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Qt 5.3 Beta Released

Published Tuesday March 25th, 2014
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Great News! Qt 5.3 Beta is now available for download. Qt 5.3 Alpha was released about 3 weeks ago and I am really happy to announce that we now have the Qt 5.3 Beta with updated functionality and binary installers. 

Qt 5.3 is mainly focusing on quality and performance improvements, but we also have a nice set of new features available. With Qt 5.3 Beta we are introducing Beta support for Windows Runtime with final support for the platform coming in Qt 5.4. In addition, Qt 5.3 Beta also provides VS2013 binary installers.

Highlights of Qt 5.3 Beta include:

  • New QQuickWidget providing improved integration between Qt Widgets and Qt Quick
  • New Qt WebSockets module got added featuring full support for the web socket protocol (RFC 6455)
  • Major improvements to printing support
  • Major improvements for iOS and Android ports such as:
    • Better input method support for iOS (including also Chinese),
    • Positioning support for Android and iOS
    • Bluetooth for Android
    • …  and many more
  • Support for Windows Runtime platforms: Windows 8/RT (Modern UI), Windows Phone 8
  • New target binaries: Qt for VS2013 (32 and 64 bit, OpenGL and Angle), as well as Qt for WinRT and Qt for Windows Phone
  • Qt Creator 3.1 Beta included in the installers

For more details on what is coming with Qt 5.3, please refer to the Qt 5.3 Alpha release blog post, Qt Creator 3.1 Beta release blog post, and the list of new features in Qt 5.3.

Thanks to John Layt and others, significant changes have been made to the internals of Qt PrintSupport in Qt 5.3. These improvements should resolve many of the page layout bugs and inconsistent behavior across platforms, as well as prepare the way for printing on mobile devices and cloud printing in future Qt releases. These changes were not part of the Alpha release, but are now in and can be used with the Qt 5.3 Beta.

The new Qt WebSockets module provides a Qt API for implementing the web socket protocol. With web sockets, one can create two-way, real-time communication between client and server on top of a long-held single TCP connection. The protocol allows consistent behaviour across all platforms and enables use cases such as online collaboration tools, communication software, games and remote controllers.

Beta support for Qt for Windows Runtime

Qt 5.3 Beta is also the first time we are offering a binary release of Qt for Windows Runtime. Please check the blog post by Andrew Knight on what goodies we have to offer for those interested in addressing the Windows Runtime platforms. The intention is to continue developing Qt for Windows Runtime port towards the Qt 5.3 final and also in upcoming patch releases with the target of having this port fully functional by Qt 5.4. As mentioned, Qt 5.3.0 will provide a solid and supported beta-level functionality of WinRT in a similar manner as Qt 5.1 introduced Android and iOS last year: you can start working with it and deploy your Qt applications to relevant marketplaces, but some things are still being worked on.

More is Coming!

In parallel to Qt 5.3 development, we are also currently working on developing a new Qt Purchasing Add-On that provides a convenient Qt API for implementing in-app purchasing on iOS and Android applications. This will make it much easier than before to leverage in-app purchasing functionality for monetization in the  iOS AppStore and Google Play store. Support for Windows Store will be added later, as well as possibly other stores, such as the Mac AppStore. Following this Qt 5.3 Beta release, we will very soon release a Technology Preview of the new Qt Purchasing Add-On. The final version of the Qt Purchasing Add-On will be available under the Qt Mobile and Qt Enterprise offerings together with the final release of Qt 5.3.

Download Qt 5.3 Beta Today!

Qt Enterprise and Qt Mobile customers can download the Qt 5.3 Beta offline installer via the new Qt Account, which has replaced the Qt Enterprise Customer Portal. If you have not yet logged in to the new “Qt Account”, please make sure to reset your password first at http://qt.digia.com/loginportals/.  The Open-source version of the Qt 5.3 Beta is available via download.qt-project.org. As this is a beta release, remember some things may be slightly shaky, but your feedback is much appreciated to help make the final release a great one. We encourage everyone to try Qt 5.3 Beta. If you find some problem, please create a bug report. It is also good to check the known issues wiki page.



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TheBootroo says:

Hi !
Cool to have a beta that we can test but seems like ClangCodeModel plugin is not part of the package.

Too bad, that was the main thing I wanted to test…

Kai Koehne Kai Koehne says:

Huh, we missed the clang integration indeed, thanks for spotting! Anyhow, you can just resort to the Qt Creator 3.1.0 standalone beta …

Stéphane Fabry says:

Is MSVC2012 64bits OpenGL builds dropped for MSVC2013 ?

iieklund says:

Only MSVC2012 32bit OpenGL is provided for 5.3.
For the latest MSVC version we provide all four different packages (32bit/64bit, Angle/OpenGL).

snizzo says:

Great work! Kudos!

