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Qt 5.3 Released

Published Tuesday May 20th, 2014
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I’m happy to announce that Qt 5.3 has been released. The main focus for this release was performance, stability and usability. Nevertheless, Qt 5.3 has also gotten a fair amount of new features that help make developers’ lives easier.

Qt 5.2 has been a tremendous success, having been downloaded over 1 million times. With Qt 5.2, we delivered on our promise that Qt is a true cross-platform framework by adding Android and iOS support. Qt 5.3 is building on that foundation, and adding to it.

Focus on stability and usability

With Qt 5.1 and 5.2, we’ve received a lot of feedback from users. With Qt 5.3, we’ve used that feedback and put a lot of effort into polishing the product and enhancing the overall quality and user experience across all platforms.

Qt 5.3 contains a lot of improvements and fixes for the desktop platforms. We focused quite a lot on fixing some of the desktop issues reported. Most importantly, a lot of compatibility issues with OS X have been addresses. Qt 5.3 also adds binary packages for Visual Studio 2013.

The Qt 5.2 packages still had a couple of rough edges, especially the first-time user experience for iOS and Android wasn’t as good as it could have been. With Qt 5.3, most of these issues are now resolved. We have also conducted a series of usability tests for installation and first-time usage of Qt and have fixed most of the issues found.

We have, for example, added a convenient installer wizard for Android. The wizard will check whether the required native build tools are installed, and provide a guided installation for them if they are missing.

We have also done a lot of work to improve and better structure our documentation and examples.

Support for new platforms

Qt for Windows Runtime Beta

I’m very happy to see that the Qt for Windows Runtime port has now reached the status of a supported beta. Qt for Windows Runtime does not only cover Windows Phone, but also tablets and desktop PCs. In more detail, you can use it to target:

• All PCs and tablets running Windows 8.1, using the Modern UI
• WinRT tablets on ARM, such as the Microsoft Surface
• Mobile phones running Windows Phone 8

Applications developed with Qt for Windows Runtime, can be deployed to the Windows Store/Windows Phone Store and purchased through it.

Most of the Qt modules are supported and the tooling is already integrated into Qt Creator IDE allowing you to directly deploy to devices, very much like with Qt for Android. Check out the separate blog post with video for more details.

Official support for QNX 6.6 and QNX 6.5 SP1

Qt 5.3 also adds official support from Digia for the latest version of QNX Neutrino 6.6, providing pre-built Qt Enterprise binaries for it. If you would like to get a 30-day evaluation of Qt Enterprise for QNX , please contact Digia. QNX Neutrino 6.5 SP1 is also supported using the separately distributed QNX Screen component.

New features

Even with the focus on stability, the developers working on Qt have found some time to implement some cool new features for this release. Below are some highlights.


Qt 5.0 through Qt 5.2, has shown a strong division between Qt Widget UIs and Qt Quick UIs —you had to choose which one to use. With the new QQuickWidget class in Qt 5.3, we are now bridging that gap. It is a QWidget that allows you to embed Qt Quick contents into a QWidget- based application. This helps all developers who want to create parts of the UI using Qt Quick while keeping their existing Qt Widget based UI un-touched.

Compiled Qt Quick

With Qt 5.3 we are introducing a first look at a new professional build tool available under the Qt Enterprise version, Qt Quick Compiler. The compiler takes QML files and compiles them to native code showing a big difference in performance on operating systems where one cannot use a Just in time compiler, namely iOS and WinRT.

The compiler is also very useful to improve load times of QML user interfaces, as all of the parsing work now happens at compile time. This is especially interesting for startup times of applications and boot times of devices using Qt Quick for the user interface.

Finally, the compiler helps keep your source code safe, as it is now no longer necessary to ship the sources of your QML-based application.

Check out the documentation for more details.

Purchasing API

An important part of creating mobile consumer applications is to allow for in-app purchases within the application. To make this very easy for Qt-based applications, we have now added the Qt Purchasing API. The Qt Purchasing API is an Qt Enterprise add-on and currently supported for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store). For the future, we are planning to extend it to support WinRT (Windows Store / Windows Phone Store) and likely also towards desktop marketplaces, such as the Mac App store. Adding in-app advertising is also a possible extension.

