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Qt Creator 3.2 beta released

Published Tuesday July 8th, 2014
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We are happy to announce the Qt Creator 3.2 beta today. So you can already check out the many improvements we have done for the upcoming 3.2 release, and, not to forget, give us feedback on what we have so far. We mostly concentrated on stability and improvements, so no completely new platform supported this time, sorry ;). I’ll randomly highlight some of the changes here, but you should probably check out our change log as well for a more thorough overview, and just download the binaries and try it for yourself.

In the text editors you can now do “column editing” in block selections, so typing in a block selection will adapt all lines simultaneously. Context help can now be configured to open in an external window (without disabling Help mode). When opening the same file in multiple splits, the editors will now keep showing the same part of the file, even when adding or removing lines in another split. There were also many fixes in the C++ model, including support for C99 designated initializers, concatenated strings, and fixes for encoding issues.

In the debugger views, you can now expand and collapse columns by clicking on the header. There were several types added to the debugging helpers, and if you are brave, you can now also provide your own debugging helpers for your own types. The QML profiler received many performance and stability improvements again. Enterprise users can now debug their JavaScript memory usage in QML, using the new memory profiling feature of the QML profiler. (This is only available when using Qt 5.4.)

You find the opensource version on the Qt Project download page, and Enterprise packages on the Qt Account Portal. Please post issues in our bug tracker. You also can find us on IRC on #qt-creator on irc.freenode.net, and on the Qt Creator mailing list.

Note: With Qt Creator 3.2 we drop support for OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). The technical reason for this is that Apple does not support any kind of C++11 on that OS version. Of course that does not affect on which platforms you can run your Qt applications on. But it is not possible to run the Qt Creator 3.2 binaries on 10.6, and it also is not possible to compile Qt Creator 3.2 on 10.6 with the tool chains provided by Apple.

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sierdzio says:

Woah, nice new features, you’ve hit exactly the ones I’ve been missing 🙂

arturo182 says:

Column editing, great 🙂

Bojan says:

+1 for column editing. Great addition! And the rest of the change log looks great.

Siavash says:

Great works guys!

TheBootroo says:

Everyone says column editing is cool,
for my part I can’t figure out how to use it….

Is there some hidden keyboard hotkey combination ??

Bojan says:

Hold ALT key (or Mac equivalent), drag-select a column and start typing.

Scorp1us says:

+1 for column editing.

Is there proper Python support? (proper: more than syntax highlighting, i.e. code completion)

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

no “proper” python support

Michael says:

If digia no longer has any interest in putting proper Python support into QtCreator, how about adopting one of the many community efforts that have tried to do this, and make that the official Python plugin?

The current official Python plugin has been in Creator for about a year now, and all it seems it can do is highlight the def keyword, and make indentation.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

The python editor shipped with Qt Creator *is* a contribution from outside Digia. Anyone is invited to pick that up and improve it.

HGH says:

Report it as a bug and then report it as a bug again 🙂

Orphis says:

Sure, Apple doesn’t support C++11 on 10.6, but there are ways around this fortunately!

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

If you manage to compile Qt Creator (and Qt, I suppose), circumventing the restrictions that Apple put on libc++, then lucky for you 🙂

On the other hand we already removed support for Apple’s gdb in Qt Creator 3.1, so usefulness might still be limited in any case. Of course it might be possible to build a recent LLDB yourself on 10.6 too…, or to get a python enabled gdb from somewhere else.

In any case, we did and do not test it on 10.6 anymore (nor even tried to get it working there).

Bruno says:

QML imports is not working in WIndows ! It do not recognize import QtQuick.Window 2.1
import QtQuick.Controls 1.2
import QtQuick.Layouts 1.1
import QtQuick.Controls.Styles 1.1

Scorp1us says:

You likely need to re-associate your Qt versions with creator.

gyll says:

The code editor’s bookmarks are a mess:
1) this bug is still labeled “not evaluated” after 8 month since i reported it: https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTCREATORBUG-10687
2) i can only edit the text, not the line number, for a bookmark. i have to remove and re-add all the bookmarks if they get displaced (e.g. after the file has been edited with an external editor) instead of being able to just edit the line numbers
3) having to right-click and select from a pop-up menu to move an item in the list is sooooooo 20 years ago. You already have a drag and drop-based UI in the help system’s bookmarks, so why on earth did the code bookmarks have to have a different UI? Beats me…

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

QTCREATORBUG-10687 is actually fixed in the 3.2 beta (the bug was accidentally not closed though)

gyll says:

Oh, okay. Just downloaded 3.2.0 beta and indeed it apparently works fine now.

Since i brought up editing the bookmarks, this is the year-old suggestion (still labeled “not evaluated”): https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTCREATORBUG-9721 (I’ll add the drag-and-drop issue to it to have it all in one place)

Andre' says:

@gyll: You need to understand that discussing your personal list of bugs in the comment section of each Qt or Qt Creator related blog post does not scale well and needlessly eats into developers’ resources, ill-affecting not only the rate at which the bugs you report can be handled, but also everyone else.

You are invited to use the input channels that are setup to handle such issues, as mentioned in the main text. In cases like QTCREATORBUG-10687 where the fix essentially amounts to swapping two lines of code you could even consider submitting a patch to codereview.qt-project.org, very likely resulting in your fix ending up already in the next nightly build.

gyll says:

@Andre: ” You need to understand that discussing your personal list of bugs”
I do understand that, my list of [current+previous] bugs (and suggestions) is pretty huge, i only wrote about this one in the comments on the blog post because it was eons-old, very annoying, and nobody fixed it after such a long time, but i am by no means using blog post comments to re-iterate through all my bug reports and suggestions.

