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Qt Creator 2.5.2 released

Published Thursday August 9th, 2012
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Qt Creator 2.5.2 contains only a single bugfix that is important to all Windows (7) users:

  • Fixed resource leak leading to regular crashes on Windows (QTCREATORBUG-7385)

So, if you are a Windows user of Qt Creator, I advise you to quickly go to our download page to get the new version. Everyone else can safely ignore this release.

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Posted in Qt, QtCreator


Alan says:

Good news, of course, but… this is really becoming frustrating for those of us who use the Qt SDK. Four months later, we are still stuck with Qt Creator 2.4.1…

Orion says:

Thanks for your effort~!.

Luciano says:

Actually, I think you should be able to use QtCreator 2.5 together with the QtSdk, at least on Linux: I have the QtCreator 2.5 installed with the package manager, and the QtSdk installed in my home directory. I normally used the QtSdK version for my Harmattan project, but when I started the system QtCreator, it picked up the Harmattan environment on its own. I had to do only minor tweaks to the preferences to build my project with the newer version.

Alan says:

@Luciano: maybe, but I have Qt installed on 6 different systems (for different versions of Windows, Linux and OS X), so I would rather stick to the Qt SDK only. Also, it’s not only Qt Creator which needs upgrading, but also Qt itself (4.8.2 in standalone while 4.8.1 through the Qt SDK).

NoName says:

We don’t need a new Qt Creator.
We NEED an updated Qt Version in the Qt SDK, or is the SDK dead?

Benjamin Arnaud says:

Thanks Eike,

The Windows Qt Creator is really awesome.

Keep it up !


Arfy says:

Certainly a newbie question:
Will it work with Qt SDK 4.8.1 ?

I tried the “update” in included Qt Creator 2.4.1, but said “nothing to update”

Richard says:

I use Qt Creator 2.5 with the SDK 4.8.1, it works beautifully.
Just download and install it separately.

The only annoying thing is that SDK Maintenance installer/updater won’t let me uninstall Qt Creator 2.4.1 entirely.

I would quite like Qt Creator to be an optional component of the next version of the SDK, as the SDK package is always going to be a little behind the times so it would be nice to ‘clean up’ any deprecated/replaced parts of my SDK install without removing the whole SDK.

Dazzle says:

Totally agree with those that say we don’t need a new version of Qt Creator, instead and more importantly we need a new version of the Qt SDK!

Robert says:

Good work, thanks for the effort!

I also hope for an update to the Qt SDK, though.

Anton says:

I have a big question:

whats up with the SDK???

Is it dead??

Whats going on behind the scene, this is really strage.

Or do Nokia/Digia want to kick the SDK?

yyyy says:

There are commercial SDK

ahura says:

i really like c++ and qt but qt and qt creator has too many bugs ! im beginner in qt and work about 1 mounth but i found 16 bugs in qt specially in qt creator 🙁 i hope all bugs fixed 🙂

vadim says:

Great news! So, when is Qt 5 coming?

Alan says:

@yyyy: not everybody works on commercial projects…
@ahura: what are those 16 bugs you found in Qt Creator? I use Qt Creator day in day out and though there are a few hitches here and there, overall I think it’s a very IDE.

vladest says:

are you planning to include BB10 plugins to the Qt creator builds?

Pros says:

Please what is ‘qt’ for?.. na can it wrk in a symbian phone? (E63-1) s60v3

NoName says:

I think it is better to evaluate other libraries/sdk’s instead of Qt.
Since Nokia and then Digia has bought Trolltech, Trolltech isn’t the same as before.
It seems that the trolls let Qt die.

Maroof says:

Does this new release of Qt Creator resolve the remote compiler issue being faced with Qt Creator 2.4.1?
Bug report : QTSDK-1317

Eike Ziller says:

@Anton: “whats up with the SDK???” We are currently working on getting the open source version out as soon as possible.

@vladest: “are you planning to include BB10 plugins to the Qt creator builds?” The QNX plugin is part of the Qt Creator 2.6 builds but you have to enable it manually to actually use it (Help > About Plugins)

@Maroof: “Does this new release of Qt Creator resolve the remote compiler issue being faced with Qt Creator 2.4.1?” The remote compiler service & plugin are not done by Qt/Qt Creator, but by developer.nokia.com, so you should direct all questions regarding it there.

Martin Zeman says:

Apologies, I have just only noticed 2.5.2. has been released. I just posted to the 2.5.1. entry, so I am forwarding it here as well:

I would like to report no issues on Mac 10.8. No crashes or errors. This is a very good IDE and definitely my tool of choice after Visual Studio, especially thanks to its compatibility with CMake. I also dare to present a few suggestions for future releases, should you feel improvements are a step forward for you:
1) BLOCK SELECTION: Right now I can only make block selection on Mac using the left ALT and dragging a mouse. The same should work using ALT + keys. I have seen this works on Linux, must be a problem with the Mac version.
2) BLOCK EDITING: Please implement block editing properly. When a block is selected, writing a character should write this character in every line in this block. At this point, only the first line of the selected block is edited. Deletion works however … weird …
3) CLASS VIEW DRAG ‘N DROP: Please consider implementing drag and drop moving of methods/classes in the class view, i.e. selecting and moving an object in the class view somewhere moves the appropriate code along.
4) COLORING FOR MACROS: Add a colouring category for macros
5) ISSUES LIST: I am not sure this works as intended. When double-clicking an issue sometimes I get thrown to the problem in the code, sometimes not. It very much depends on the type of error / warning present. Please consider writing the compile output along with the issue itself, so this is easier to work with.

If any of these suggestions just happen to be already implemented, please be so kind to inform me where.

Thank you.

m][sko says:

How can I set up Qt5(ubuntu 12.04 32 bit version) support in this version of Qt Creator

Thorbjørn Lindeijer says:

@Martin Zeman: This isn’t the place for feature suggestions or bug reports. It should be more effective to enter those items here (open one issue for each): https://bugreports.qt-project.org/

That’s awesome – looking forward to the upcoming SDK update – hopefully it also will be released as updates. It’s tiresome to unstall the ole one and Install the new one.

BTW: Will you increase your focus on the desktop (Through the Nokia years the emphesas was on the mobile platforms) ?

Barayuda says:

That’s awesome,, thank you so much for fix the bug..
i will try and update my Qt4 on opensuse 12.1,, :D,

Ariel says:

BUG found: Create a default project as Quick UI, then switch views to: Design-Code-Design-Code… repeat it fast and evetually you’ll get no content on the design view, not even a QtCreator restart fixes it. Annoying, seems 2.5.0 has not this bug.

Michael says:

Late to the party but – *Thank You*! I’ve been holding off moving to 2.5 for ever so long because of the resource leak bug. I still have Visual Studio 2010 on my machine but I doubt it’ll get fired up at all now. QT Creator 2.5 is superior in every way. That said, I’d love you guys even *more* if you can improve the C++11 support 😉

Thanks again!!

Martin Zeman says:

@Thorbjørn Lindeijer: Done.

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