For more information, see the earlier blog post and the developer documentation.

Websockets and cloud

Another new module for Qt 5.3 is the Qt WebSockets API. It provides a C++ and QML API for the WebSocket protocol. It allows the implementation of both client applications and servers.

To complement, Qt Cloud Services now offers the Managed WebSockets solution to easily setup a server that can be used for things like broadcasting push notifications, implementing chat features or multiuser environments. You can read more about Qt Cloud Services and Managed WebSockets from

Other features

The Qt Quick Controls have also received new features such as a Calendar control, native dialogs and styling support for the menu bar.

The Qt Positioning API is now supported on both Android and iOS. The Qt Bluetooth API has now support for Android as well.

Qt 5.3 also includes many improvements and enhancement for the Qt Print Support module, offering much better support for printing.

Tooling Improvements

Qt Creator 3.1.1 has been released today and bundled into the Qt 5.3 installers. It includes important bug fixes to the earlier released Qt Creator 3.1.0, including a fix to performance regression with the Issues pane. For details, check the Qt Creator 3.1.1 change log.

We have also released Visual Studio Add-In 1.2.3 that brings support for VS2013 and includes Qt 5.3 documentation. For full list of changes, please check Qt VS Add-In changes-1.2.3.

New monthly subscription plan

Since Qt 5.2, it has been possible to buy Qt Enterprise for the mobile operating systems through our webshop. With Qt 5.3, this channel now also covers all desktop platforms. Through the web shop, you can now buy Qt Enterprise for application development targeting desktop and mobile platforms with a convenient monthly subscription. It includes all the Qt libraries, Qt Creator Enterprise, commercial licensing, support and a self-service customer portal via a pay-as-you-go model. Check it out here.


I hope that Qt 5.3 will meet your needs. It has taken a lot of work to make it happen, and I’d like to thank everybody who contributed to it. We hope you like it just as much as we enjoyed developing it. Try or buy Qt Enterprise 5.3 from or download the open source version from

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Rahul Garg says:

Congrats to the Qt team on the new release. It is great to see Qt’s forward march. Btw wondering if you plan to eventually add the QML compiler to the open-source version? Sounds like an intriguing technology.

Damian Ivanov says:

+1 I would like to speed up my open source apps too?!

Cristian says:

Think of the upcoming KDE5 desktop. It would be awesome to have the best performance.

KDE was always one of the best testing grounds for Qt.

Jakub says:


thanks for a great product and for supporting more and more platforms. I would like to ask You if there is any Mapping API planned for Android and iOS? I have many pending projects that utilizes MapView, but unfortunately I can’t develop them on Qt because of lack of MapView and even WebView.

Best regards

DimanNe says:

Is there any plans for TreeView in QML?

Congratulations to the whole Qt team for this great release and the many many fixes!

To celebrate with you, we just launched more Qt 5 plugins for iOS and Android to help make better Qt 5 apps:

The Qt Facebook plugin and two in-app adertising plugins (for Google AdMob and Chartboost mobile ad integration).

Have a great day and keep up the super work – Qt framework is getting more awesome with every release. 🙂

Sonu Lohani says:

I know that qt is an activity based framework in android. But Does Qt supports android services? Thanks

Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt says:

There is no explicit support for services in Qt for Android at the moment. It should be possible, but you would have to build up your own Java application including the binding code which loads the libraries and calls into your native code.

Borgar says:


Great work guys! I’ve been looking forward to this release:) One question: Are you no longer providing packages for ANGLE, Visual Studio 2010?

Best regards,

Jani Heikkinen says:

You are right, we aren’t offering binary installer for MSVC2010 angle anymore. There is angle versions for MSVC2013 & OpenGL ones for MSVC2010,2012 & 2013

Paddy says:


will there also be VC2012 64bit version with OpenGL for download?