Benoit says:

Great work!!! Now looking forward to the native QuickControls styles, Qt3D-free map view (the latest changes in git work great) and for more fine-tuning. But it seems that all of that is coming very soon!

By the way, are there some plans to remove the QtWidgets dependency?

Alex Blasche Alex Blasche says:

@Benoit, unfortunately the Qt3D free map patch is in dev. I’d like to see the change mature a bit further. Therefore it won’t be part of Qt 5.3.

Benoit says:

Sure, I did not expect it to be in the 5.3 release. But it is coming and that’s the good thing 🙂

Kidding right? says:

Plans to remove the QtWidgets dependency? Do you mean a removal C++ Qt widgets from the distributed Qt? Does it disturb you somehow that such a feature exists, even if you weren’t using it?

Qt widgets is a top priority feature for a major group of developers using Qt and it will be around for years to come. I couldn’t take seriously any suggestion removing it. Quite opposite, it is an important feature that will hopefully evolve hand in hand with QML far in to the future….

Xander says:

I think they mean the QtWidget modul dependency for Qt Quick apps, that is a pain and extra module for mobile apps. So don’t worry I guess 🙂

They’re talking about Qt3D and removing the QtWidgets dependency from that module (and that module only). 3D without OpenGL is beyond nonsense, so there’s nothing to gain by having a QtWidgets dependency. All you need is an OpenGL-backed QWindow and you get that from QtGui.

Kidding right? says:

Ok, that makes sense. Pardon me totally misunderstanding the matter and being silly :).

Oliver Knoll says:

“In-App purchases” for the Mac App Store – yes please 🙂


tt says:

qtquick3d included in binary?

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@tt: No, unfortunately not yet. Qt3D is not part of Qt 5.3 release.

LaTer says:

Is there a roadmap for Qt3D (or not) integration?
When will it be possible to see a technical preview?
And will it be usable on mobile?

Zeveck says:

What’s the status on QtWebEngine? I thought it was supposed to officially be part of 5.3?

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@Zeveck: There is a TP of Qt WebEngine available, see: http://blog.qt.io/blog/2014/01/23/qt-webengine-technology-preview-available/. Qt WebEngine is not planned to be part of Qt 5.3.

Mathäus Mendel says:

QtCreator is broken with MSVC 2013 & CMake 🙁

Maurice Kalinowski Maurice Kalinowski says:

Mind sharing details? Preferrably create an item on https://bugreports.qt-project.org so that we can evaluate it.

Qter says:

Could you release a Qt runtime environment for redistribution? Just like JRE or .net framework.

Kai Koehne Kai Koehne says:

Can you elaborate on the use case? Most people either use the system Qt (e.g. on Linux), or bundle exactly the libs they need with their application …

S. Lee says:

In VS 2013 openGl build, it seems the depth_test does not work and the polygons drawn first are shown over the polygons drawn later even if the first drawn polygon is behind the polygon drawn later.

mbf says:

Has Windows XP Targeting made it into this build?

MSVC2012 introduced XP Targeting with Update 1 and MSVC2013 supports it in the RTM. There’re a lot of machines running Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 out there and they will still be out there after 8 April 2014, however much Microsoft wants them to go away.

Kai Koehne says:

Windows XP targets are only supported out of the box with MSVC 2010, and MinGW.

mbf says:

I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. If you’re referring to Visual Studio you need to get your facts straight.



As for Qt, XP Targeting support has been acknowledged as important, was promised and is being worked on.


Drw says:

“The final version of the Qt Purchasing Add-On will be available under the Qt Mobile and Qt Enterprise offerings together with the final release of Qt 5.3”

If I understand this correctly, the planned in-app purchase module will not be available for the open source / LGPL edition of Qt. Is this correct?

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@Drw: Yes.

Kenny says:

Thanks for the hard work! I’m looking forward to the 5.3 release. One question:

In the Qt 5.3 alpha post, it was mentioned that “Qt on Windows can be configured to allow runtime switching between desktop GL and ANGLE,” but I didn’t see that mentioned in the list of new Qt 5.3 features, and I haven’t been able to find more information on it (maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places).

Is this something that Qt 5.3 will offer, and if so, is there any documentation available for how to do this?

Lo says:


Installing Android distribution on ubuntu 12.10 Qtcreator gives :

This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin “xcb”.

Available platform plugins are: eglfs, linuxfb, minimal, minimalegl, offscreen, xcb.

5.2.1 was ok out of the box.


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