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Qt Creator 2.7.0 released

Published Thursday March 21st, 2013
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We are happy to announce the Qt Creator 2.7.0 release today, which comes with loads of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

C++ support in Qt Creator got even more improvements for C++11, like handling of alignof, alignas and noexcept, brace initializers, and more lambda fixes. Also, if Qt Creator cannot find out if your tool chain expects C++11 or C++98/03, it defaults to C++11 now, for a better out of the box experience. Also there are improvements on the refactoring actions side, for example quick fixes for adding getters and setters for class members, and for adding the getters and setters that are specified in a Q_PROPERTY.

QML support got lots of fixes for Qt Quick 2 in the code editor, and there was a lot of work done to make Qt Quick Designer work with Qt Quick 2. Please note though that the Qt Creator standalone binary packages are based on Qt 4 and do not provide the necessary Qt Quick 2 based external worker tool (which of course needs to be built with Qt 5). For now you either need to compile Qt Creator with Qt 5 yourself, or at least compile the qml2puppet yourself with Qt 5 (qt-creator/share/qtcreator/qml/qmlpuppet/qml2puppet) and put that into qtbase/bin of your Qt 5 install (and make sure that your project uses a Kit that uses that Qt version). Or you wait for Qt 5.0.2 packages that will contain a Qt 5 based build of Qt Creator again.

On the BlackBerry support side, we got a new settings page, which allows to easily generate Kits (and the necessary Qt version and compiler information) from an NDK path, and helps users with registering and generating developer certificates and other files that are needed for uploading apps to their devices. Also the editor for bar descriptor files, which define application appearance and behavior, can now be switched between editing the pure XML and a graphical editor. There were many other improvements as well, for example regarding debugging on devices.

Experimental support for the (also experimental) QBS build tool was added to Qt Creator, and the binary packages now also contain it (in contrast to the prereleases), though it is disabled by default. To enable it, open “Help > About Plugins” (on Mac it’s in “Qt Creator > About Plugins”), tick the QbsProjectManager, and restart Qt Creator, no further downloads/installations are necessary. The Qt Creator sources themselves also come with QBS project files, if you were wondering which project you can open with it now ;). If you want to build Qt Creator with QBS support yourself, you first need to pull in its sources: Qt Creator’s git repository now has QBS as a submodule, so “git submodule update –init && qmake -r && make” in the top-level directory of your git checkout should be all you need to do.

Of course this is only a very small part of the actual improvements that were done, but talking about all of them – Debugging, Android, VCS, FakeVim, just to mention a few – would be beyond the scope of the blog post. Even bookmarks got some love this time, thanks Vasiliy Sorokin :). If you want to know more about changes in this version, you might want to have a look at our change log.

Open source download: Qt Creator downloads page (or the Qt Project downloads front page)

Qt Commercial customers find packages in the Customer Portal

Important note for developers for Madde: Madde support has been disabled by default in Qt Creator 2.7. Most functionality is available by default through the “generic Linux” support. If you still want to use the Madde specific plugin, you need to enable it: On first start of Qt Creator 2.7.0, run it with command line argument “-load Madde” (that is important, otherwise you will lose existing Madde settings like tool chains and Qt versions), then open Help > About Plugins and enable the Madde plugin.

Important note for people that turned off the QmlJSTools plugin manually: Qt4ProjectManager depends on it in Qt Creator 2.7, so you need to turn it on again to be able to open qmake projects.

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Kayra Akman says:

A note for those who disable the Qt Quick plugins:
The Qt4ProjectManager plugin in Qt Creator 2.7 also depends on the QmlJSTools plugin under Qt Quick. If you disable the QmlJSTools plugin (explicitly or through disabling the Qt Quick section), Qt Creator won’t support qmake projects.

To see the dependencies of a plugin, open the Help > About Plugins… dialog, double-click on the plugin or select the plugin and click the Details button.

Lijo Antony says:

x86_64 installer for Linux is not working.

Segmentation fault

With sudo also it exited without any info. Even strace and ldd crashed when I try to debug. Weird!!

Vasiliy Sorokin says:

Strange, It’s ok for me on Kubuntu 12.10 x64

Kai Koehne says:

Make sure that your download is not corrupted (md5sum qt-creator-linux-x86_64-opensource-2.7.0.bin should print fdbfd94b312532b2ddc8049a3fbe8c05 ). You can also try to launch it with ‘-v’ to see if you get any output.

Just for the record, it installs fine for me.