Jani Heikkinen Jani Heikkinen says:

No, there won’t be binary installer for MSVC2012 64-bit OpenGL.

Nick Georghiou says:

So what is the recommended way to get VS2012 x64 version. Should we install VS2012 x32 and rebuild qt with VS x64 configuration?

Is there a reason for dropping 2012 already? Any guidance is appreciated, was hoping we wouldn’t have to migrate to 2013 too soon; But if there is a reason it would be good to know for forward planning.

Thanks and regards,

Robin says:

Congrats on the release !

Alan says:

Thank you so much for all your hard work. It’s much appreciated!

chris says:

congrats and thanks a lot!
no plans to ship a mingw 64 bit build?

Jani Heikkinen says:

No plans to deliver binary installer for MinGW 64 bit, sorry.

Ramakanth says:

With Qt5.3, is it possible to deploy and run QtQuick2 application on multiple platforms without the need of compiling for specific target ?

Krzysztof Kawa says:

Great work!
I’ve been using VS add-in 1.2.3 alpha for some time now. It’s still the only one on the download page. Is this the same as mentioned here or will there be a final version following soon?

Ismo says:

There is a final version available here.

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@Krzysztof: The open-source version of VS Add-In is at the very end of Qt Enterprise version is it the Qt Account downloads section.

Oliver says:

In Qt 5.1 it was necessary to apply a number of patches to certain config, make and source files to be able to compile Qt with VS2012 for Windows XP compatibility.
Has anyone successfully compiled Qt 5.3 with VS 2013 and the v120_xp platform toolset? Any patches required?

Ron says:

Yes it was added as a option to configure see

HGH says:

What exactly are “Source Components” in the installer? Source code?

sahumada says:

yes, source code

Адонай says:

When this bug is supposed to be fixed?

We’re waiting for it for 1.5 years already

aportale says:

Адонай, AngryQtUser: We are looking into it, and are happy about all russian-languaged users 🙂

AngryQtUser says:

Almost year aged bug: – still not evaluated? I’m suffering from it every day… Or it’s a kind of sanctions for russian-languaged users? ^_^

Andre' says:

Guys. Don’t exaggerate. First, it’s the same bug you argue about. Second, there have been several people looking at the issue, already “not evaluated” is simply not true. Yes, it’s not fixed. The cause is not yet found.

Awesome work, Qt team. Especially the QML compiler idea is superb.

GT says:

I like Compiled Qt Quick very much.

And Qt3D in 5.4 ?

Dan says:

The features of switching between angle and openGL are cancel?

Laszlo Agocs says:

No, definitely not canceled. It has been postponed to 5.4 so that we can provide a more stable and robust solution.

matt says:

Google Chrome Version 34.0.1847.137 on win7 is saying that the Qt5.3 Windows MinGW offline install download is malicious??

Tero Kojo Tero Kojo says:

Right after we update the release files Google Chrome Safe Browsing hasn’t had time to check the files and may sometimes report them as false positives.

This happens to a few people every time we update the installers.

J says:

Great work Qt team!

Does the QML compiler also compile shaders? If compiled shaders are required on new Windows platforms, then that might be a really good feature. There may need to be a special type added (or some annotation) to indicate that a variable contains a static string meant to be a shader.

Maurice Kalinowski Maurice Kalinowski says:

interestingly for Windows 8.1 and the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 it will not be required anymore to bundle your compiled shaders and you can use D3DCompile again. That simplifies a lot.

Sylv says:

Congrats to the Qt Team!

Is there any news about Qt3D integration (current master or/and current WIP branch)?

roi says:

Yah, I would like to know the situation of Qt3D too

Lilian says:

I am very happy with the release but 1 thing disturbs me…
As the open-source community worried when Digia bought Qt, some of the critical components are available only in the commercial version.
While QtQuick compilation could be a big selling point over the open-source version of Qt, I think it’s a critical component that everyone should be able to have access to…
It feels like open-source developers are getting punished for something…
I think KDE for example could benefit from it since they start using more and more QML.

