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qbs 1.4.0 released

Published Tuesday April 28th, 2015
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We are happy to announce the release of qbs 1.4.0 today.

What’s new?

In addition to lots of bugfixes and smaller improvements, this release also brings a number of new features:

  • With the new builtByDefault property, it is now possible to specify that a product should not be built unless that is explicitly requested. One useful application of this feature is the new item AutotestRunner, which provides functionality similar to “make check”.
  • Files are now by default installed as part of the build process, in order to allow products that work on the contents of the installation directory (see the item below).
  • There is now an archiver module, which we use to implement the InstallPackage item.
  • We have added experimental Android support, for projects with or without native code. Note that there is no special support for Qt yet, and Qt Creator integration is also missing.

Try it!

Source packages and a binary package for windows can be downloaded here.

Other relevant links

Bug tracker:
Mailing list:

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Posted in Android, Build system, cross-platform, QtCreator


BogDan says:

Congrats to all involved, especially for Andrid support ๐Ÿ˜‰ !

MihailNaydenov says:

Nice to see this project moving with this relatively fast pace – initially I had the feeling it was more like a pet project.
– When is expected to be THE way to create Qt Projects?
– Will the scope expand beyond Qt? It will be very nice to have a cross-platform build system that is easy to use and modern. It will be very very nice to be able to *just* ship files and qbs to a relatively unexperienced user and he/she will be able to *just* compile. This was/is the major difficulty for programmers trying to leave, lets say the VisaulStudio Windows world – they can no longer *just* build libraries and code samples – they have to learn build systems OR rely on magic scripts, written and maintained by someone else.

Aleksei Skorodumov says:

QBS is already not “just Qt build” system. It is suitable for almost any kind of projects on all Qt.Core supported platforms out of the box. And I do believe that with good README file users of qbs-based projects will be able to compile project themself.

Aleksei Skorodumov says:

Thank you for the release!
QBS is a right tool for a project build in the XXI centery!

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