25th, 2012
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We have released Qt Creator 2.5.1 today. It is a pure bugfix release which mends some of the more serious issues in the 2.5.0 release, including

  • fix in Qt for text editor font rendering on Mac, which would lead to incomplete rendering updates when not using the standard font
    (if you build Qt Creator yourself you’ll want to either use the Qt 4.8 branch or cherry-pick 5ac8e6ef178678f500668d67fe38d149f0821029)
  • fix for C++ template class completion issues
  • various other fixes

See the changelog for more details.

Binaries are on our download page.

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Posted in Qt, QtCreator


First comment!!

Where will it be available in Qt SDK update manager? I’m still waiting for the 2.5.0

Lijo says:

It would be great to have an update feature within Qt Creator itself.

Alan says:

It’s always nice to see that things are improving all the time, but like Nicola I am also still waiting for Qt Creator 2.5 to become available as part of Qt SDK…

rocjohn says:

It’s a good news! Thanks!

hamid says:

Thanks. it’s good to see how fast it’s going to be cool IDE 😛

remix says:

When I’m programming some template classes i like to separate definition and declaration. I generaly using explicit instantiation, for some reasons. Using Alt+Return action on method from class template declaration result creation method definition, but without tempate parameters(generaly it’s not proper definition of method for template class). It is hard to fix that ?

Anyway, Great job, this IDE choose it’s own orginal way, but I loved it.

............ says:

Why isn’t this added to the update manager at the same time it’s released independently?

lin naus says:

Thank you for telling me that the Qt Creator is still alive!

Eike Ziller says:

Regarding the SDK questions: The current Nokia Qt SDK is done by Digia. I can’t tell why there is no Qt 4.8.2 nor Qt Creator 2.5 in the open source one 🙁

Alan says:

I guess Digia are primarily in for the business (which is understandable) which might explain a few things. Frustrating though.

remix says:

@Eike ZilleR
Any chance for answer to question I posted above?

Johan says:

Hi Eike, I really like using Creator and prefer it to Eclipse. However, I have been playing with the SDk from RIM for BB10 this week and I’m impressed with it (sorry, it feels like cheating on you guys!). I don’t so much like the Eclipse code editor but the QML realtime preview editor rocks! it speeds up creation and iteration of design by miles (also the simulator is miles quicker than the Nokia one.)

So my birthday wish is that I can use a similar QML preview with Creator + photoshop plugin + qt5, are you guys working on this? Or can we in the community work on it, I’m assuming the RIM cascades team don’t want to share code?

Dmitry says:

Thanks! Только вчера из сорцев собрал 2.5.0. Хотя, я смотрю, ничего критичного нету, можно не обновлять.

Please fix this bug: https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTCREATORBUG-316.

Tim Lankers says:


What exactly differs the RIM qml preview from qmlviewer and the qml designer?

I am just curious.

@Tim Lankers
The RIM QML preview differs from the Qt Creator QML Designer in that QtCreator you either get the designer or the code editor, but in RIM, because of eclipse tab capabilities, you can see both designer and code editor at the same time.
Also, having a visual diff in Qt Creator would be the greatest feature ever, having text only diff feels like the stone age.

Chris Adams says:

@Johan: regarding the photoshop plugin, have you seen http://labs.qt.nokia.com/2010/10/19/exporting-qml-from-photoshop-and-gimp/ or did you mean something else?

Yes, a real-time side-by-side QML editor/viewer is a great idea and a very powerful one. I was personally very impressed by Bret Victor’s presentation on JavaScript editors, and while I haven’t used or seen the BB SDK, I imagine that they might have included some of the concepts he discussed in his presentation, in their SDK.

Johan says:

@Chris I happily stand corrected about Nokia not having a Photoshop plugin (and since 2yrs!), the only difference is the one RIM provides in the latest sdk allows designers to include actual functioning buttons and sliders etc in their design that export to the qml file (see section “UI controls palette” http://devblog.blackberry.com/2012/07/cascades-tooling-beta-2/ ). I don’t think the Nokia version does that yet – understandable since there are no equivalent components for Qt5 atm.

@Tim It may be my setup but I could not get a qml preview in Creator for Qt5 (qtquick2) working, it works for you?