Gateslu says:

Segmentation fault

the same problem in SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 64-bit

Tsiolkovsky says:

I can confirm what Lijo says. I also get segmentation fault with installer for 64-bit GNU/Linux

Tsiolkovsky says:

Ah yeah downloaded it the third time and looks like the third time is the charm 🙂 So all works fine now.

Lijo Antony says:

My bad. It was a corrupted download. Now it’s working fine for me 🙂
@Kai Thanks for sharing md5sum.

Kai Koehne says:

Good that it now worked for you 🙂 the md5sums are also in md5sum.txt in the download folder 🙂

Marcin says:

VCS integration really needs work, it’s such a pain to use. Integration with project explorer (similar to how Eclipse does it) would be really nice. I’d rather use command line tools than VCS in QtCreator, which is really a shame because it is such a great IDE.

danny says:

Agreed. The list of version control plugins looks impressive until you actually try to use any of them.

droetker says:


leoismyname says:


lapislazu says:

Not agreed!

lapislazu says:

Sorry; correction: Agreed!

Scorp1us says:

Is there support for non-linux targets? I’d love to switch from Freescale CodeWarrior to QtCreator, but I’m not sure how much is still assumed. The last time I asked this, I was told it was not even a consideration.

Andre' says:

I guess Windows and Mac count as “non-linux” targets, and have there been from the beginning… What kind of target do we speak of?

Scorp1us says:

Well, it is an embedded target. I was hoping the android support would have allowed for more specialized build environments including debugger hooks.

Andre' says:

You probably need to talk a bit more about your target and the way you access it, perhaps not here, but on #qt-creator on FreeNode IRC. The initial version for Android did not require special hooks in the debugger core machinery (the latest does, but just because it uses the –multi feature of gdbserver which was generally not supported before), so it might or might not already be flexible enough to address your usecase.

iltis says:

Is it possible to set custom command for debugger somehow in QtCreator ? For debugging bare metal embeded application i use openocd/bfin-gdbproxy. Eclipse has debug configuration dialog where i can specify debugger commands like reset, load, set = etc. It would be great to have something like that in QtCreator.

Ansible says:

Installed this on windows, seems to be missing the examples and the project templates. Can those be downloaded separately? Or is this more of an upgrade than a new install?

qplace says:

Same thing here, installed it in Ubuntu 12.10. Missing project templates.

Andre' says:

The examples are part of Qt, not of Qt Creator. For the project templates: Could you check the projectmanager plugins are enabled (Help->About Plugins)?

Tobias Hunger says:

We hide project templates that are not applicable to your setup. Most templates use qmake to build and thus need a kit with a Qt version set up.

Steve Mokris says:

Having trouble opening Qmake projects with Qt Creator 2.7 on Mac — when I open a .pro file, Qt Creator loads the .pro file in the text editor, but doesn’t load it as a project (the project tree browser remains empty).

Thunder422 says:

As mentioned above (Improtant Note at the end of the post), you need to enable the QmlJSTools plugin, or it behaves exactly as you stated.

Steve Mokris says:

Great. Thanks, Thunder422. (I’d skimmed over that note initially, since I don’t use Qml.)

Lucas says:

What would be cool is building RPMs and DEBs with Qt-Creator.
AFAIK there alread was something like that for Meego.

Are there any plans for this?

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

afaik that was simply part of the Madde tool chain, and not really related to Qt Creator

Alan says:

Nice to see a new version of Qt Creator. Just one thing, I have downloaded and installed it on OS X, and now my Qt5 project (which uses CMake) can’t find the Qt5Widgets package anymore. I know I could set the CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH variable to /Applications/Qt5.0.1/5.0.1/clang_64/lib/cmake/Qt5Widgets (and it works indeed), but… I really don’t want to do that (it’s just too much system/person dependent). So, how can I get Qt Creator 2.7 to know where to look for the Qt5 package I need? For what is worth, everything works fine with Qt Creator 2.6.2 (either the version shipped with Qt 5.0.1 or as a standalone application).

HGH says:

How can I run a program in Windows that has external assets from within Qt Creator? What does “working directory” in the projects tab mean? When I set the working directory option to the source directory of the project, why doesn’t the executable (run from within Qt Creator) find the assets that are in the source directory?
Do I misunderstand something?

Kai Koehne says:

Working directory is the initial working directory of your application, so that e.g. QFile(“README.txt”) should indeed pick it up if the file is in the working directory. I don’t know what specific assets you’re talking about, so it’s hard to give you a general advice …

HGH says:

Images that I use in QML. Unless I copy them to the output directory manually. The executable does not find them, when I run it from within Qt Creator.
Well, I have just deleted the output directory and rebuild. Now it works. That’s pretty confusing. Previously just re-running wasn’t enough. Does this have something to do with the build system in that case?

