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Temporary Moderation of Comments in the Qt Blog

Published Friday August 30th, 2013
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We have quite good spam filter in the Qt Blog, but no system is perfect. In the past months we have received an increasing amount of spam in the blog comments. There are some ways to improve finding spam, but so far we have not yet found a perfect match. Our estimate is that it will take a couple of weeks to have a better system. Until that we are from now moderating all comments in the blog posts.

As anyone who has been reading our blog sees, we do allow critique and negative feedback. Of course we like the positive comments more than critical ones, but are still ready to have all voices heard. But most of our readers do not want to see comments that are not at all related to the topic of the post, insulting others or trying to lure readers to unrelated web sites.

All blog authors will be active in accepting comments in order to have dialogue ongoing until we have a better spam prevention system in place and can again turn off moderation.

Update: We have not yet found a really well working solution for voting. We are currently testing one solution we think is good, but it will take some more time still. Meanwhile we will continue to be super fast in moderating comments for all the new posts so that the discussion works as it should.

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Alan says:

That seems very reasonable to me. One thing I wish was possible is for an email to be sent to someone who has received a reply (since you ask for someone’s email address). Right now, I find myself checking blog entries where I have made a comment which I think might result in a reply. This is not ideal, not least because after a while I obviously forget about the blog entry. Yet, further down the line, someone might make a comment that I would have found useful, but it will be ‘lost’ for me. Anyway, just a thought… πŸ™‚

charley says:


M.S. Babaei says:

Another +1.

Actually I mentioned this in the comments two or three times in the past, but it seemed nobody cared.

It would be great to integrate Disqus which is very easy to use and integerate. Plus, it has tons of features such as strong spam detection filter, email notification, unique id on all websites (for me this one is evil due to privacy concerns, but it is possible to comment as anonymous) to name a few.

Since you are using WordPress, it also has a WordPress plug-in.

I find the moderation here to be more than fair, and agree with your philosophy. We had to strike the same sort of balance with maemo.org and Meego.com (I moderate the former) and while it isn’t always easy it’s always necessary. You want to engage critical voices as you say, but *constructive* ones. There’s never a need for the wrong kind of trolls here. πŸ˜‰

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