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Calling all Qt Developers | Qt User Market Research

Published Wednesday May 29th, 2013
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We have launched Qt Insights, a Qt market research study that will help us learn more about Qt usage in the big world and also help new audiences learn about Qt.

Digia, BlackBerry, Basyskom, ICS and KDAB have come together to sponsor the Qt Insights Market Research Study. Qt Insights will help new audiences learn about Qt through a dialog with Qt users together with a media awareness campaign.

We need your help!

Complete the 10-minute developer survey and enter into a draw to win one of three Blackberry Z10 smartphones plus other prizes courtesy of Digia will be available throughout the campaign.
Take the survey at http://bit.ly/QtInsightsSurvey. Findings will be shared at www.qtinsights.com later in the summer.

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Posted in Biz Circuit & Dev Loop, Uncategorized


Max says:

Done! Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

Dan says:

I hope my answers are of some help too. I commend Diggia for polling their user base. Seems to me that the Qt Echo system hasn’t really gronwn by any orders of magniture in the last ten years, perhaps it has even shrunk. Why is that – to much distraction with mobile or not enough emphaiss on mobile. Forgetting thier roots with C++, or not leaving it fast enough ? I don’t know myself but I do know that Qt is really great technology. But for some reason it acceptance in the market has not been great. My advise, focus on one thing, be it desktop, or mobile and just do that one thing really well.

Hope you find your way Digia

Ionut Dediu says:

I agree about the focus. Qt needs to deliver now rather then later, especially on mobile; the competition isn’t standing still: just look at Unity they’re on the most mobile platforms already, have huge following and if they decide to extend their framework from games to app development it would be easy for them. Time’s ticking (again).

7 says:

I was expecting to get evaluation of “boot to Qt” after I filled and submitted all the necessary information, but what do you know…

Katherine Katherine says:

Hi 7 – We received a large amount of Boot to Qt for eAndroid evaluation requests. The team is going through them and will get back to you. Sorry for the delay.

7 says:

Get back to me with what? More questions? What do I plan to do with a product that I haven’t evaluated yet. Don’t you think I actually need to evaluate it first before I make my mind regarding the questions which you want me to answer so I can evaluate it?

And also, I don’t recall subscribing to any other spam from your company but that is what I got, so spam, no “boot to qt” evaluation and even more questions – I am not liking your corporate approach very much…

RealNC says:

The question that asks whether Qt is the main framework is broken. The “Other application frameworks you use (please specify if applicable)” cannot be selected together with another option. So the only way to list what other frameworks I’m using is to not answer the question at all.

Thanks for picking this up.
The purpose of this question is to learn who is using Qt as their only/ main framework, & whether it is secondary/ under consideration. Other frameworks in use are investigated more thoroughly elsewhere in the survey.
We have now fixed this and clarified the wording. Without revealing too much about the results at this stage, this will not affect the findings.
Thanks once again for flagging it up, and for taking the time to complete the survey.
Kevin, Qt Insights

Katherine Katherine says:

Thanks to all who have replied to the survey so far.
RealNC: Thanks for reporting the error in the questionnaire. We are getting it fixed.

Rene says:

I liked the fact that web technologies where a part of the questionnaire. Ultimately Qt will be loose battleground on the desktop territory to web technologies – or at least face strong pressure. APIs like Kinetic JS are starting to look like everything I ever wished Quick would develop into.
APIs on the web are often better designed (and many are just not). Qt’s model/view solution seems very verbose and complicated, with very little gain. QML have potential, and has had that for a long time without much progress API-wise, especially regarding the connection between C++ and QML when it comes to complex objects.

Why visitors still make use of to read news papers when in this
technological globe the whole thing is available on web?

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