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Qt Weekly #11: Getting started with WinRT

Published Tuesday May 20th, 2014
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With Qt for WinRT in Beta status for 5.3.0, you can now get started with the new port and package your application for the Windows and Windows Phone Stores.

This tutorial video walks through opening an existing project in Qt Creator, generating a project file for Visual Studio, and deploying the application to the various WinRT targets. Finally, we cover some packaging details for the Windows marketplaces.

Grab your tools
To follow along with the tutorial, you’ll want to install the relevant Visual Studio versions first. Pick them up at the Windows Dev Center. That’s Visual Studio 2013 for Windows (for Windows Store apps) and the Windows Phone 8.0 SDK (for Windows Phone apps).

Of course, also download Qt for WinRT from Qt Account if you are a Qt Enterprise licensee or from the Qt Project Downloads site. We provide prebuilt packages for PC (x64), Windows Phone Emulator (x86), and Windows Phone (ARM).

Qt Apps in the store
Try out Quick Forecast, which — in addition to other app stores — is now published in the Windows stores:

Quick Forecast in the Windows Phone Store

Quick Forecast in the Windows Store

The source for Quick Forecast is available here.

A note on Windows Phone 8.1
Qt for WinRT 5.3.0 supports Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.0. As you may have noticed, Windows Phone 8.1 is on its way to all Windows Phone devices as a free upgrade, so we are already adding support for it in Qt 5.3.1. Of course, apps built with Qt 5.3.0 also work on Windows Phone 8.1 devices, but in the future you’ll also be able to build apps against the new Windows Phone 8.1 SDK.

As always, we welcome your feedback via the Qt Project mailing lists, forums, and bug tracker. Happy hacking 🙂

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Posted in Debugging, QtCreator, Tutorial, Visual Studio, WinRT


linhdong24 says:

I opened qtd3dservice when deploy to windows phone emu but it report error . please help me, how to resolve this error ?

Andrew Knight Andrew Knight says:

That looks like a new one to me. Please file a bug report (mark the component as Build tools: winrtrunner) and we can discuss it more there.


I received this error with q3dservice.exe

Andrew Knight Andrew Knight says:

If this happens, try closing qtd3dservice, unplugging your phone, plugging it back in, and starting qtd3dservice again. If you find a way to easily reproduce this, please file a bug report with instructions.

Was problem with deploying.. my phone always get sleeping… so solved with tapping in deploying on screen 😀

m][sko says:

text rendering is blurry in Quick Forecast application on fullhd NOKIA 1520

Andrew Knight Andrew Knight says:

Indeed; this is because Qt creates the window in the DIP resolution instead of the L1520’s higher physical resolution. This will be fixed in the next patch release (Qt 5.3.1).

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