Qt 5.0.1 Released

Published Thursday January 31st, 2013
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It’s been six weeks since we published the Qt 5.0.0 release and we are now introducing Qt 5.0.1 – the first patch release. Qt 5.0.0 release has been well received and we have seen a great amount of interest towards it.

With over 400 improvements compared to Qt 5.0.0 the Qt 5.0.1 is a great next step for the Qt 5 series. As a patch release it does not introduce new functionality, just error corrections and improvements. In addition to these, it also adds MinGW 4.7 pre-built binary installer, which has been highly requested. MinGW is the first but not the last new pre-built binary installer which we are going to bring along on later Qt 5.0.x releases.

For detailed list of changes in Qt 5.0.1, please have a look into the changes file included to each module – or check the three most important ones: qtbaseqtdeclarative and qtmultimedia.

As always, Qt 5.0.1 maintains both forward and backward source compatibility with Qt 5.0.0. However, to fix a bug we detected after the Qt 5.0.0 release, this release has a limited binary compatibility break related to multimedia functionality (please see details from here). We therefore recommend all users to recompile their applications that provided QtMultimedia plugins or dealt with them directly. This is an exceptional case: binary compatibility will be kept for further releases.

As with every release, also this one has a few issues left that we know about. We are continuously ironing out the glitches and improving quality with every new release. If you encounter a problem, please check the known issues page first, where you can find solutions and workarounds for common problems. If you find any other bug in Qt 5, please help us to improve the product in future releases by reporting it to bugreports.qt-project.org, or contact us via our Customer Portal if you have a commercial license.

Qt 5.0.1 is now tagged in the Qt Project repository. The source packages and installers for Qt 5.0.1 are available for download at qt-project.org/downloads for open-source users, as well as via the Customer Portal for commercial licensees.

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Posted in Compilers, News, Qt, Releases


Robin Lobel says:

Great !
What about the Win x64 builds ?
What are the target builds for Windows in 5.0.2 ? MinGW x86+VS2010 x86+VS2010 x64+VS2012 x64 ?

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@Robin Lobel: 64-bit Windows builds work, there is just not yet a ready-made binary installer available. We are testing both VS2010 and VS2012 64-bit regularly, and will add more binary installers later on.

Robin Lobel says:

@Tuukka Turunen: You mean, more binary installers for 5.0.1, or should we have to wait for 5.0.2 to be released ?

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@Robin Lobel: It may be that we can add 64-bit Windows binary installer for 5.0.1 still – we dropped those out, but it was most likely build machine issue causing problems. But latest in 5.0.2. And, as before with 5.0.0, building this yourself is possible.

7 says:

Why were x64 binaries dropped in the first place?

I downloaded a couple of them from last week and both failed to produce a working executable, projects compiled fine, but upon startup immediately exited with some negative code.

Anyway, looks like I will be building 5.0.1 as well. Do you consider launching multiple versions – with desktop OpenGL, without the webkit, without any openGL dependency and so on? It will save many collective hours of doing this ourselves.

Binary Windows 64bit installers would be really nice. I think we all could build our own 64bit versions, but image how much energy is saved if we don’t have to. 😉

Seven says:

Another vote for VS2012 installers, I was really looking forward for the 5.0.1 release for this reason so I’m a bit disappointed now…

Alexander says:

+1 previous authors…

Could you please announce preliminary dates on VS2012 x64 support? We then could plan our projects.

Ryan McAlister says:

A desktop OpenGL build would be great. It seems to perform much better for qml rendering but is a hassle to build every time.

Harald Sattmann says:

Not a big deal to build a X64 version for Qt5.0.1. I send my notes about this.
REM *** be sure to use Visual Studio X64 Win64 Command prompt as Administrator
Install Perl, Python and add to PATH
Install MySQL 64bit version and add inlude and lib paths for your installation ( might be 5.5.6 )
INCLUDE=%INCLUDE%C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\include;
INCLUDE=C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\include;
set LIB=%LIB%C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\lib;
LIB=C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\lib;


configure -opensource -hostprefix -debug-release -shared -mp -qt-sql-mysql -opengl desktop

Qt PlugIn for Qt 5.0.x and Visual Studio 2010+ available

srazi says:

Why missing ‘configure.exe’ is a known and un-fixed issue?

