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First Ten Mirrors Active for Qt Project Downloads

Published Friday April 5th, 2013
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I am very pleased that we have already ten mirrors from three continents active for the new download service of the Qt Project, and more are on their way. With the new MirrorBrain based setup is it very easy to become a mirror for Qt – and even more importantly it is seamless for the user to benefit from the nearby mirrors.

We plan to use the new download.qt-project.org service starting from next week for the upcoming releases of Qt 5.0.2, Qt 5.1 Alpha and others. The old CDN service will be available as backup. When a release is made you can see it appear to qt-project.org/download page, so everything stays quite similar as before.

If needed, it is easy to see if the file you are planning to download has already been mirrored by viewing the details in conjunction of each file. The mirrors synchronize content with different schedule, so it takes a while for file to become available in all mirrors after it has been released. We are also looking into leveraging torrents as an additional way of downloading files.

For the commercial Qt licensees there are no changes, as the Customer Portal and distribution systems are separate from the open-source downloads.

I hope we continue to receive more mirrors for Qt Project in the coming weeks. If you are interested in mirroring Qt, see instructions how to become a mirror from the Qt Project wiki. Also, feel free to ask you local mirror providers to start mirroring Qt.


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Posted in Community, Open Governance, Releases


7 says:

What about using a torrent tracker? Surely, the bittorrent protocol has some negative rep, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for “good”.

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@7: There is nothing bad or wrong with using torrents. The Qt Project is looking into providing that possibility as well. Especially for the offline installer distribution torrents are a great additional tool. However torrents are clearly not sufficient as the only solution.

M.S. Babaei says:

+1 for the torrents. I prefer torrent whenever it is available.

Luca says:

What about using CoralCDN (a free and open content distribution network based around peer-to-peer technologies, comprised of a world-wide network of web proxies and nameservers):

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