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Blog on Qt 3D 2.0 from KDAB

Published Monday January 26th, 2015
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Sean Harmer of KDAB has written an excellent two part blog entry on the upcoming Qt 3D 2.0. In the first part he goes in to what a modern 3D engine should be able to do and then goes on to explain the high level architecture and principles of Qt 3D 2.0. In the second part he shows some examples and gives an update on the current status of Qt 3D 2.0. Go and read both, they are very informative and give a glimpse to what’s coming in 3D side of things to Qt.

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Posted in Qt 3D, Qt Quick 3D


Scorp1us says:

Could someone fix the mobile version of this blog? It is truely useless!

pakerane pakerane says:


If you mean the original blog by KDAB, please post a comment on the original blog. If you are referring to this blog entry, what device are you using? At least on the devices I have the Qt blog site works ok..

Scorp1us says:

When can we expect Qt3D again? My team is really looking forward to adding 3d features!

Sean Harmer says:

We are trying hard to freeze the API before the Feb 9th freeze date. If we make that we aim to do a final 2.0 release of Qt3D along with Qt 5.5 in the spring. If we don’t quite manage to make it (a few pieces are still in flux), then we will call it a Qt3D Technical Preview and release alongside Qt 5.5.

Laurent says:

Qt3D 1.0 did support 3D stereoscopy.
Will 2.0 support it too?

Sean Harmer says:

The framegraph allows you to configure the renderer however you like. We’ve not tried doing 3D stereoscopic rendering with it yet but we think it should support this with a minor addition we are now working on. This minor addition is to add a gramegraph node that allows selecting a substree based upon the frame number being even/odd. This can then be used to select the left or right eye camera to render with.

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