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@srazi: It is expected that Windows users take the .zip which configure.exe is part of. There are a few other formats of source packages mainly intended to other than Windows, and thus not contain the configure.exe.

winuser says:

@srazi the http://qt-project.org/downloads page explicitly says “The source code is available as a zip (270 MB) file for Windows users” … or you didnt find configure.exe in the .zip package ?

Strky says:

There is not configure.exe in main directory, where is directory “bin” for example. In previous version there was this file.

Loaden says:

MinGW is the first but not the last new pre-build binary installer which we are going to bring along on later Qt 5.0.x releases.
Who will be the second? still not have x64-bit package?
Anyway, congrats!

Alex says:

Please, make installation of QtCreator optional.

Kai Koehne says:

It’s mandatory for technical reasons. E.g. the Qt package registers itself into Qt Creator, and just expects Qt Creator to be there. We might overcome this in future versions, but really, Qt Creator is just 140MB, so having it installed shouldn’t really hurt you.

Alex says:

140 MB dont hurt me, but i install mingw and msvc versions of SDK. And now i have twice of 140 MB.

Kai Koehne says:

Okay. Feel free to file a feature request to https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG/component/19211 , so it’s not forgotten.

Alan says:

Very simple (?) question: how can those of us who already have Qt 5.0.0 installed on their system upgrade to Qt 5.0.1? I naively thought that it could be done through the maintenance tool, but all it seems to offer is to uninstall Qt 5.0.0…!? So?…

Robin Lobel says:

So uninstall 5.0.0, install 5.0.1

Alan says:

You clearly missed my point…

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@Alan: Sometimes it is beneficial to have parallel Qt versions, so by default we allow it.

Alan says:

By default?… So, is there an actual way to upgrade our copy of Qt 5.0.0 to version 5.0.1?

Alan says:

I can certainly appreciate that, but then… why do you have a maintenance tool which offers you to “update [your] components” if, when selecting that option, all it does is tell you that it will uninstall everything?… So, my point is that even though I wish there was a way to upgrade one’s version of Qt, I can appreciate that you guys have taken a different view, but then I don’t see the point of that ‘maintenance’ tool…

Robin Lobel says:

I can’t see a difference between “upgrading from Qt 5.0.0 to Qt 5.0.1” and “uninstall Qt 5.0.0, install Qt 5.0.1”, the result is the same, is it ?

Alan says:

Seriously?!… Sure, the end result is the same, but having to do that on 7 different machines (running either Windows 7, Ubuntu 12.04 32-/64-bit or OS X 10.8.2) is a waste of my time while a ‘proper’ upgrade would have potentially saved me quite a bit of time. This is not to mention that that you have to download the full installers while a ‘proper’ maintenance tool would have downloaded whatever is necessary for the upgrade.

7 says:

Don’t complain, installing a new Qt binary is nowhere nearly as tedious as compiling it from the ground up, like I have to do, you should be happy there is a ready to use binary that fits your needs.

Kai Koehne says:

We plan to come up with online installers with all the goodies (installing/deinstalling individual packages, updating packages etc) at one point. See maintenancetool.exe as a first step to get there (again) 🙂

Alan says:

Thanks Kai, I am certainly looking forward to it. I guess you guys spoiled us (me, at least) with the Qt SDK 1.x…

That Dude says:

Can’t wait for the native 64 bit version of Webkit for VS2010+ x86_64

Stan Pensak says:

Can you (or anybody else) explain what this means? I’m trying to figure whether QWebViews I create in Qt 5 are already using Webkit5 and V8, or whether this is a build-time or runtime configuration issue. I can’t seem to find any documentation (other than the Qt 5 ‘what’s new’ description to prove whether this is true. Any ideas how to tell?

