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Massive Start for Qt Mobile Roadshow

Published Friday January 31st, 2014
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As you know, together with the launch of Qt 5.2 where we introduced full support for Android and iOS we also put out a specially-tailored subscription-based offering that packages Qt for Android and iOS together with commercial licensing, add-ons and Qt Cloud Services: Qt Mobile. To spread the Qt Mobile love and to meet local developers face-to-face we launched the Qt Mobile Roadshow, a full-day developer event and tech training around the newest stuff on the mobile side of Qt. The locations for the roadshows are Tampere, Finland (we just concluded the sold out event on January 27th),  San Francisco (Feb 19th), London (Mar 11th) and Berlin (Mar 13th).

The agenda for the day includes:

•    Introduction to Qt Mobile, Qt Developer Offering for Mobile Platforms
•    Getting Started with Qt Mobile Programming using Qt Quick Controls
•    Qt on Android, Deploying to Devices and Google Play
•    Qt on iOS, Deploying to Devices and App Store
•    Introduction to Qt on Windows Phone and WinRT
•    Qt Cloud Services

The content of the training is created together with Qt R&D and delivered directly by Digia’s Qt Trainers and Qt R&D specialists. In each location, we also feature a number of local Qt specialists to answer your questions and showcase a bunch of Qt demos.

The first roadshow took place this week in the Nordic mobile hotspot, Tampere, Finland with a full house of around hundred local mobile developers and enterprises. Even though the venue, the ICT hub New Factory, is a large one, the excitement got so high that we reached the max registration amount already couple of weeks before the event.



Full House in Tampere, learning hands-on about Qt Mobile Programming with Tino Pyssysalo, the Qt Training Fellow


Qt boys by the demo table!



What’s cooking in Qt R&D? Andrew Knight from Qt R&D Showing the forthcoming Qt on WinRT/Windows Phone port using a QML presentation, running on WinRT!


There were a lot of new-to-Qt developers in the audience, but also experienced Qt enthusiasts that wanted to see how to take their Qt applications to mobile platforms.

“Prior to the roadshow I had a year-long break from Qt while I focused working with other frameworks and technologies. Despite the break, I was right at home after I installed the development tools. Qt Quick is still, without a doubt, the fastest and – what’s important – the most fun framework for building UIs and I can’t wait for it to be available on Windows Phone and WinRT! The awesome Qt demo on Windows Phone by Andrew Knight was one of the highlights of the day.”  says Tomi Paananen, one of the roadshow participants.

In Tampere, we also had an evening reception with refreshments and snacks sponsored by Jolla. Vesa-Matti Hartikainen from Jolla gave an introduction how to take Qt applications into the Qt-powered Jolla phone using the Sailfish SDK. The developer opportunities for using Qt on mobile development are truly astonishing—Qt Everywhere!

But that’s not all for Tampere. Next Monday, Qt is also going to take over the MobileMonday Tampere with talks covering a wide range of Qt on Mobile use cases. Besides talks by Qt, Digia, local Qt-powered companies are also sharing their experiences with Qt. See more and register here.



Vesa-Matti Hartikainen from Jolla introducing Qt developer offering on Jolla Sailfish OS.


The registration for all other locations (San Francisco, London, Berlin) is now open. Participation is free, but seats fill up fast, so register today to ensure your participation into the #1 Mobile developer event of the year! See the roadshow pages for registration links. After the roadshow, we’ll refine parts of the material and presentations to be available online. Today, you can go ahead get a free 30-day evaluation version of Qt Mobile yourself.

Thank you all for participating in our Tampere event and making the day an awesome and fun developer event with a lot of interactivity! Also thanks for New Factory / Demola for the great venue and Jolla for joining us for the evening reception!

See you soon in the other locations!

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rubi says:

A nice start would be to make the examples in Qt 5.2 work, and have some Native UI controls. Unfortunately these two issues shadow the usability of Qt mobile.
Qt Creator opens up with a very impressive gallery of examples, which non of actually work on Android…
Moreover – recently I took the time to open a number of important bugs in the Qt JIRA, only to see half of them marked invalid without too many explanations or debate. After seeing that I was not the only one receiving that attitude, I feel that at least some parts of the Qt project are just amateur work, and mostly – unsupervised.
After all this is open source, but I was hoping that Digia would put some effort to make Qt as solid as it was before.

For information on how to set up Qt Creator for Android development, see Bogdan’s blog posts at the KDAB blog: Qt on Android, Episode 1 (and 2 and 3)


Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@rubi: You do need to have Android toolchain in place, but after that everything works. See: http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5/androidgs.html

It is true that we have not made the getting started information how to set up the Android toolchains as easy to find as it should – an item that gets better in future releases.

rubi says:

What I mean is more deep than that…
I have 2 years experience in Android Java development (+15 years in C++) so, yes, I know my way. I did manage to set up a working app + debugging session on a live device in C++ (Respect for Bogdan just for that!). But except for the great debugging experience:
1. The examples DO NOT WORK IN ANDROID! at least 95% of them! And this is no. 1 thing to fix.. What you think a newbie that opens QtCreator thinks about it when nothing works?!
2. Native UI is supported only in a “back door” kind of way, using Ministro Service. This is too a very bad issue. ALL “competing” SDK’s have Native UI as basic feature. this is crucial for just starting to think about choosing an SDK. Why isn’t that number 1 in JIRA? I know we are not in competition 😉 ….

And again: Some people in qt-project, managing the JIRA keep closing bugs, maybe just to make the picture look better. That just does not seem like the right way..

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@rubi: The examples that are tested to run on Android have ‘android’ tag. If you find some example with such tag not to run properly, please file a bug to http://bugreports.qt-project.org

What comes to the native style, it is a known issue and definitely something we are aware of. For the while being Android (and iOS) applications do not automatically get native styling like desktop Qt apps do.

rubi says:

1. “android” tags are practically invisible, especially for a new Qt user. It has been debated already.. And except for this, even them don’t seem to really work. They do start up on the emulator… but to conclude from that, that the examples actually work? No. They just don’t. FYI – I tried 5 of them, wasted my precious time, and No they did not work. Examples for Android do not work, tagged or not.

2. Native UI is actually supported by Qt.. AFAIK Bogdan Varta’s initial port (Necessitas) already does that, it only needs some modifications to make it useful. This is just my opinion of course..

Of course – I love Qt 🙂 And apart from the Native UI stuff, from my tests Qt for Mobile is actually quite ready for development! And that’s the pain about it.. It could be a kickass SDK, if it didn’t appear as if it were amateur (in that mobile context)…….

Tuukka Ahoniemi Tuukka Ahoniemi says:

For now, for hands-on instructions on getting started, one can also take a look at our recent Qt webinar recordings for Qt/iOS and Qt/Android:


mescor says:

We love C++ development,not QML !
3D Graphical apps and …

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