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Changing Qt Account to be Optional in the Online Installer

Published Wednesday May 6th, 2015
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Thanks for your feedback to the new online installer asking for a Qt Account signup. We have evaluated the feedback received via the blog, various discussion forums, irc and other channels. Based on all these comments and discussions with our partners we realize that this was not our finest moment. Preventing the growth and usage of Qt in the open source community is not what we want to happen. We did already see a nice jump in the number of Qt Accounts, but it was never our intention to make our valued community and contributors upset with us or stop using and contributing to Qt. We clearly ill-calculated how asking for a Qt Account with the online installer would make our users feel. A mistake. Sincere apologies.

Based on your feedback, we will remove the enforced Qt Account requirement for open source downloads. Instead, we will make it optional. Users can proceed to download by opting out of creating a Qt Account. Just like before, the commercial users need to provide their Qt Account so that we can point them to the additional content and commercial versions of Qt. We very much hope that we will see also many open-source users creating Qt Accounts either when installing Qt, or via qt.io.

The installer team is already looking at making this change, and we hope that an update can be rolled out next week. Even though the change may look small there is quite many things that we always need to verify before we roll out an update to production. So, please bear with us while we are implementing the change.

We will continue to develop our plans of bringing integrated services to Qt via the Qt Account. Next we are aiming to provide a single sign-on solution through the Qt Account to all our services (forums, wiki, bug reporting, customer portal, etc). Some of the services already leverage Qt Account for sign-on and new services will follow in the coming months. We are committed to developing Qt Account further and want to make it valuable for all users of Qt.

We do hope that this eases your concerns, and that we can continue with your trust. The open source community is what Qt is built on and we value your efforts and feedback greatly. We are very happy to have an active ecosystem around Qt and appreciate the dialogue. So, thanks again for your feedback, discussions and for guiding us in this tough endeavor. We are glad that we have a lot of passion for Qt and for its ongoing greatness in the community.

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Posted in Biz Circuit & Dev Loop, Community, Roadmap, SDK


Albert says:

Good move. Appreciate you listen to us 🙂 Thanks!

Elvis Stansvik says:

Thanks for listening. This is the right move. No hard feelings 🙂 *hugs*

Alejandro Exojo says:

Thank you for taking the criticism (that I hope we expressed the most constructive way). I actually think this clearly says how useful the Qt installer is, and how the community likes it. I used the Qt IFW for a customer project, and I think it’s a very good underlying technology.

Not only that. I hope the repository system can be embraced by third party open source Qt-based libraries. With the Qt installer set up, one could add a new repository and have extra versions of Qt (e.g. cross compiled for ARM) or KDE frameworks, etc. Not requiring the login is a good thing for this.

İsmail Dönmez says:

Thank you!

Anonymous says:

Thank you for reconsidering and taking the best course.

I apologize in name of the many Internets out there for the FUD and harshness spread around some of the requests to change it. I guess many people have seen many things taken from them, and a misstep is all they need to go on full desperation again. No one wants to DREAM on losing Qt.

Till Adam says:

Thanks, Tuukka and Qt Company for taking the concerns of the community seriously. Let’s work together to make it worthwhile for every Qt user to have a Qt Account and engage with you guys and the rest of the Qt community.

Dobbelj says:

Kudos for the quick turnaround when this hit, don’t think it was anything malicious about the requirement, but since it made a lot of people uneasy it was a good move to remove the requirement and make it optional. 🙂

Nayar says:

This is great news. Qt ftw!!!

Rick Mars says:

Thank you! Apart from the technical merits of Qt, it’s also nice they hear their users and developers (I’ll however create a Qt Account for myself! ;-))

David says:

Thanks for listening.

Vladest says:

After updating MaintenanceTool to version 2.0 it stop works behind proxy

iieklund says:

Could you please file a bug report with all relevant details so we can have a further look in this. We tested the proxy functionality couple days ago without any issues (Ubuntu 14 and Windows7) but apparently it does not work properly in all occasions.

Vladest says:

Not found reports for installer, so created for installer framework:

Fabio says:

Me too have same problem. But, in my case, major problem is in the new installer version there is no Settings button allow to set proxy params. What should be the right way for set proxy params and authentication using this new installer?
Thank you

Vladest says:

Error message:
[39219] Sending Login request..
[159784] Warning: Network error during login: [ 4 ] “Socket operation timed out”
[159784] Warning: Connection to server failed. Trying again..

iieklund says:

Investigating for the root cause.

It would help narrowing down the cause for the error to know from which country you are using the installer?

Vladest says:

Its Sweden
Note, that Installer/MaintenanceTool 1.6.x works ok
The proxy is password protected

iieklund says:

Did using “–verbose” from command line give additional information? Which OS+version you are using? Anything other relevant information about the system, we’ll try to reproduce the issue.

djfongang says:

Thanks! And keep listening.

Also, the QT toolkit is nice, but Qtcreator is THE greatest all round c/c++ dev IDE.

The only competition is Visual Studio and maybe Xcode but it is not really available on Ubuntu.

You guys could make a killing focusing on that.

Kalle Dalheimer says:

Thanks for listening, Qt Company, much appreciated!

Henrique das Neves says:

Thanks alot! This attitude makes Qt even better.

xkrys says:

Thanks 😉 Everyone can sleep easily now 😀

7 says:

Good to see common sense prevailing for once. Hope it won’t be the last time, Qt has much issues, more important than the installer, which need addressing but so far management was reluctant to address.

stereomatching says:

What kind of issues?Bugs?QWidget and QCore become “obsolete”?

stereomatching says:

Thanks for your listening, much appreciated(although I don’t mind to register an account)

JKSH says:

I salute the Qt Company for being so responsive to community feedback. Thank you for caring!

Nejat says:

Although I think the unification of all Qt services within one Qt account makes everything more clear and convenient, but it is good that finally the login in online installer is optional.

Sebastian says:

Thanks. You guys rock! 🙂

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