Ilfirin says:

Any news about PySide support?

pyside says:

PySide is a different stuff maintained by different people than Qt .. please ask them here http://lists.qt-project.org/mailman/listinfo/pyside

Sonu Lohani says:

Hello Sir,
Good to see the first Qt 5 build with mingw. I have a question for you that is, when are you going to release the Qt for android as it ios my first need today? Hpoe to see the answer from you.


Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@Sonu Lohani: We are actively working with both Android and iOS in the ‘dev’ branch and it currently looks that we will be able to support both to a good extent in the next minor release of Qt (not fully yet, though). If you are interested to try these out, it is possible to pull the stuff from dev already now. Development is fully open and and we are also interested in contributions for these, naturally. If you need a released version, it is Qt 5.1.0. We’ll talk more on the status of the new ports later on in the blog, so keep posted 🙂

terry says:

Could I know the current development states of the QML components for ios and android?
I do not mean those basic items like Rectangle, Text or MouseArea
but something like the desktop components of QML
Or ios and android would not develop those components?

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@terry: Each of these (iOS, Android and Qt Quick Components) is an item we are actively working with. While iOS will take some more time complete, we expect that both Android and Qt Quick Components are in good shape in Qt 5.1. And something will be available also for iOS at that time. We will blog about all these during February, so keep posted. If you have time to follow Qt Project mailing lists and repositories, you are welcome to join us in the development as well.

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@terry: Sorry, I misread you question. You meant if there are Qt Quick Components specific for Android and iOS? The Qt Quick Components (for Desktop) will work also in these, though most are obviously better suited for desktop. What comes to styling and mobile specific components, let’s see. These ports are still young, and first priority is to get the basic things working well.

Sonu Lohani says:

Thank you sir for giving us some time. I really appreciate with you quality of work that you’re doing. Love to see more updates in qt.

Thank you once again And all the best.

danny says:

Where are the release notes?

releasenote says:

did you read the blog post ? “For detailed list of changes in Qt 5.0.1, please have a look into the changes file included to each module – or check the three most important ones: qtbase, qtdeclarative and qtmultimedia.” .. there are three links there

mclark says:

I too miss the release notes. We check these against possible code changed we made to circumvent bugs (that may now be fixed and our fixes may break!) Having to check file changes for each module is tedious and extreme. I should not have to search you website to find this link http://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qtbase/blobs/stable/dist/changes-5.0.1 to get this information. This was a change to your release procedure that is greatly missed and a disservice to your customers.

Liang Qi says:

Everyone could build binary packages themselves, http://qt-project.org/wiki/Building-Qt-Package

stuk says:

If Nokia SDK is dead, why not create a new Qt Project SDK, with qt5,qt484,ecc ? new release of creator? Use Sdk to upgrade…

Kai Koehne says:

That’s our intend …

gou ping says:

Hi, On Qt5.0 Can the QML app run on directfb platform? I know on eglfs platform is OK.

anton says:

Now the QWebView Control is back in 5.0.1,

so I use QTCreator to create a qtgui app, added a QWebView control by
drag and drop (its the only control I added)

Then I set the url Property to http://www.google.de

Hey fine I see the google site live in the QTCreatot designer.

So I try to build it and get the following error:

/home/user/dev/cpp/qt/qtgui-build-Desktop_Qt_5_0_1_GCC_64bit-Debug/ui_mainwindow.h:44: Error:undefined reference to `QWebView::QWebView(QWidget*)’


/home/user/dev/cpp/qt/qtgui-build-Desktop_Qt_5_0_1_GCC_64bit-Debug/ui_mainwindow.h:48: Error:undefined reference to `QWebView::setUrl(QUrl const&)’

hmm and I am doomed again 🙁

I downloaded qt 5.0.1 for Linux 64 bit and installed it just now to gie it a try,
3 minutes later I got my showstopper again.

