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Qt 5.5 Released

Published Wednesday July 1st, 2015
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It is my pleasure to announce that Qt 5.5 has been released today. Over the last 6 months, we’ve been working hard to create a great release for you.

As a result, close to 1500 reported bugs have been fixed during this period, and we’ve implemented numerous performance improvements throughout the whole stack. We’ve filled a couple of holes in our cross platform offering, bringing better feature parity between the platforms in areas such as Multimedia and Bluetooth.

We have invested lots of efforts to make sure Qt 5.5 is ready for Windows 10 once it gets officially released by Microsoft. That Qt is running on top of the new WinRT APIs on Windows 8 already since Qt 5.3 gave us a great basis for those efforts. With this we are confident that we can fully support Windows 10 as soon as it is being made available with a Qt 5.5.x patch release.

Linux packages are now being built on RedHat Enterprise Linux, allowing to cover a wider range of Linux distributions (from RHEL 6.6 up to Ubuntu 15.04) with one set of binaries.

A lot of work has been put into the version for Mac OS X, where we now use Apple’s Secure Transport layer to enable SSL functionality, support Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE, support Qt WebView and fixed many issues with Qt Multimedia.

Simplified Product Offering

Another change coming with Qt 5.5, is a greatly simplified product structure. There are now three versions of Qt available.

Qt for Application Development is our commercial offering that allows you to create applications for all desktop and mobile platforms that Qt supports. It comes with full support and our flexible commercial licensing.

Qt for Device Creation is the second commercial product. It targets the creation of embedded devices, and comes with a lot of tooling and support to make this as easy as possible. Of course with full support and our flexible commercial licensing as well.

And finally, we have Qt Open Source, our open source version that you can use under the terms of the LGPL (version 2.1 and/or version 3) or GPL.

For more details about this new product offering have a look at our new product pages on .

New Functionality

As always, Qt 5.5 comes bundled together with the latest version of Qt Creator and a large amount of new functionality. Let me highlight some of them in this blog.


The Bluetooth LE API that got introduced as a Technology Preview with Qt 5.4, is now final and supported on Android, Mac OS X and iOS in addition to the existing backends on Linux.


With Qt’s root being a graphical toolkit, we have always had a strong focus on graphics. A good integration with OpenGL has been available since Qt 2 times. This integration has mainly focused on low level enablers and classes.

With Qt 5.5, we now take a large step forward, adding two new modules that greatly extend our set of 3D APIs:

Qt Canvas 3D is a new module that makes it very easy to directly use WebGL code from within Qt Quick. The module existed as a Technology Preview in Qt 5.4. We’ve taken the time since then to mature it, and I’m happy to now have it as a fully supported module inside the Qt frameworks. Qt Canvas 3D implements a WebGL-like API for Qt Quick, and can be used both with low level WebGL code or in conjunction with JavaScript frameworks such as three.js, making the handling of 3D content inside Qt Quick trivial.

The other new module is Qt 3D, available as a Technology Preview for Qt 5.5. Qt 3D existed as a library during Qt 4 times, but has now undergone some major rework to make it fit to the world of modern OpenGL.

Qt 3D takes our OpenGL support a large step forward making it much easier to integrate 3D content into Qt applications. The module comes with both C++ and QML APIs. For more details what Qt 3D 2.0 brings, you can check the Qt 3D documentation and the KDAB guest blog post. Being a Technology Preview, the module still has some rough edges. However, check out the Qt 3D game demo that V-Play managed to create already with the tech preview. Please let us know what you think, so that we can turn Qt 3D into a fully supported part of Qt with Qt 5.6.

Using OpenGL on Windows has always been somewhat problematic as good drivers are not available in all installations by default. Qt 5.5 helps solve this problem by switching dynamically between using the OpenGL driver or the ANGLE emulation layer implementing OpenGL on top of DirectX.

Qt Location

Another new module that now found it’s way to Qt 5.5 as a Technology Preview is Qt Location. Qt Location adds mapping, geocoding, routes and places support to Qt. In conjunction with the existing Qt Positioning API, it should give you all you need to create location aware applications. Qt Location can make use of different mapping providers. We currently support Nokia Here, Mapbox and Openstreetmap. Check out the examples in documentation.

Qt Quick

A lot of work has gone into improving Qt Quick. The QML and JavaScript engine now supports JavaScript typed arrays. In Qt Core, we added support for properties and invokable methods to Q_GADGETs, making it much easier to expose your own value based classes in QML. Qt Quick has gotten improvements to make Flickable and PinchArea work better on Mac OS X and iOS.

The Enterprise Controls have been folded into Qt Quick Controls and are now also available in the open source version. A TreeView control has been added to complete the set of controls required for creating desktop applications.

Qt Multimedia

A lot of work has also gone into Qt Multimedia. On Linux, we have now added gstreamer 1.0 support and lots of bugs have been fixed for the other platforms. Camera support has been greatly improved. The new Video filtering framework is a great new feature that allows the integration of frameworks, such as OpenCL or CUDA with VideoOutput elements.

Watch how Qt Multimedia with real-time video/camera integrates with the computer vision library (OpenCV) to create a real-time pattern recognition application that identifies speed signs on this short road trip. Further functionality could be added to this demo by, for example, displaying a warning if the vehicle’s speed exceeds the last recognized sign.

Qt WebEngine

Qt WebEngine has been updated to Chromium version 40 and has received new APIs for managing downloading of files, controlling cache and cookies, as well as settings. Support for Qt WebChannel is now built-in and many experimental APIs are now public and fully supported.

Other Improvements

Of course, there are a lot of other improvements and new features in Qt 5.5. Please have a look at the wiki for all the details.

