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Qt Creator 2.8.0 released

Published Thursday July 11th, 2013
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Today we are releasing the Qt Creator 2.8 final. If you have followed the beta and rc blog posts you already know what is new in this version. For all others I’ll summarize some of the (subjectively) most important news:

  • You can now open extra editor windows, that behave similar to the editor area in Edit mode. Open a new window with Window > Open in New Window or the same  item in the editor views’ split menu
  • Progress information moved to the bottom-right corner, with the option of only showing a summarized progress bar
  • C++ got more refactoring actions:
    • Moving function definitions from inline in the header to source
    • Assigning a method return value or ‘new’ expression to a local variable
    • Adding declarations and implementations for virtual methods from the superclass
  • Experimental support for debugging with LLDB on Mac was added (configure the debugger of your kit to be LLDB and point it to your lldb binary)
  •  Features that were added to Android support:
    • Graphical editor for manifest files
    • QML debugging and profiling on devices
  • There is a  BlackBerry development environment setup wizard now, making it easier to get started with on-device development
  • Git version control integration got many new features, including support for interactive rebases
  • Git now uses a side-by-side diff viewer by default, you can change the default in the version control settings
  • An editor specific for Python was added, with highlighting and indentation, and a Python class wizard

There are many more things that I cannot all mention here. The changelog lists also some of the fixes that Qt Creator received. Special thanks this time go to Orgad Shaneh and Petar Perisin for their great work on the git vcs integration, Lorenz Haas for his contribution of the “implement virtual methods” C++ refactoring, and Sergey Shambir for the Python editor. And of course thanks to all of the other contributors that made this release happen, too 🙂 .

Open source download: Qt Creator downloads page (or the Qt Project downloads front page)

Qt Enterprise customers find packages in the Customer Portal. With Qt Creator 2.8 we introduce a few extensions to the Enterprise packages for special use cases regarding Qt Quick. For more information see our blog post on Qt Creator for Qt Enterprise users.

Unfortunately we encountered unforeseen issues with the Qt 5 online installers, which prevent us from providing the Qt Creator 2.8.0 update to them immediately. So, it will come, but unfortunately it will take some time to solve the issues and test the fixes.

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Posted in Qt, QtCreator


Simon says:

Congrats! I can’t wait to upgrade. Which brings me to the question: Do you have a rough ETA for when you’ll be able to make the release available via the online installers? (are we talking weeks or months? 🙂

Kai Koehne says:

More like weeks 🙂 Honestly speaking we’re a bit handicapted by the ongoing European holiday season. Also, we want to take the opportunity to fix a couple of other issues in the required online installer update …

HGH says:

How is it going to work? As an update or as a completely new installation? Do we need to uninstall and then reinstall the whole SDK to get the latest Qt Creator or it will be available as an update independent of new Qt releases?

kkoehne says:

There’ll be most likely two updates available through the online installer, the first one for updating the installer itself, the second for Qt Creator 2.8.0. No need to download anything ‘manually’.

fonzi337 says:

Could you update us on the progress of making Qt Creator 2.8 available through the online installer? Our team is waiting to migrate to Qt 5.1 so we can have a simple installation with auto-detected Qt versions in Qt Creator.


Lilian says:

Used the beta, using the RC now.
Love it! Love it! Love it!
Big Thanks to Digia and all the contributors.
Great release!

Ariel M says:

This QtC uses LOTS of CPU while actively editing QML files, try erase-rewrite a single leter many times. It consumes up to *two* cores of my CPU

fawzi says:

that looks like a bug, can you give more context (for example the projected and files you are editing, platform,…), in a bug report on https://bugreports.qt-project.org as I cannot reproduce that.


fonzi337 says:

Excited to see this release! 🙂

One question: is there a difference in the installation between downloading this standalone Qt Creator 2.8 now vs. waiting for it to be available through the online installer? More specifically, will it install to the same location? I imagine Qt Creator 2.8 available through the online installer would install to my Qt 5.1 Tools folder and uninstall the Qt Creator 2.7.2 version that is currently there? And the standalone installer installs to a separate folder? Just want to understand the difference between the two installation routes.

