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Qt @ Embedded World 2015

Published Friday February 27th, 2015
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Yesterday, we ended a great 3 days at Embedded World 2015 (Feb 24-26)  in Nuremberg, Germany. Considered the largest embedded development trade show, the event organizers estimated 30,000 exhibition visitors, over 1,500 congress participants and around 900 exhibitors from over 35 countries.

Personally, this is my 7th Embedded World with Qt and I have to say that this one has been our best one yet. I know, I say that every year, but the good thing is that we keep getting better every year; larger booth, more demos, more visitors, more companies sold on the fact that Qt is the best solution for embedded software development.

We showcased Qt’s strength in embedded software development with a combination of demos and customer projects focused on Qt in Automotive, Qt in Automation, Qt in IoT, all telling/showing the story of how Qt is used in a real-life reference project or product. Qt’s role in embedded software development was further told by our “Under the Hood” demos highlighting several specific features and functions such as:

  • Qt and OpenCV: Demonstrating how to easily & efficiently integrate computer vision or other computation or image processing algorithms with Qt Quick 2 and Qt Multimedia.
  • Qt Creator in Action – Debugging and profiling: Demonstrating the power of Qt Creator IDE for one-click embedded deployment, and on-device debugging and profiling, Qt Quick Designer
  • Qt UI capabilities, Qt WebEngine, Virtual Keyboard, multimedia capabilities, etc.
  • Qt for QNX: Qt 5 applications and UIs on QNX Neutrino
  • Qt for VxWorks: Qt 5 applications and UIs on VxWorks 7

This year, we had, like in the past 3 years, the live coding theater running daily on the hour from 10:00-16:00. We mixed it up this year with 3 different sessions: Introduction to Device Creation with Qt, Functionality Meets Productivity – Qt Developer Tools and Qt Features Overview. Thanks to our fearless and dedicated presenters. Well done!

I was the most happiest to have a large portion of our booth demos come from our Qt Partners. They had an abundance of industry-specific demos in automotive, automation and IoT. Qt’s story was made stronger with our partners demonstrating the power of Qt and its many uses in the embedded space. Thanks to e-Gits, basysKom, Froglogic, KDAB, Adeneo Embedded and ICS for being with us.

Without more hoopla, below are a few pictures from our booth and demos. If you came by our booth, thanks for visiting us! I would also like to say Thank You to The Qt Company staff onsite and again to our partners. Until next year.



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Posted in Biz Circuit, Embedded, Embedded World, Events


Scorp1us says:

Fundamentally Qt embedded is flawed if it does not have my Vaudeville technology in it. As an embedded developer, I can assure you that qt is very lacking in this area. Add support for a HTML5 painter or flounder. The glaring deficiency of Qt5 is that after writing your Qml/qwidget front end is that you require a completely separate application in whatever (non qt) dev kit to make the device web-enabled. This has been the case for 5 years now.

@Scorp1us: Qt WebEngine is continuously improving and we are working to make the hybrid use case better supported. Qt also provides quite a good set of building blocks for backend integration using common web technologies.

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