Understand me well I am great fan of KDE and so QT (but never used it up to now),
but honestly … this is a beta version isn’t it?


webkitwidgets says:

your code is beta .. did you add “QT += webkitwidgets” to your .pro file ?


Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@Anton: No, it is not a beta. WebKit works, but it seems that you need to do something differently in your application. Please use the Qt Project mailing lists and forums to get help for your program, in case you are an open-source user – or Digia support in case you have a commercial license. There may still be bugs you need to work around, but most use cases work just fine. And in a case of a bug, please list it to http://bugreports.qt-project.org so that is can be fixed in the upcoming versions.

Kai Koehne says:

You’ve to link against the Qt5WebKitWidgets library, by e.g. adding QT+=webkitwidgets to your .pro file.

mudfox says:

very good!
I love mingw,but why it is so big?!
I was used the “mingw-builds Qt5”

Kai Koehne says:

The mingw-builds qt 5 package just contains the Qt libraries. The installer from the download page also ships qt creator, the mingw toolchain itself, the qt and qt creator help and the qt sources.

Clemens says:

First of all, nice to have a MinGW version now. Thank you.

But: Why is it that you do not care about the size of a project? You did link it to the 17 Megabytes large ICU library, and many other stuff, which is definitely not necessary !
In Qt 4.8.4 it was much smaller.
If I distribute an application with Qt5 the size of my (zipped) Install package increases by about 5 to 10 Megabytes. WTF guys?

Please do care about the size of a project too. Qt was always on the larger side, but now it’s out of hand.. I will have to recompile it myself or stay with Qt4.. does work too.

I thought, maybe you would fix this with 5.0.1 but, no, you didn’t…

7 says:

Using a static build with desktop opengl and without the webkit is tolerable – a qtbse+qtgui+qtwidgets executable compiles to about 8 mb without any external dependencies. Sadly, static builds require to either open your source or have a commercial license.

someone says:

I tried Qt 5.0.0 and had even more problems…

I had even to install a DirectX Runtime to be able to run Qt, is was a 100MB that took an eternity from Microsoft, and another eternity to install.

So releasing a Qt5 software is simple a nightmare…

No way end users will download and install almost all the Internet, just to be able to run a Qt5 application 🙁

Fabio says:


I’m happy to see a MinGW version but I’m really sad about this.

I’m distributing a free program on a free web site
This absurdly huge runtime dependency will make this impossible.
(The space available on my website will be not enough)

In general the size of the needed runtime’s libraries,
to me is definitely overloaded.

Hope is not a strategy to make life more difficult for no commercial users,
because this way we have more chance to have it fixed.

luo says:

The size of qt project is too large!!!
If I use WebKit and opengl, the qt library will be 30M + size (Zipped size), Even JRE is only 20M+.

omid says:

I cant install mingw version in windows8 Enterprise
It just stuck at “Installing component Qt patcher”…. !!
Should i uninstall Qt 4.8 ?!

omid says:

Fixed .

me says:

Is there a way to upgrade (i.e. download only what is needed/has changed)? It’s a waste of time/bandwidth to download the sdk and creator again. Not everyone has fast connections.

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@me: At the moment no. We are working with online installers for Qt 5. Currently they are only available for Qt 4.8 commercial users. Online installer makes upgrade more convenient, but there will still be a lot to download when changing to a new version of Qt.

Paul Tarr says:

Today (2/3/2013) I uninstalled my old Qt Creator (2.4.1 with 4.8.1) and tried installing Qt 5.01 (qt-windows-opensource-5.0.1-mingw47_32-x86-offline.exe) from the downloads page (http://qt-project.org/downloads) but the installation failed. I tried downloading the Qt 5.0.1 for Windows 32-bit (MinGW 4.7, 823 MB) installer seveal times and and tried not only a default install but also a full install on windows 7. Every time it seems to install (i.e., it builds the diurectories) except it will not launch Creator! I also tried starting Qt Creator from both the start menu and by going directly to tools but nothing happens.

Currently I’m at a loss as I have neither my old Qt development system nor Qt Creator for Qt 5.01. Any suggestions?