Thanks again!

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

The online update through the Qt 5 install will update the Qt Creator 2.7.2 that was previously installed through it.

The standalone package can be installed whereever you decide to put it. Downside is that it doesn’t automatically have the Qt versions from your Qt 5 install registered, so you’ll have to do that manually.

fonzi337 says:

Is there perhaps an easy way to mimic the online installer installation with the standalone installer? Is it just a matter of setting the install dir to Qt 5.1’s Tools folder, or is more required (in particular, to get the auto-detect Qt 5.1 kit)?

Andre' says:

The only difference is the missing automated registration of installed Qt version. So if you set up Tools->Options->Build and Run->Qt versions, and Kits, manually, the result should be the same as using the online installer.

fonzi337 says:

The problem is that our team shares .pro.user files (this significantly simplifies our environment set up). I have noticed that there are some special flags in those files for auto-detected Qt versions. Therefore, it would be nice to be able to mimic the online installer behavior with the standalone installer (or I suppose just wait a few weeks before upgrading to Qt 5.1/Qt Creator 2.8).

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

I wouldn’t recommend overwriting the Qt5 installed Qt Creator.

You can probably copy the profiles.xml, qtversion.xml and toolchains.xml from your Qt5 installed Qt Creator’s share/qtcreator/QtProject/qtcreator/ directory over to your standalone install (into the same directory)

fonzi337 says:

Great, I’ll try that out. Thanks!

M.S. Babaei says:

Thanks for this great release.

Unfortunetely I have random crashes while using this setup: Qt Creator + Windows 8 + Nvidia Drivers

My system freezes most of the times when intellisense opens and it won’t reponse up to 20/30s. After that Windows reports Nvidia driver crash.

I don’t have this problem with any other app. But, I should blame NVidia perhaps, becuase on the same system with Windows 7 I don’t have this problem.

Sylv says:

QtCreator is freezing on large projects when “intellisense” is updating (Windows 7, NVidia) but I haven’t got any crash.
I haven’t noticed this problem neither with the RC nor the beta

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

Please create a bug report with your details please. System, what kind of project (qmake, cmake, generic), can you reproduce with a small example, etc.

Concerned RanknFile says:

Does this release of Qt Creator contain the addition of clang for code navigation and intellisense functionality?

André says:

No, it doesn’t. I still uses its parse and own code model.
The clang based experimental branch in wip/clang is still there, and it is still much slower, so this can’t be used yet for production.

Seneca says:

Creator has become a great IDE already. I startet moving a visual studio solution with 120 projects to a subdirs project in creator, and by now everything works fine. What I whish for the near future is to optimize the background refresh processes to use less cpu or to to be configurable for less activity. Compared to Visual Studio with Visual Assist X the autocompletion and refactoring has still quite a way to go. Autocompletion works so slow it is nearly useless for me. Refactoring is not yet able to work overall in a subdirs project (unless I overlooked something) but only works within a single subproject at a time. I also noted that the project creating wizards work inconsistently and incomplete when it comes to the generated QT parameters in the pro files, but thats peanuts. Thanks for this great tool, I think it will become superior to visual studio when it matures.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

“Refactoring is not yet able to work overall in a subdirs project (unless I overlooked something) but only works within a single subproject at a time.”

I regularly use that for refactoring all over Qt Creator, which is a project with dozens of subdirs too, so that’d certainly a bug.

Seneca says:

You are right partly – it works, but not for all items.

It works when renaming classes and functions, it however does not work for all #define. For example in a header in one dll subproject I have

#define BpsApplicationPlugin_IID "com.ibk-software.BPS2.BpsApplicationPlugin/1.0"

and the rename function will not find the uses in other heades of other subdir projects including the first header.

