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qbs 1.3.0 released

Published Tuesday August 26th, 2014
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We are happy to announce the release of qbs 1.3.0 today. Qbs, or Qt Build Suite, is a general cross-platform build tool that uses a language similar to QML for project description. Qbs can be used for any software project, whether it is written in Qt or not and it simplifies the build process for developing projects across multiple platforms.

If you haven’t tried it out yet, we strongly encourage you to take it for a spin to see how convenient building with Qbs is! Check out the documentation for more details.

What’s new in qbs 1.3?

For this release, we have concentrated on improving the integration with Qt Creator. The main points are:

  • Source files can now be added to (and removed from) qbs products via the project tree, just as for qmake projects. Thanks to Thomas Epting for the initiative!
  • More care is now taken to reload a project only if it is really necessary.
  • In addition, reloading a project has become somewhat faster, particularly in the case where a project file was changed without introducing any semantic differences (e.g. whitespace changes).

We think that these items, combined with a number of important bugfixes, have improved the user experience of working with qbs in Qt Creator a lot.

What else is worth mentioning?

On the language side, it is now possible to set different profiles for particular products. This is important for projects that need to produce binaries for different architectures.
Also, we have once again reduced the memory footprint significantly.

Where do I get it?

Source packages and a binary package for Windows can be found here.
Qt license holders can download the enterprise version of qbs directly from their Qt Account.

Other relevant links

Bug tracker:
Mailing list:

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Posted in Build system, QtCreator, Releases


tr3w says:

I really like qbs and use it for almost all of my pet projects, but I will only use it for real projects if:
– there is some form of VS integration (plugin or project generator)
– I can see it’s working well for big projects, like Qt itself

Will any of these two happen any time soon?

Philip says:

I’m using it for a large project. I’ve been able to build fortran, qmlplugins, and installers using QBS. I curious if and when Digia is going to port Qt’s QMake files to QBS? It definitely seems like a large task.

@tr3w I’ve recently designed a project generator API for qbs and have a WIP Xcode generator. Another contributor has also been working on a Visual Studio generator. So… any time soon? Maybe. It depends on when we feel they are ready for prime time. Most stuff works though, you can try out the patches here:


@Philip If? That’s the long term plan in mind. The whole reason Qbs exists is because of qmake. ๐Ÿ™‚ When? We don’t know, but it will certainly be a while.

If you have a Fortran module we’d love to see you contribute it to the project along with any other changes you might’ve made to qbs. Multiple language support is a goal.

Philip says:

Hands down, QBS is the best build system I’ve ever used!

chezgi says:

is it ready to use for android builds?
can i use qtcreator kits for android and build my apk?

Christian Kandeler Christian Kandeler says:

Full integrated Android support still needs a couple of features to be implemented. We are planning to have all of them ready for 1.4, so the Android module could then be built on top of that.

HGH says:

Will there be any time soon a full support in Qt Creator for Qt Projects (with folders like Headers/Source, QML, etc.) and wizzards?

Christian Kandeler Christian Kandeler says:

Wizards are a difficult topic, as most of them have been written with qmake in mind. Obviously, we don’t want to duplicate them, but make them build system independent instead, which is quite some effort.
Regarding your other question, I do not think it makes any sense to have this “header/source” grouping like the qmake project manager does. The qbs project manager shows the groups that are defined in the project, so the grouping is whatever the author of the project file thought appropriate.

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