Kai Koehne says:

Things you can try when lauching creator:
– launch creator from command line with ‘-settingspath C:\Temp’ argument to block it from reading old configuration. Does it launch then?
– download & start dbgview (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896647.aspx) before launching qt creator. Does it print anything suspicious?

Also, ‘the installation failed’ – what exactly did fail, the whole installation or just the launching of creator? If the installation failed, could you create a bug report with the installation log (InstallationLog.txt in installation dir, or output when launching installer from command line with ‘-v’ ) ?

Paul Tarr says:

Kai thanks for the prompt reply. I still cannot get qtcreator to work. Specifically here are the results of your suggestions and questions.

By “failed” I mean qtcreator does not start. Everything appears to be installed (i.e., directories 5.01, Licenses, Tools, vcedist plus numerous files). In fact ….\Tools\QtCreator\bin\qtcreator.exe exists and is 971 KB in size. During the installation process I selected all components to install. At the end of the install process the README.txt file is successfully launched (via notepad) automatically but qtcreator doesn’t start even though it is selected in the setup wizard. (I also tried running from the start menu and directly from the Tools directory; neither worked )

As suggested I tried starting qtcreator.exe in a cmd.exe window with the the command ….\Tools\QtCreator\bin\qtcreator.exe ‘-settingspath C:\Temp’ That didn’t work.

Also as suggested I downloaded dbgview and started that before running qtcreator. DebugView listed no activity (note: I ran dbgview with other programs and it appears to work fine so the problem must be in qtcreator).

qtcreator just appears to be a no-op program even through it takes up 971 KB of disk space.

whatever says:

Try co clean up your user&system PATH, old records might be messing up your installation. Also you might try a tool called Dependecny Walker to check if there is anythying that Qt Creator misses.

Paul Tarr says:


Thanks for the dependency walker tip. I downloaded and tried it and found that qtcreator requies several dll modules were either missing or incorrect on my windows 7 op (e.g., IEShims.dll, gpsvc.vc, sysntfy among others ). Some of these are in my system32 search path but they don’t work. Some of these exist on my windows 7 laptop only as amd 64bit versions. Now I’m stuck as apparently the interface to my windows 7 dll modules are not compatible with qtcreator. I found via a google search that this appears to not be an uncommon problem.

Clemens says:

Regarding IESHIMS.DLL: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2465111/dependency-walker-reports-ieshims-dll-and-wer-dll-missing
Those you listed are very often not necessary, when using Dependency Walker, look for those directly referenced from your application and its DLLs.

@QT-Team: Please try to decrease the runtime dependencies on Windows. It’s way too big!

Kai Koehne Kai Koehne says:

As Clemens said some missing ‘ie’ libs are harmless. What you can try though is launch qt creator through the built-in ‘Profiler’ of Dependency Walker: Load qtcreator.exe, and select “Profile”, “Start Profiling”. The output will be probably long, so you should really create a task in the bugtracker 🙂

Jeff Obadal says:

Thanks for the hard work, and just in time for the spring festival in China 🙂

Stavros Filippidis says:

Is it possible to provide seperate download links the dll files needed for an application created with the binary package “Qt 5.0.1 for Windows 32-bit (MinGW 4.7, 823 MB)” you provide? I mean, could you provide one discrete link to download Qt5Core.dll and so on (one link for each needed dll file)? I am not a lawyer, but I hope that It would be helpful for people who don’t want to distribute these dll files with their executable! I would (for example) consider the possibility of distributing only the exe (dynamically linked) of my application(s), and instruct the users to download the dll files needed from you.

Fabio says:

Well…for me will be better than they provide smaller minimum dependency for QtCore and QtGUI increasing the number of runtime libraries required for each module used in the project.

I dislike to rely on an “external link” to distribute a working copy of a software.

See other comments: for now, the minimum runtime library required seem absurdly huge! And THIS IS the problem!

Clemens says:


Compare the size with a classic MFC application or with other GUI toolkits.. it’s ridiculous.

