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Happy 20th Anniversary Qt!

Published Wednesday May 20th, 2015
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Today, I am really happy to celebrate Qt’s 20th anniversary. On May 20, 1995, the first Qt version, 0.90, was released! I am really glad to have been part of the Qt journey since 1997, when I first got in touch with Qt through the KDE project.

Qt immediately fascinated me. It not only made development of applications a lot easier than anything I’d seen before, but it was actually fun to develop with. So I started doing quite a bit of work where I used Qt within the KDE project. In the spring of 2000, I got so lucky to be offered a position at Trolltech. I joined the company a few months later and moved to Norway.

Working with the founders of Qt, Eirik Chambe-Eng & Haavard Nord, as well as the other people we had in the company at that time was an amazing experience. Over the next few years, Trolltech grew from around 15 to 250 people. We developed new versions of Qt, worked on a mobile phone stack called Qtopia, and also started to extend Qt from being a toolkit to develop UIs to a much more comprehensive development framework, including all required tools.

From the beginning, Qt has been released with both open source and commercial licensing options. Over the years, we have worked on expanding this model, and nowadays, Qt is actually developed as an open source project. In this sense Qt is actually in a rather unique position, having a strong ecosystem with passionate people, as well as a commercial entity behind it, which backs up and funds most of the development.

The last 20 years have been an exciting ride for Qt. I’ve had the pleasure to be part of most of these, and I have had the great opportunity to work with the many passionate and driven people all with the common goal to make Qt a leading technology. I am pleased to know that some of the world’s most innovative companies we know today have built their product with Qt.

Thanks to all the amazing colleagues at Trolltech, Nokia, Digia and The Qt Company who have believed in our technology and have put their best efforts forward to make Qt the best cross-platform software development framework. To our community of engaged contributors, developers and Qt fans, we wouldn’t be around without you. I am grateful for your passion, your will to spread Qt everywhere, and your selfless drive to develop Qt together with us.

A big special thanks to our partners and ecosystem comrades who have been with Qt since the beginning. Thanks to you for sticking with us and for guiding us through the ups and downs.

Qt was created by developers for developers. Making developers’ lives easier was the reason for its birth and what Eirik and Haavard wanted to provide to the development world. This goal has not changed and throughout Qt’s history it has remained at the core. Code less. Create more. Deploy everywhere.

Please join me in wishing Qt a wonderful anniversary and a big congratulations to the Qt ecosystem! Here’s to 20 more years!

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Posted in Biz Circuit & Dev Loop, Community, Qt


TheBootroo says:

Hurray !!

Congrats for this awesome framework.

I’m so glad to be part of this journey since almost 8 years now !

Can’t wait to see what you have in mind for the next years.

Keep up the good work / art !

Robin Lobel says:

Happy Birthday !
I joined the Qt fanatics in 2011 (Qt 4.6) when I was about to start my first big project, SpectraLayers. It has completely changed my life as a developer, making development (and multi-platform development) so much easier and faster.

Robin Lobel says:

I meant 2009 🙂

Nicola De Filippo says:

I joined Qt in 1997. Thanks for all

Manish Khurpade says:

Working on this amazing framework from 2004 and counting… (10 years on & off and on again) Glad to have worked on every juncture of this journey. #Trolltech #Greenphone #Nostalgia. #Qt is here to stay for a long time!
Code Less. Create More. Deploy Everywhere.

Dexif says:

Happy Birthday !

Sandro Andrade says:

Congrats, everybody ! 🙂

Arthur Turrini says:

For those interested, some mirrors for Qt 0.90

And for versions 1.0+:

Yann Rossel says:

Happy Birthday Qt !!
Thanks for this great framework

Ashish Rawat says:

Today is my birthday also.

Serg Koles says:

Qt is rock! Thank you developers for this awesome framework!

Amine27 says:

Thank you,
On Qt from 2006 🙂

koval says:

I have been using Qt since 1996, I have not realised so long time has passed. Each new release gives the programmers more and more power and makes our lives easier.
Happy birthday Qt!

Anand Rangarajan says:

Always loved Qt and first came across it in KLyX. But, for the record, it was not open source “from the beginning.”

Tong says:

Congratulations! I have been using Qt since 2002!

zxq says:

Happy birthday Qt!

JianYong Yang says:

When i first touched Qt in 2005, I do love this powerful tool, We used it on solaris OS and the version is 3.3.till now, Ten years passed.I still use it just like part of my life.
Congrats, everybody !

Algirdas says:

Congratulations to the best C++ framework ever!!!

Frank says:

Qt fan #1 since version 3.3. Amazing framework.

Happy Birthday, folks!

Reza Ebrahimi says:

Being with Qt since 4.7, Great thanks for those came across this journey, Qt is a unique framework of the software development world!

Ivar says:

Happy birthday Qt! Best c++ framework ever

Andy Brice says:

I’ve been using Qt for at least 15 years. It has gone from strength to strength in that time. Keep up the good work!

Robert Teminian says:

Congratulations for being 20 years of leading technological advances! You’re always -O3 optimized for programmers.

Nejat says:

When you try Qt, nothing else could satisfy you. When you stick with Qt, you can’t stop following news and blog posts related to it. Happy birthday Qt.

Bala says:

Thank you!

Alabmab says:

I’m sure back then when C/C++ was one of the few languages powerful enough to deliver up some meaningful performance Qt was a step forward, but nowadays with languages like python and java, there’s a diminishing utility for all things old. The fact that there are still some old school companies full of fat cats that still enjoy the monetary gains from an ecosystem of Muppet programmers is one of the few if not the only reason to keep projects like Qt floating the way they are.

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