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Season’s Greetings from Qt Hackathon

Published Thursday December 19th, 2013
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With Qt 5.2 and Creator 3.0 released, we decided to shift towards the right holiday mood and arranged a Qt Hackathon event. On Wednesday noon 22 project teams across all our main development sites set off to compete for the coolest and craziest things we can do with Qt 5.2. During the next 24 hours we would see which team would have what it takes to hack through the night and complete something the other teams would vote to be the best!

As we all know, Qt offers extreme versatility and one can create pretty much anything with it. So we also had everything ranging from potential new features in Qt and tooling, via cloud based utility applications and awesome games, to drawing pictures with lasers and controlling robots with Qt. We also had great fun just hacking together as well as sharing experiences across different sites.

So, after 24 hours of fun we gathered together to see what each team had created and voted for the best ones, which were:

  • Greatest demo for Qt marketing: QtLaserScanner – Qt Enterprise Embedded demo application that controls galvanometer laser scanner
  • Biggest potential Qt future feature: QtQuickWidget – Prototype a better way to combine QtQuick, QWidget and OpenGL
  • Most creative domain to use Qt in: Lego Mindstorms – Port Qt 5.2 to Lego™ Mindstorms (and create a remote control app with Qt for Android)

In addition to the winners we think quite many of the topics are worth more research and development – and we might even see some of these becoming part of Qt and its tooling in the not too distant future.

With these greetings and some pictures from our Qt Hackathon the whole Qt organization at Digia wishes happy holidays for everyone – and happy hacking!


Comfortable coding:



Planning is everything:



Getting Qt 5.2 running in Lego™ Mindstorms EV3:

Running Qt in Lego Mindstrom EV3


Late night snack at Berlin:



Laser control with Qt Enterprise Embedded:



Some of our happy winners:


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J says:

Wow, I think working at Digia sounds awesome!

Jason says:

If only they would take up some of my ideas…

Tim says:

Is it possible to have access to the projects? i.e source code?

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@Tim: Some of these may become Qt playground projects or features of Qt, but the raw source code as it was created in the Qt Hackathon unfortunately is not available to share now.

d3fault says:

Dangit Tuukka, I’ve been working for well over a year to release QWidgets2 (not source compatibile, but resembling QWidgets1) as a dual licensed GPL/Commercial project/business. If you put QtQuickWidget into Qt Essentials after all this time, I’m going to be pissed :-S…

Juan says:

Out of topic.

Are you aware of C++ standard group “SG13 is a group that will cover Graphics. It is also new and just starting to meet, but MS has great interest in leading it.” ?

Will you join this ?

Paul says:

So is QtQuickWidget for embedding widgets in QML, or for embedding QML or OpenGL windows inside widget UIs? If it’s the second one, then I am very happy as the current way of having to manually create window containers is pretty clunky.

Lars Knoll Lars Knoll says:

It’s the second one. We’ve been looking into a solution how to embed QML and OpenGL content seamlessly inside a QWidget based UI.

Pears says:

Awesome pics guys, Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you all.

Ishaan Bhati says:

Office insights! great. loved your pics good work. keep it up!

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