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Qt 4.8.x Support to be Extended for Another Year

Published Thursday November 27th, 2014
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Standard Qt support for Enterprise licensees is for 2 years after the next minor or major Qt release is available. For Qt 4.8 it would mean support ending in December 2014, but we will extend it for a whole year to allow seamless migration to Qt 5.

Originally the support for Qt 4.8.x would have ended on 19th December 2014, 2 years after Qt 5.0.0 was released. We are now extending the standard support for 1 more year, meaning that it will not reach end of life until 19th December 2015. By 19th December 2015, Qt 4.8 will have been supported for four years.  Subsequently we now plan to have a Qt 4.8.7 release in Q1 2015. This is planned to be the last release of Qt 4.8.x series, unless there is a need to provide  an update due to a critical security issue.

So what does this mean for you? Well, if you are entitled to support then it means you can still use Qt 4.8.x safe in the knowledge that you will get the same level of support as before until the 19th December 2015. For older versions,we do have an extended lifetime option which you can find more information about by contacting The Qt Company.

We recommend that applications are ported to Qt 5.x as there are new versions of operating systems and compilers coming out which we can’t guarantee will be supported 100% by Qt 4.8. Qt 5 is a solid platform to migrate to with already version Qt 5.4 coming out soon. Therefore, now is the time to start seriously considering to port any existing applications if you haven’t already started doing so. Porting to Qt 5 is pretty straightforward and the documentation at will help with that. If you need help, we and our service partners have services available for porting too – more information can be found at

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Raphael says:

qt5 doesn’t have support for remote display via VNC. Even using quick1/qwidget.
That’s blocking us from upgrading to qt5

Mehdi Benadel says:

I’m not sure but I think the issue has been addressed in Qt 5.4, with dynamic OpenGL implementation :

Flavio says:

Great to hear 4.8.x will be alive one year more. The bugs holding me from deploying my apps with Qt 5 are QTBUG-41257 and QTBUG-38997. The porting itself was so easy that I wouldn’t even call it a port.

Violet Giarffe says:

Just my two cents: My application doesn’t use any Qt magic or hacks, we only use Qt for a thin UI and the underlying core does not use Qt at all. So only QtCore, QtWidgets. Still, 5.4 is the first version that will have no UI bugs. 2 years after 5.0 release. the first bug concerned mouse tracking and was only fixed in 5.3, and the second bug that makes menu bar behave weird on Windows was introduced in 5.2 or 5.3 and will be fixed in 5.4.

Vojtech says:

I’d love to move to QT5 (I already have all my code updated), but I have problems with frequent crashes during opengl window creation on AMD/ATI cards. Running a loop like this
for(int i = 0; i<1000;i++)
qDebug() << i;
QGLWidget w;
usually leads to a crash too (access violation inside ati driver when setPixelFormat is called by qt). I tried the new qt5.4 OpenGL classes too, but that didn't help. Qt4 crashes occasionally too, but not that often. Any ideas?

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