Anyhow I want to say that it all looks very encouraging that several groups are working on Qt tools now. If RIM would port cascades to Qt5 and Intel would sponsor/buy trolltech teams from Nokia or it would work on WP8 (unlikely since Nokia says it wants to sell Qt) then thngs will start looking good again.

7 says:

For some reason I am not getting autocomplete working at all with Qt5 for MSVC. Any ideas how to get it running, I got totally spoiled by this feature and cannot do without it…

7 says:

Also, Creator 2.5.1 is very sluggish when opening new or existing projects, it hangs up with “not responding” for at least 10 seconds before it becomes responsive again. Which is odd on an extremely high end machine – i7-3770k, 16Gb ram and a Samsung 830 SDD.

Greg Burri says:

It keeps crashing every 15/30 minutes on Windows 7 as the 2.5.0 did :/

Rob Krater says:

I’m with everyone else the SDK needs to be updated.

@Eike & others asking about getting updates for SDK: The Nokia SDK is primary tool for creating applications for Nokia’s Symbian and MeeGo devices and for any updates it is vital to make sure that everything works. It is not good to do a release before things are thoroughly tested. Now it just happens that for 4.8.x and Creator 2.5.x there are just two SDKs available – The Qt Commercial SDK and Nokia Qt SDK. There is no Qt Project SDK available as there will be for Qt 5.0.

Prashant says:

On my windows 7 64 bit, there are too many crashes. The creator just closes itself. It doesn’t give any errors usually associated with crashes. It is so unusable that it crashes every 3 minutes or so. I think lot of errors makes a difference but is only a wild guess. Please guys, I am addicted to QtCreator to work. Please either fix the bug or provide an alternative! I hate to go back to visual studio

Alexandr says:

yep, this new release is bad
keep crashing – I tried to work with it 2 days, first crash was after few hours of work. QT Creator just closed without any messages, I have think – cause it be ctrl-w, but I was wrong.

Today is third day – it crash already 5 times.
Sorry, but it is very BAD release, I just switch to good old 2.4.1.

Hope you will solve this,
Good luck.

Gabor Horvath says:

This looks like a major issue, that is worth to backport a solution and release a new version.

Robert says:

It’s probably smart not to include the Creator into a SDK until the handle leak / crashes are fixed.

Danny says:

What’s the timescale for introducing official support for the LLDB debugger for Mac with the LLVM/Clang toolchain? I saw a merge from 2011 mentioning experimental support.

I’m very impressed with Clang in Mountain Lion and Creator is generally a pleasure to use but the Mac GDB debugger is virtually unusable.

Daniel Swanson says:

The fix for QTCREATORBUG-7385 really does need to be backported and a new patch release made IMO. Without that fix Creator is close to unusable on Win7. (I cherry picked and built my own bins…).

januarvs says:

The self-updater doesn’t want to take Creator 2.5.1 :(.
No good.

Martin Zeman says:

I would like to report no issues on Mac 10.8. No crashes or errors. This is a very good IDE and definitely my tool of choice after Visual Studio, especially thanks to its compatibility with CMake. I also dare to present a few suggestions for future releases, should you feel improvements are a step forward for you:
1) BLOCK SELECTION: Right now I can only make block selection on Mac using the left ALT and dragging a mouse. The same should work using ALT + keys. I have seen this works on Linux, must be a problem with the Mac version.
2) BLOCK EDITING: Please implement block editing properly. When a block is selected, writing a character should write this character in every line in this block. At this point, only the first line of the selected block is edited. Deletion works however … weird …
3) CLASS VIEW DRAG ‘N DROP: Please consider implementing drag and drop moving of methods/classes in the class view, i.e. selecting and moving an object in the class view somewhere moves the appropriate code along.
4) COLORING FOR MACROS: Add a colouring category for macros
5) ISSUES LIST: I am not sure this works as intended. When double-clicking an issue sometimes I get thrown to the problem in the code, sometimes not. It very much depends on the type of error / warning present. Please consider writing the compile output along with the issue itself, so this is easier to work with.

If any of these suggestions just happen to be already implemented, please be so kind to inform me where.

Thank you.

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