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Qt 4.8.7 Released

Published Tuesday May 26th, 2015
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I am happy to announce release of Qt 4.8.7 today bringing over 150 improvements and bug fixes. Qt 4.8.7 provides important security updates, better support for Mac OS X 10.10 and many requested error corrections. As a patch release, it does not add new functionality and maintains full compatibility with previous Qt 4.8.x releases.

Highlights of Qt 4.8.7 are:

  • Security fix for DoS vulnerability in the BMP image handler (CVE-2015-0295) as well as security fixes for vulnerabilities in image handling of BMP (CVE-2015-1858), ICO (CVE-2015-1859) and GIF (CVE-2015-1860)
  • Update 3rd party libpng to version 1.6.17 to address known vulnerabilities in previous version
  • Update 3rd party libtiff to version 4.0.3 to address known vulnerabilities in previous version
  • Better support for running Qt 4.8 applications on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite
  • Many customer requested bug fixes

A detailed list of the fixes and improvements in Qt 4.8.7 compared to Qt 4.8.6 can be found here.

Many users have already moved their active projects to Qt 5 and we encourage also others to do so. With a high degree of source compatibility, we have ensured that switching to Qt 5 is smooth and straightforward. It should be noted that Qt 4.8.7 provides only the basic functionality to run Qt based applications on Mac OS X 10.10, full support is in Qt 5.

Qt 4.8.7 is planned to be the last patch release of the Qt 4 series. Standard support is available until December 2015, after which extended support will be available. We recommend all active projects to migrate to Qt 5, as new operating systems and compilers with Qt 4.8 will not be supported. If you have challenges migrating to Qt 5, please contact us or some of our service partners for assistance.

The source packages and stand-alone installers for Qt 4.8.7 are available for download from Qt Account for commercial users and qt.io download server for open-source users. For Enterprise and Professional customers, the online installer can also be used for installing Qt 4.8.7.

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Robin Lobel says:

What Qt will be the new Qt 4.8.x (extended support) ?
Could Qt 5.5.x be a candidate ?

@Robin: It has been discussed, but not yet decided.

Frank says:

One thing that is holding back our switch to Qt5 is the apparent necessity to switch to OpenGL ES (no more glBegin/glEnd etc…). While I understand that the latter are disencouraged, they are still being used in a lot of our code (especially in combination with display lists, they are not even necessarily slow…). Is there any way to be able to keep using them in Qt5?

nezticle nezticle says:

You don’t need to switch to using OpenGL ES. There is a requirement that if you want to use Qt Quick 2, you need support for at least OpenGL 2 or OpenGL ES2. If you are doing custom OpenGL anyway, then there is nothing stopping you from getting an OpenGL Context in Qt 5 that supports the fixed function pipeline commands (glBegin,glEnd…). Even in the case that you are using QtQuick 2 (on a platform that has full OpenGL 2.0 support as a minimum), you can still request a Compatibility profile to use the fix function pipeline commands.
There is also the possibility that you were testing an ANGLE build of Qt 5 on Window, which only exposed OpenGL ES2. Qt for Windows can support both OpenGL ES2 and OpenGL 2.0+ (when available) now.

Frank says:

Thank you for your help! That is nice to hear. Could you point me to some documentation that explains the necessary steps to select the “old” OpenGL version?

Laszlo Agocs Laszlo Agocs says:

No special steps are necessary. By default Qt will request an OpenGL 2.0 compatible context, so the old fixed pipeline code you have will just work, as long as the machine has a graphics driver installed.

MuldeR says:

Thanks for the new Qt 4.8.x release. Much appreciated!

pethead says:

GraphicsView leaks mem in 4.8.6. Not fixed yet?

pethead says:

Can`t find download links of released 4.8.7.

@pethead: You can find Qt 4.8.7 from the Qt Account (for commercial users) or from the download server (for open-source users). Links to these are at the end of my blog post.

rmjs says:

Any timeline on when the VS2013 convenience installer may be made available ?? Thanks.

Daniel Lewandowski says:

Probably never. Check this page: http://tver-soft.org/qt64. There may be a VS 2013 version coming up soon.

@rmjs: We have a candidate available and are testing it currently.

Damien says:

Here we are sticking with Qt 4.8 because we are using multiple transparent borderless windows holding big QML widgets in our apps (win/mac/linux) and we couldn’t find a way to do that with Qt5…

Thaodan says:

Heard something a like about transparent windws before theys span too (under X11).

Christopher says:

You’ve forgotten to mention that only Qt Commercial customers may receive help with their “challenges” (i. e. Qt5 bugs).

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