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Qt Project Needs Mirrors for the New Download Service

Published Thursday March 28th, 2013
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The Qt Project is currently using a content delivery network based solution for distribution of releases. We have been working to improve distribution of Qt open-source packages and now have the setup available for mirroring. Now we need to get more mirrors before going to production.

The idea is to switch to MirrorBrain based system and away from the current content delivery network based service. The work was started a while ago by Daniel Molkentin and now we have the setup available for mirroring. It is very much similar to what KDE is already using, so for many it is quite familiar. At this point I would like to thank Danimo and others from KDE for all the help provided to enable this.

The system is not yet taken into production use, we need to first have enough mirrors in place. Downloads from the new service work, but the system is not yet up to handle the needed load. Currently we have two mirrors in place, and need more before the new download service can be taken into production use.

The new service is for open-source content only. All the commercial Qt licensees are using a separate system. So it is completely ok for non-profit organizations to become a mirror for Qt Project.

If your organization is willing to become a mirror, please follow the steps in the wiki. Or if you know some organization who already provides mirrors, please ask them to become a mirror for the Qt Project.

We are keenly waiting to get the new download service active as it allows much more flexibility than the current setup. Getting the new system into production is also a prerequisite for providing the new online SDK for the Qt Project.

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Posted in Announcements, Community, KDE, Open Governance, Releases


Gyll says:

So why exactly don’t you just use torrents? Why all this hassle with mirrors and all?

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@Gyll: Enabling torrents as well as mirrors is possible and actually quite easy, though they are currently disabled. For offline content torrents work in many cases quite well, though with some limitations. For the online content the chosen approach should be better.

Gyll says:

Uh, forgot about the online installers thingie. Always wondered why would anyone publish online installers in the first place (i mean, i know there are plenty of reasons and explanations, but i would never support this option if i’d build a product of my own – i’d just provide a “main” package, provide separate installers for whatever plugins are available, and that’d be it).

Anyways, thanks for pointing out the online installers issue, torrents prolly wouldn’t make much sense for that scenario.

So “offline is meh, online is not possible” and that is the reason we don’t have magnet/torrents by the offline downloads link.

How ’bout you just add the torrents for the offline? What’s holding you back?

I kinda feel queasy downloading those big offline packages from your server and torrents are a perfect technical solution (so I can support the download project with my 20/20 link without pesky mirroring).

You either coordinate for a couple of 100mbit links or a thousand+ 2mbit or more from torrent users.

Andre says:

So… why exactly doesn’t it work for the online installer? Just make sure you yourself at least keep seeding the needed packages, and integrate a simple torrent client in the installer. Then, ask others to seed the same packages as well. That’s something everybody with an always-on internet connection is capable of doing. And at least for people who prefer to download the offline packages, it would be a big benefit.

Niels Weber says:

Patches to the installerframework implementing this would of course be welcome…

Joe says:

How about ask BlackBerry…

HeHui says:

There are many open source mirrors in China.
http://mirrors.sohu.com/ Created By Sohu Tech-NO
http://mirrors.163.com/ Created By NetEase
These two are big and popular internet companies in China.They have great resources.
Maybe you can contact them:

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@HeHui: Thanks for the tip. I sent email to them. It is also ok for you (and others) to directly ask you local mirror service providers to mirror Qt – the more the merrier.

jiangcaiyang says:

Great advice for China Qt fans!
By the way, some famous Chinese University also provide server for Qt mirror, you can contact http://www.sjtu.edu.cn/ for example.

This guy would like to help out Open Source projects with hosting:)

“HALP! I’m looking for an Open Source/charitable/non-profit organisation/project in need of hosting/compute/storage resources to help out.”


@Slavko: We can have torrents as well, though not currently active, they work. But they are just addition, we need mirrors for the SDK.

Vladimir says:

Will this mirrorirng system resemble the one KDE uses??
cause http://jefferai.org/2013/03/29/distillation/ ๐Ÿ™‚

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@Vladimir: The Qt source code stays where it is, the new system is about distribution of the releases. And, yes, it is very much like what KDE uses for download.kde.org

It would be good to know how much traffic should be expected, in average on normal days and on peak days, e.g. when a Qt update has been released. I think this information is more critical than the disk space required.

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

As said in the Wiki page, the preference is 50 Mbit/s Internet link, but it is not a hard requirement. Most important is to have mirrors in the regions near our users so that the load distributes over many different servers, not just one or a few. Load peak is after a new Qt release is out – other times it is quite stable. Certainly the amounts are nothing to be worried about for a mirror provider – it is not like the whole World suddenly rushes to download from your server.

HeHui says:

My previous post was lost.

I have sent emails to some providers:
Website Provider
http://mirror.lzu.edu.cn/ LZUOSS
http://mirrors.tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn/ Tsinghua University
http://mirror.tju.edu.cn/ Tianjin University
http://mirrors.ustc.edu.cn/ University of Science and Technology of China
http://mirrors.neusoft.edu.cn/ Dalian Neusoft University of Information
http://mirrors.stuhome.net/ Star Studio,University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

There are some other mirrors, but i can’t find the email address.

I just downloaded the qt-creator-2.7.0-src.tar.gz(21.5MB) in 10 seconds, it’s impressive!
I can see that it’s dowmloaded from ustc.edu.cn, that means the mirror is working now.

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