Oh, btw. it would also be great, if everything except QtCore was loaded dynamically at runtime if needed. Same way it works for Plugins. So, every application developer could just skip everythings besides the necessary stuff.
What do you think?

Fabio says:

A kind of “delay load” on runtime needs basis.
Yes, it could be very interesting to save resources until the program’s execution need it.
But I think this behaviour should be a choice of the coder and, very important, a consistency check should be made at the startup of the application to be sure nothing will go wrong when each dependent library
will be entirely loaded (version check, required symbols presence…)
I’m not a guru in computer programming but this is what came to me in mind on a first steps.

And… +1 for your avatar. 😉

Steve says:

We already have that, it’s called Java 😉

Kai Koehne says:

The biggest chunk of the required libs is actually ICU, and we are looking into ways of slimming it down. Already now you should be able to replace the default icudt49.dll e.g. by recompiling your own tailored version (see e.g. http://apps.icu-project.org/datacustom/ICUData49.dll). So I have hopes we slim the minimum size of runtime libs down quite a bit …

Kai Koehne Kai Koehne says:

Hi Stavros, sorry, I guess I miss the point of your request. Are there any technical reasons why you don’t want to ship the Qt libs together with your binary? Or do you have legal concerns?

Alexis says:

Qt::TranslucentBackground widgets bug still here. Qt is unusable with custom UI…

Samuel says:

There’s a task open about that: https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-28531

If you have information that’s not contained in the task, please add it there.

Sonu Lohani says:

Sir, one thing i want to know is that do you have any plan of releasing qt 5 with VS 2008? If yes, then when it will be?

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@Sonu Lohani: VS2008 binary installer is not currently planned. It is already rather old compiler. If you need to use it, better to compile yourself.

L. Hill says:

MacOS X binary install is not usable for me.

After building a simple application, I run it and get

“Failed to load platform plugin “cocoa”. Available platforms are: ”

Then it aborts.

I added a comment to https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-28155 about this.

Tried debug and release builds, on Mountain Lion 10.8.2

Kai Koehne says:

Since QTBUG-28155 is marked as fixed for 5.0.0 the problem you have is probably not the same as the bug described in there (although the symptom is the same). You should rather file a separate bug report.

Heya i’m for the primary time here. I came across this board and I to find It really helpful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to give one thing back and aid others like you aided me.


I can see you are nearing Qt 5.1 and its QML desktop components. 🙂 Will there be an analogue of QDockWidget for QML?

Yazwas says:

Any program I try to run give me the following

qtcreator_ctrlc_stub: Command line failed: mingw32-make.exe
03:28:06: The process “mingw32-make.exe” crashed.
Error while building/deploying project Sync (kit: Desktop Qt 5.0.1 MinGW 32bit)
When executing step ‘Make’

Kai Koehne says:

Hi Yazwas, try to run mingw32-make by hand from a console / in a clean environment. Does it still crash?

BenH says:

It’s really disappointing to see that QTBUG-28097 is still not fixed.

Looking forward to the next update!


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Tooraj says:

I am trying to set the background image in a “MainWindow” in QT 5.01. In my “main.cpp” I do this:

#include "mainwindow.h"
MainWindow w;
w.setStyleSheet("background-image: url(myimage.png);");

But the image is not being shown there.
The same code works for QT 4.8.
What is the reason?


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lolo says:

Can’t build for Windows.
I’ve downloaded the .zip and uncompredded it into d:\Qt501 . then I open VS2012’s command and I write configure. This is the result:

/d/Qt501/D:/Qt501_x64/qtbase/configure not found. Did you forget to run “init-repository”? at D:\Qt501\configure line 88.

lolo says:

Oh, and if I try to run nmake from qtbase dir i get this error when compiling:

..\..\..\include\QtXml\qdom.h(1) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file:
‘../../../../../d:/Qt501/qtbase/src/xml/dom/qdom.h’: Invalid argument

Commenting closed.

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