Kai Koehne says:

QML images are always resolved relative to the .qml file with the request. Changing the working directory therefore doesn’t change anything – you’ve to ensure that, if you’re doing e.g. a shadow build, both qml and image files are copied over. The qmake logic generated by the Qt Quick application wizards ensure this.

BB says:

Debugging on BB10 simulator still causes crashes. Is it still not supported?

Mehdi says:

Yes, it should be. Could please file a bug with small description so that we can check.

Heh, WinXP/SP3/Core2-6300/3Gb RAM, Try to load generic project consists from ~16.000-17.000 C/C++ files (there is no complex C++ code)… Currently about 50 minutes left, parsing progress at zero, usage of two CPU cores is 100%. On QTC 2.6.2 project parsed during ~15-20 mins.

Sorry: only single core usage at 100%

Darryl Walace says:

I just did a fresh install of QtCreator 2.7 and Qt 4.8.4 libraries (from here:http://qt-project.org/downloads) on my Mac (10.8 MountainLion).

QtCreator will not auto-detect the Qt version I have installed. When I go to Add a new version, I navigate to /Developer/Tools/Qt I cannot select qmake (it is a symlink here. The qmake binary is actually installed in /usr/bin which is inaccessible from the finder window and having copied the binary to /Developer/Tools/Qt, the qmake binary cannot be selected.

There does not seem to be a way to select the Qt version… Any ideas?

Any ideas?

Danny says:

Google XtraFinder. It makes the OSX finder far more usable and it’s free.

Robin Lobel says:

When can we expect Qt 5.0.2 ?

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

After Easter. It is looking quite good, but we need to iron out a few items still before release.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

@darryl: Yeah, Finder hides that nicely. You can use cmd+shift+g to open any location.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

@Ansible: You need to install Qt and register it in Qt Creator (Tools > Options > Build & Run > Qt Versions), or use one of the Qt + QtCreator bundle installers (e.g. Qt 5.0.1) which do that automatically.

David says:

is performance related issues fixed in this release?

Tobias Hunger says:

Which performance related issues are you referring to? Do you know about bug reports for any of the issues you are experiencing?

David says:

No, I didn’t downloaded it yet. I’m talking about this one http://blog.qt.io/blog/2013/03/07/qt-creator-2-7-0-rc-released/#comment-425344

Krzysztof Kawa says:

How do I use QBS? I enabled the plugin and restarted, but creator still opens .qbp files in a plain text editor.

Tobias Hunger says:

There are no more .qbp files anymore. Rename it to .qbs and try again.

Krzysztof Kawa says:

Nope. Still the same with .qbs

Krzysztof Kawa says:

Ok, problem solved. I had QmlJSEditor plugin disabled. Shouldn’t there be some dependency checking mechanism for this?

Tobias Hunger says:

Oh, there is dependency checking. That is why the plugin did not get loaded due to one of its dependencies being disabled.

Nikos Gerontidis says:

development for desktop + ( android / blackberry ) and more .. made easy

love it !

thank you QtCreator team

TheTrueDigia says:

Guys, you are just a ROI on some managers table. Wake up.

Danny says:

What is your problem? Digia is a business just like any other. I’m so sick of seeing your trolling on every post on this blog.

Jay says:

I don’t think it is necessary to support C++11 feature in this stage. It is nonsense and useless for most projects, and it just makes the code unreadable. So, please don’t waste your limited man-month on C++11.

Astellar says:

If _you_ do not need it in your project, it is fine. But stop telling others that it is useless for them. I use GCC 4.7.2 with a lot of C++11 features in my new project, I plan migration to 4.8.0 soon and I appreciate better support at QtCreator side.

There is a weird bug in QtCreator 2.7.0 (on OS X at least) that makes it unusable for me. Every time I open a file in a big project it crashes with stack trace shown here: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/a70845d6202ce2a89e8b Should I fill it as bugreport, or is it a known issue?

Danny says:

Wow. The level of ignorance demonstrated by this post is astounding. If you seriously think that C++11 is nonsense, then you shouldn’t be developing in C++ period.

You make us look bad.

Xenakios says:

Thanks, things are working pretty good so far! Next, how about support for autocompletion of std:: containers methods etc… 😉

Xenakios says:

I meant of course autocompletion of methods of the elements in the std:: containers… 🙂 std::vector v; v.push_back(myclass()); v[0].DoSom and then CTRL+Space should work like it does for QVector.

James says:

So I’m trying to compile source on RHEL using GCC 4.2.2 as GLIBC is too old for the binary to work.