As for fixing bugs myself, i would do it if i’d have the time to go through, and understand, all that code in there, but i don’t. What i can do is to spend some of my time on finding and reporting the bugs, but actually fixing them is best left to the ones who wrote the code and introduced the bugs in the first place, this is how software development works if you want it to be efficient: you report a bug in a piece of code to the code developers themselves

Andre' says:

@gyll: Maybe you did not go through _all_ your issues, but you listed _some_ in Qt Creator 3.0 rc (http://blog.qt.io/blog/2013/11/29/qt-creator-3-0-rc1-released/), Qt Creator 3.1 rc (http://blog.qt.io/blog/2014/04/03/qt-creator-3-1-rc1-released/), Qt 5.3.1 (http://blog.qt.io/blog/2014/06/25/qt-5-3-1-released/)

Today you did not even bother to check whether your issue has been fixed before starting to comment.

This is not helpful. And nobody else does that.

Please, use the channels that are meant for this kind of communication.

gyll says:

>>Today you did not even bother to check whether your issue has been fixed before starting to comment.
Actually i *did* bother to check, but not by downloading Creator, i simply looked at the bug report and it was still labeled “not evaluated” after 3.2.0 release (as Eike mentioned in his reply). Indeed i didn’t think that somebody fixed the bug and forgot to close it in the bug tracker, mea culpa, won’t happen again.

Jared says:

Love these improvments!

Qt creator has become more and more usable for me over the past few versions. I use it for general c++ development not qt development and keep converting others to using it too.

I would love if the diff viewer worked with perforce natively. Would mean I wouldn’t have to use meld anymore.
Also, unique_ptr highlighting and following would help me out… I’m sure with all of the improvments that keep getting maid it won’t be long!

Cyttorak says:

I also miss std::unique_ptr and std::make_unique autocompletion, but anyway Qt Creator is a very nice tool. I too talk about it every time I have a chance XD

Column editing is great. Been always wondering if Sublime Text and Vim can do that why not Qt Creator. Thank you Team.

zxtlpn says:

If I’m not mistaken, Qt Creator’s FakeVIM has had support for block select mode for *quite* a long time. If this feature is supposed to be something similar, that is; I only use FakeVIM.

Walter says:

For those of new-ish to Qt, are there any instructions for how to install a new version of Qt Creator on OS X? I dragged it into Applications and launched it, but it complains it “can’t find a kit” or some such, and I have no clue how to solve that.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:


Stable Qt Creator releases are also part of the Qt online & offline installers, these set up the right things for the installed Qt version(s) automatically.

BB says:

Nice work. But Qt Quick Designer is still reletively simple and crude. I have to write code in many cases. Its UI preview is very different from real running in Android or desktop.

Tim says:

QTCreator will now not compile on RedHat 6 Workstation as well now without updating GCC manually :z

Good work

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

Right, minimal supported compiler versions for compiling Qt Creator 3.2 and later are now MSVC 2010, GCC 4.5, and Clang 3.1

Alex says:

Does Qt Creator include separete qbs executable now (not only built-in)?

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

Yes. (afaik bin/… on Lin+Win, …app/Contents/MacOS/… on OSX)

Violet Giarffe says:

Did you fix the clang code model support yet?

Xenakios says:

I take it that

-Creator’s internal code model is still broken for std::unique_ptr, elements returned from std::vector’s [] and at() etc
-The Clang code model is still very slow and doesn’t work anyway


Thanks for the work so far. But is Creator supposed to be a C++ or Qml IDE in the future? It sure looks like a ton of effort is constantly put into the Qml features…

Maurice Kalinowski Maurice Kalinowski says:


I am not sure I can follow your logic. The blog post summarizes as:

– Column Editing
– Help integration features
– Split view improvements
– C++ code model fixes
– Debug view improvements
– Add custom debugging helpers
– QML Profiler improvements

Which implies that all but one of those items are generic or C++ related. So what gives you the impression of a “ton of effort” is put “into QML Features”?

Xenakios says:

I didn’t necessarily target this particular release with my comment. The trend about C++ getting less important in Creator seems to have been going on for a long time.

Looking at the Creator commit log shows many many entries relating to Qml/Quick. Of course that doesn’t necessarily mean anything, just an observation on my part. My main point is about the future. Is Creator going to develop and fix the C++ areas (and not just for C++ development using Qt) or will effort mainly be focused on the Qml features?

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

“But is Creator supposed to be a C++ or Qml IDE in the future?”


Ex-qt says:

I loved Eclipse + Qt Designer, please bring back the Eclipse plugin.
Creator is the most unintuitive Tool I’ve ever seen. The symbols aren’t self-explanatory, the QML types library is slow/unresponsive, and where are all the widgets (sorry, “types”) that are mentioned in the documentation (I have Qt 5.3, but can only see Quick Controls 1.1 in Creator)? Layouts vs. positioners, wtf?!

This is really a mess, hope the old widget approach will stay in Qt for a long long time…

Chris Anderson says:

Awesome job you guys! You really dealt with a lot of my personal pain points in this update, so huge thanks!!!

Scorp1us says:

You changed something (I didn’t see anything related in the changelog) with respect to debugging on Android. Whatever you changed fixed and issue that I was having with the ping-pong debugger hookup.

Any idea what was changed?

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