Andreykonn says:

Oh, come on. Qt Quick compilation is not critical at all as for non-profit apps. Your comment really sounds like you want people behind QT to work on you for free.

Lilian says:

It’s a core functionality, it’s not some custom component…
“people behind QT” – and I am not interested in QuickTime…

Danny says:

QT = qt, not Apple QuickTime.

You claim to be a developer, posting on Digia’s Qt blog about Qt Project and you don’t know the distinction?!

Ionut Dediu says:

Actually Qt guys (that is trolls from Trolltech) proudly made the distinction between Qt as in the C++ framework and QT = Apple QuickTime. I believe I saw something regarding this on a few years ago, when Nokia was in charge.
But nowadays if you pay 100$ extra per month you can rename Qt any way you like in your Pro Enterprise Deluxe Limited Edition SDK…

Benoit says:

It is an optimization and I think that was a good idea to choose that feature for the commercial version. It does not remove any real functionality while making the commercial more attractive. The amount of work needed to maintain Qt is impressive and I am glad that they find a good business model for it!

joni says:

That’s pretty coolest thing, good work guys !

HGH says:

In Qt Creator there is nothing under New Project – BlackBerry . It is just an empty otpion now. Also the option File > New File or Project > Import Project > Momentics Cascades Project is missing.

Mehdi says:

Make sure you selected “BlackBerry Templates” or “All Templates” on the top right combo box (related Bug report:

Will says:

Congrats on the release. Looking forward to 5.4 if it actually includes QGLWidget. (Or 5.5, etc., if QOpenGLWidget keeps getting pushed back. Maybe I should just assume as much at this point…) Would be great if the QGL/QOpenGL transition were finally complete!

In the mean time, I am looking forward to the QuickWidget. I have some half baked QGraphicsView stuff that I am planning to evaluate QML for some of. Hopefully that keeps me busy while I wait for QOpenGLWidget! 🙂

LS says:

Thanks for adding more licensing options with the monthly subscription. I hope you add even more in the future. We are currently using the open source version but some parts of Qt Enterprise are tempting. However the ~$4000 per developer per year (Windows + Mobile) is unfortunately out of the reach of our small non-profit. We will re-evaluate periodically, but would benefit from an option without support and without cloud services, which we don’t need.

Jochen says:

Congrats for 5.3!!
I’m very interested in QtQuick compiler. Do you have any benchmark or some numbers how much it’s faster in a complex QML-app???

John Doe says:

Its a good news iAP is now available in Qt 5.3,
we are considering qt in the future, we hope Ads and Social plugins will be available soon.

Andreykonn says:

Where can we find out about new features planned for qt 5.4?

Nikita Baryshnikov says:

Looks like here:
but it is empty:3

Christian says:

It seems there’s a problem with the new version of the maintenance tool (at least on my computer).
The update of the maintenance tool itself succeeded, but after that update, the “update components” doesn’t work anymore.

Now, I always get the error message: “Network error while downloading target. Error: Connection timed out.”

I’m behind a proxy, which I setup correctly (and was working until the last update).
But it seems that the proxy setting is not beeing used anymore…

Has anybody else this problem?

JKSH says:

@Christian: You’re not the only one. See

x-krys says:

Same issue here, unable to use the online installer behind a proxy.

I got this message: “Error : Host not found”

Kai Koehne Kai Koehne says:

Oops. Can you create a bug report for this (either via (Project: Qt, Component: Packaging & Installer, or using the Support Center in your Qt Account)?

As a workaround you can start the installer / maintenance tool with --proxy: This will let the installer pick up the system proxy settings.

x-krys says:

Ok thanks, I’ve just filled a bug report :

Nuno A says:

Great work! Installing , running qtcreator 3.1.1 -> Help Menu -> About Qt Creator , it says “Based on Qt 5.2.1 (GCC 4.6.1, 64 bit)”, although the binary is linked agains the 5.3.0 libraries.

Tero Kojo Tero Kojo says:

Qt Creator 3.1.1 itself is built with Qt 5.2.1
But whatever you build with it will be linked against the version you have selected (5.3.0)

zeecrowddev says:

Migration from Qt5.2 to Qt5.3 works great 🙂
Calendar : very good news too..