Seneca says:

I before had built Qt Creator from the sources, and only now I realized that by following the build instructions in qmake -r it got Creator built in debug mode.

Now I got it built in release mode by using qmake -r “CONFIG+=release” “CONFIG-=debug” and this speeds up autocompletion and other functions dramatically. So please forget my complaints about the speed. Maybe this should be added to the README.

Meelion says:

You can avoid all these if you build Qt with configure -debug-and-release -release. It will build Qt with the debug libraries but default to release builds.

gopal says:

Does this release of Qt Creator contain the addition of clang for code navigation and intellisense functionality?

Max says:

I love Qt Creator but instead of adding new features please focus more on fixing bugs, issues that already exist otherwise people will stop reporting them.

stereomatching says:

I share your pain, try Qt5 3 months and find more than 5 bugs, no wonder why there are many users reluctance to jump to Qt5.Those cool features are good, but stable is much more important than cool features for many users, expecially when then are using Qt to develop nontrivial software, no one want to deal with a bunch of bugs.

mrkcc says:

about -> based on Qt 4.8.4 (msvc 2010, 32 bit), ????????

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

Yes, our policy is still to have the Qt Creator standalone packages based on Qt 4, and the Qt Creator that is shipped with the Qt5 packages based on Qt5.

This policy is planned to change with the next minor version of Qt Creator.

diego says:

Thanks for clarifying, I too was curious about this.

MAGNIFICENT release BTW. Congratulations!

Meelion says:

If you are using MSVC2012 to compile Qt Creator 2.8, make sure to disable LTCG/GL. There is a bug in the compiler that causes link failures. If you remove it LTCG/GL it compiles fine. This bug occurs even if you have updated to the latest Update 3.

Patrick says:

When dragging a CMakeLists.txt onto Qt Creator it tries importing a project while I only want to edit that file.

Please add an option to just edit the CMakeLists.txt file since not all of us use Qt Creator as a build system – just as a cool source code editor + terminal window to compile a CMake-based project.

fonzi337 says:

It might be nice to add this option to .pro files as well. Sometimes I just want to edit a .pro file by hand and don’t want to load the full project in Qt Creator. On the other hand, I’m not sure how many users would be opposed to having to choose whether to load or edit the .pro file whenever one is dragged into Qt Creator (adds an extra step).

1+1=2 says:

Hi, you can open the CMakeLists.txt through the file menu item “Open File With …”

Patrick says:

A CMakeLists.txt file is a common file to have and requiring the user to go to the menu, then travel to that file in the filesystem, then having to choose to open it as the right kind of file is overkill and a PITA.

Geany just opens it and also uses a proper highlighter, so do other editors, everybody around does this, except Qt Creator.
When dragging such a file onto Qt Creator it should just ask the user like “edit file or import project? [options]”, though to me it should just open the file for editing by default, and have a separate option somewhere in the menu to do what Qt Creator does now by default.

fonzi337 says:

I agree, although I’d probably prefer to just have the “edit file or import project? [options]” window always show up, as for me the decision of editing the file or importing the project (*.pro) is done on a case-by-case (plus, an extra mouse click to choose the option in this window is far better than traversing the file system as you pointed out and a bit easier than setting this setting somewhere in Qt Creator’s preferences).

Patrick says:


Robert says:

Thank you for continuing to improve this development environment! It is now my favorite IDE for editing (I still prefer Visual Studio for debugging)

One nag: I find the notification area on the bottom right to be almost invisible in a multi-monitor use case. Is there a way for me to move it back to the left bar?

Oleg says:

Qt developers just rock!
Excellent framewirk for free, it’s really product of some future world.
P.S.Microsoft must die
P.P.S. Qt must live

Vitaliy says:

“extra editor windows ” – long-awaited feature. Thanks!
But after Qt Creator 2.5.2 “Attach to remote debug server ” can not be used without ssh, though ssh is not necessary for gdbserver. Please return the possibility to specify the server host, not just the port without “ssh device”.

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