Using qmake -r && make I (eventually) get:

I get /usr/bin/ld: .obj/release-shared/sshconnectionmanager.o: relocation R_X86_64_PC32 against `guard variable for QSsh::Internal::SshConnectionManagerPrivate::instance()::manager’ can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC.

I tried:
* Adding -fPIC under CFLAGs and CXXFLAGs in the top-level project file.
* Compiling the latest 4.X Qt from source and using that to compile/link against

None of this seems to do any good. Creator 4.5.2 compiles just fine though. Is there any way to get this to work?

qplace says:

To qtcreator team – thank you!

I think it would be useful feature to add a step in project wizard (unless I overlooked this feature and it exists somewhere), that will add a line to a project.pro:

QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += -std=c++0x
(or c++11 for gcc >= 4.7)

That way the project will be automatically enabled for C++11

Ionut Dediu says:

I am having several issues with QtCreator 2.7.0 for BlackBerry 10:
1) The most annoying: very often if I make a source change and run on the device, the change will not be deployed on the device, it’s still the older binaries that get executed
2) Stopping the deployed app makes QtCreator freeze for like 5 seconds (this might not be specific to QtCreator, I think there are similar issues with Momentics).

So the changes from 2.6.2 to 2.7.0 as regards to BBX are easier integration with NN ndk, and a bug in 2.6.2 which is now resolved in 2.7.0:
3) When deploying with QtCreator 2.6.2 all the old debug messages from previous versions are still visible in the console, even if I clear the console.

Can someone help with issue 1)?


Kai Koehne says:

Can you file a bug about 1) ? I’m not sure the people working on the Blackberry plugin check the comments in this blog …

(Btw, that’s true for for a lot of comments posted here: Please file bugs, but also feature requests, at bugreports.qt-project.org, so that they’re not forgotten.)

Mehdi says:

1) That looks weird. I couldn’t produce this bug. I guess you always re-build after modfiying the code before you deploy, otherwise you will still get the old binaries executed. Could you please file a bug about it, and provide more details to check.
2) That’s normal, because it executes a specific blackberry process on the device (via ssh) to terminate the app, which takes few seconds.
3) Indeed, this is also fixed in 2.7

M.S. Babaei says:

My favorite C++ ide with CMake support on all platforms. Every release getting better and better. Thnak you so much.

M.S. Babaei says:

One IDE to rule them all !!
Qt Creator is my favorite C++ ide with CMake support on all platforms.
Every release getting better and better.
Thnak you so much for this release..

Tripol says:

is QT creator uses qt5 QML or QT 4 qtwidget ?

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

Qt Creator’s welcome page uses Qt4/QML/QtQuick1, the reset is Qt4/C++/Widgets

Frank Evans says:

I have used QT off and on for a decade or more to deliver quality code to my customers. I am however new to QTCreator.

I now have a client that wants me to work on some of his code now managed by QTCreator. I’ve always been pleased with the quality of the QT stuff, so I set it up.

OOps! QTCreator wants me to add an external library in a specific way from a specific file structure with a specific naming convention. WHAT??? MSDEV (a truely professional environment) requires that I enter a path and filename separately for any configuration that I define. It is not limited to just Debug or Release either! This “requirement” of MSDEV enables me to utilize historical libraries that ARE NOT named or located in consistent directory structures or have consistent naming conventions. In order to use the QTCreator environment, I must not only MOVE these libraries from where they are created but I must ALSO RENAME them?
Sorry team, but I will pass on this tool until it changes to allow developers to work the way we need to work instead of asking us to work in the way that the QTCreator team thinks we should work.

Jared says:

What are you passive aggressively on about?

Sounds like this has nothing to do with qtcreator but a lot to do with whatever your particular project needs are.

Andre' says:

@Frank Evans: Looks like you need to be a bit more specific on what you complain about. There is nothing in Qt Creator that expects your libraries adhering to a specific naming scheme nor does it expect it in a specific location. So what libraries are we talking about, where are they located on your system, what did you do, what did you expect as result, and what did you get instead?

danny says:

“MSDEV (a truely professional environment)”

Thanks for the laugh.

Also there is NOTHING in Creator or QMake that requires that libraries be named a certain way. You’re doing it wrong.

elszon says:

Is there any possible to give startup script for gdb when attaching to remoter gdb server?
(i have to set solib-search-path)

Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular post! It’s the little changes that make the most significant changes. Thanks for sharing!

tinyurl.com says:

You really constructed a number of fantastic ideas inside your blog post, “Qt Creator 2.

7.0 released | Qt Blog”. I am going to end up coming to your
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