But no support for Windows/Angle/VS2010 🙁 .. so we need to migrate VS2013 🙁

Torgeir says:

MSVC2010 + Angle is supported, it is just that the qt-project doesn’t provide a prebuilt package for the combination.

It’s easy to build your own Qt. Have a look at

Then you also have many ways to tailor Qt for your needs. F.ex. to build with -no-icu to get a slimmer Qt if the application doesn’t need QtWebKit.

Sandro says:

Oooohhhh seems that if you use qtquick you are exposed at a big disadvatage compared to commercial and expensive digia licensed customers…what a shame!

So is now clear?

If you develop open source software it seems you best use only qtwidget (LGPL guarantee) if you are concerned to fall in some penality or lock-in in the future!!

But…will qtwidget api be maintained and enanched at the same level of usability and features than qtquick on all supported platform??

Or, without using qtquick, the development of the GUI, in particular for mobile devices, will be way more difficult??

Well…hope I’m wrong, but this is what now the digia strategy looks like.

P.S. BTW I still prefer pure C++ development with good and intuitive API like qtwidget than all the crap like qtquick claiming to speed up and simplify the programmers work, and now, with C++11, one thing to do will be to eliminate moc!

cosmam says:

So, I really don’t get how QWidgets has the LGPL guarantee but QtQuick doesn’t. They’re both proprietary to Qt, and are covered under the same license. You’re free to use both.

The only difference is that there is a deployment optimization available to Enterprise customers, but it’s an optimization, not something without which QtQuick won’t work, and there are ways to help without the commercial license.

QWidget is fine for a lot of things, and if you prefer it, that’s great! I’ve found QtQuick better for transitions, animations, and reactions and use it for that reason. But I really don’t see how you are any more locked in with QML than with QWidgets, or what sort of future penalties you’re imagining.

QT_Commercial_customer says:

Since QT 5.3 Qt5Core library depends on ICU version 52. ICU depends on Kernel32, using function GetTickCount64 not available on Windows XP causing an error during startup: “The procedure entry point GetTickCount64 could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll”.
I belive it should be recompiled manually with no-icu option if you target Windows XP

Kai Koehne Kai Koehne says:

Which toolchain / binary package are you using? At least the MinGW binaries run fine under Windows XP.

QT_Commercial_customer says:

We use VS2012 SP2, with QT 5.3 VS2012 OpenGL Commercial Package.

Kai Koehne Kai Koehne says:

You’re right that Visual Studio 2012 or newer by default doesn’t support Windows XP anymore. You can configure Qt to use an alternative runtime with the “-target xp” argument … For ICU there’s not one command line switch, but setting up the build environment like describes worked for me.

But you’re also right that one can just skip ICU with -no-icu if the functionality indeed is not needed. You can’t compile QtWebKit then, though.

QT_Commercial_customer says:

Yes we have already set up the build env. as described in your link, to make it possible to run our code under Windows XP. But since QT 5.3, linking ICU 52, to deploy under Windows XP you have the following options:
– Rebuild ICU 52 (or latest) with VS using v110_xp platform toolset
– Rebuild QT 5.3 with -no-icu option (but with -no-webkit too)
– Go back to 5.2.1, as we have done today 🙂
In other words, the downloaded packages are not compatible with Windows XP, this is the key point I wanted to report.

Joni says:

Hi does this Qt bug, in Qt 5.3 get resolved ? any one knows ?
Is this could be affected also for minor windows compiler like clang and borland c++?

Maurice Kalinowski Maurice Kalinowski says:

@Joni. The easiest would be if you could check whether the bug still exists for you or not in 5.3.

If so, please leave a comment in the bug report that this is still valid. If not, then please tell as well. 🙂

Thunder422 says:

When is the Meta key problem (QTCREATORBUG-9846) in QtCreator going to be fixed? It’s been almost a year since it was first reported. Compiler QtCreator with 4.8 does not exhibit the same problem.

Commenting closed.

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