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Qt for Windows Runtime Technology Preview Released

Published Thursday December 12th, 2013
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Today, we released the first iteration of our development efforts of porting Qt to Windows Runtime.

As a reminder, this includes multiple targets. First of all, you will be able to create Windows Store Apps for Windows 8 and subsequent versions. Also Windows RT, the operating system by Microsoft for tablets is supported. Lastly, Windows Phone 8 will also be supported, as it shares a significant amount of APIs with WinRT.

So far we have been aiming to get the basics right:

  • Configure Qt to find compilers for the different mkspecs we created
  • Automatically setup the cross compile environment without any manual tweaking. Some of you might remember “setcepaths” from the Windows CE port. Things like this are not required, configure and qmake will do all that magic for you
  • Compilation and support for most parts of qtbase

The last item also implies that Qt Quick 2 is not supported with this initial preview. But in case you want to test your widget-based application, you should be able to do so. It is important to note that the WinRT Technology Preview is based on the dev branch of Qt’s next minor release and not on today’s version, Qt 5.2.

To get started all you need to do is download the source package and call:

configure -xplatform winrt-x86-msvc2013

Followed by “nmake/jom” for an x86 build for WinRT with Visual Studio 2013. Other combinations are x64, msvc2012 and winphone for Windows Phone.

After compilation, you can then use this to build your project. Creating an app bundle and installation of this is documented here. As a pre-warning, manual steps are required which we will fix for the final version.

So what is coming next?

First, we want to improve the quality of existing modules and also ease the development workflow up to a level which you are used to for other platforms. Afterwards, the modules for supporting Qt Quick 2 will be added, broadening from there over the other Qt Essential and Qt AddOns modules. The aim is to provide frequent updates to you so you can evaluate the quality of the port.

But for now, we need your help and feedback. Please download the package from the Digia Qt Customer Portal or from for the open-source version and report any issues you will find. And of course, if you feel like you want to contribute to this project, you are more than welcomed.


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Posted in Qt, Releases, Windows


Ian Monroe says:

Great to see this. What’s the timeline for QtWebKit? Is it already possible?

Maurice Kalinowski Maurice Kalinowski says:

So far we only have qtbase. Webkit itself is problematic if possible at all as jit is not allowed as on iOS.

Ian Monroe says:

I guess you mean JIT isn’t allowed on Windows RT?

Maurice Kalinowski Maurice Kalinowski says:


J says:

We really do need that universal WebView QWidget/QQuickItem that abstracts native WebView functionality per platform. I don’t know if anybody is working on it, but I would if I had the time.

When should we be expecting tier 1 status for WinRT? Is it fair to hope that this will be attained in Qt 5.3 in May 2014 ?

Dasun says:

I was about ask the same question

Maurice Kalinowski Maurice Kalinowski says:

As stated above, the current aim it to move forward to supporting to Qt Quick 2 as well as maturing what is there already. Without this it would not make sense to declare the port stable or Tier1.

There is still some major work required in the angle area, where we will post some updates once we have something to share about this.

As soon as we have a better overview of the other modules missing, we can provide a preliminary estimate on the releasing schedule. Please also note, that the current aim is to move the release cycles for Qt to be earlier in the year. That does have an impact on what we can achieve for 5.3 as well.

Jochen says:

Hello guys,

great work, thanks! But the source packages from
do not work!! During compilation of ANGLE preprocessor, it searches for the gnuwin32 directory and does not find it (it isn’t in the package).
Please update the packages and add gnuwin32 🙂

Maurice Kalinowski Maurice Kalinowski says:

Hi Jochen,

agreed that win_flex is missing, same as Perl and all other dependencies you have. The source packages do not provide those binaries usually, hence there is some items you need to install.

Sorry for not having this in the instructions above.

Intrepid Soldier says:

I have tried everything mentioned on this link:

But still not able to get past that error about win_flex and bison.

How can I fix it?

jason says:

We need qt for web services. We need to write webservers in qt to inerface witg html I clients or qml.clients.

We need to gave a html5 qpainter

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