Deprecated Modules

With all these new features coming, some older ones are being deprecated, namely Qt WebKit, Qt Quick 1 and Qt Script. All of these modules are still available with Qt 5.5, but we strongly recommend using their replacements for any new functionality: Qt WebEngine, Qt Quick, and Qt QML, which also provides a fully compliant JavaScript engine. For most uses cases, the new replacement modules should be more suitable and provide better functionality than the replaced ones.

Learn More about Qt 5.5

To ease you into Qt 5.5, we have scheduled 2 LIVE webinars (July 2nd & July 3rd) so you can hear first hand what is new in Qt 5.5. Please make sure to register here:

Learn Even More at Qt World Summit 2015

Registration for the Qt World Summit 2015 (Oct 5-7, Berlin) is open. This is the main global Qt event where Qt experts from The Qt Company and the community will deliver 50+ technical and strategic sessions. Qt World Summit will give you the knowledge you need to kick start your Qt development project as well as provide you with the insight and tips and tricks necessary to make sure your Qt product is successful. Make sure to register today and take advantage of the Early Bird pricing (SAVE EUR 70) ending July 13th and/or learn about group discounts:


I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everybody who helped develop and create Qt 5.5. The release wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of many people in the community and from The Qt Company. A special thanks goes to KDAB, who invested lots of time and efforts to make the Qt 3D Technology Preview ready for Qt 5.5.

Now go and get Qt 5.5 from your Qt Account portal or from Enjoy!

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Honei_X says:


jiangcaiyang says:

Congrats to Qt 5.5 release.
I’m believed an increasing number of fellow programmers are concerned of Qt 3D 2.0, especially Chinese programmers. Here is my look-through into Qt 3D, written in Chinese, It contains 10 technical articles. Welcome to visit!

Sean Harmer says:

Do you mean interested in Qt3D or concerned about it in a bad way? If you have any feedback then we’re very open to it so that we can improve Qt3D.

Oliver Knoll says:

I think “to be concerned of” is “Chinese English” for saying “to have interest in” – just like “I have a doubt” means “I have a question” in “Indian English”.

But I could be wrong off course 😉

Anyway, congratulations also from my side! I’ll definitively check out the new 3D module, even though I’m more in the “do it yourself – get low-level”-OpenGL camp 🙂

jiangcaiyang says:

Yeah, it is somewhat mean to pay interest in. or to be interested in.

Christian Feldbacher (V-Play) Christian Feldbacher (V-Play) says:

Huge congrats for this major release from the whole V-Play Team! The Qt 3D tech preview release is purely great – we’re looking forward to many Qt-based 3d games.

To download & play our open-source 3d game Car Challenge, go here

Sean Harmer says:

Glad you’re enjoying it! If you have any feedback or feature requests for the initial release, please let us know.

zeecrowddev says:

Ahou !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazing release 🙂
Thanks for default windows opengl dynamic resdistribuable 🙂

Hamer says:

What happens with the mobile/indie developer license?

Katherine - The Qt Company says:


For existing customers of the Indie Mobile and Professional packages, nothing will change. We will honor your current product offering, price, payment model and licensing. So, you don’t need to worry.

However, we will no longer make new sales of Indie Mobile or Professional. Instead, we have our Qt for Application Development commercial offering which includes all desktop and mobile platforms in one package. This is available for purchase as a subscription term license via our web shop or as a perpetual license via our direct sales.

jt says:

Sad news. I think the Indie formula fitted well a certain profile of developer and an Indie/Pro license for all the platforms would have been very nice. I don’t know the price of the new subscription but by the current “obscurity” of the announcement and new pricing I am not optimist to be something reasonably affordable for small developers.

Pau Garcia i Quiles says:


When I look for the price of something and that price is not available, I know it’s going to be damn expensive. Out of reach for small developers.

For some reason, The Qt Company does not want to provide a cheap commercial license with no priority or no support at all.

Leandro says:


Risto says:

You can find the pricing

Tim says:

Woa $350/month? Is that per developer?

Oscar Morante says:

That’s a 1300% increase in price if you were planning on getting the indie license, and makes Qt unsuitable for free/low income apps targeting the app stores.

I think this is a very bad move 🙁

Vlad Stelmahovsky says:

350USD !?!

Andres says:

Ok, I can’t find an easy answer, so: Are we allowed to publish to the iOS App Store without that license?

dan says:

bad move digia!!! no problem, xamarin i come 🙂

Pau Garcia i Quiles says:

Absolutely and utterly insane.

350 USD/month/developer, plus LGPLv3-only modules, is in effect a “if you are not big, you are a burden — you are not welcome”.

make says:

430.50$ per month in Poland (350$ + Taxes)

Katherine - The Qt Company says:

Hello again,

Based on the feedback, we have extended our Indie Mobile offering until Aug 31. The price is the same, $25/mo, and we will honor all those who have become customers on/before Aug 31, even after the offering is discontinued. If you were planning to develop with Indie Mobile, great if you take advantage of it now before, we unfortunately, discontinue it.

Thanks again for the feedback!

1 says:

what do you offer for Indie game developers that your competitors do not offer??

Benefits of Qt for game devs:
– Qt Quick is cool

Disadvantages of Qt for game devs:
– QtCreator is insanely poor in features compared to lets say Unity; timeline editor anyone?
– No OSX/WIN app store support for QtPurchasing: how am I supposed to make $350 for month, if you do not offer a viable way for me to make that??
– price: Unity is twice as cheaper and twice as rich in features.

Vlad Stelmahovsky says:

Thanks for the release

Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems there is some Linux media service plugins missed in 5.5 which was awailable in 5.4.x which leads to errors like: defaultServiceProvider::requestService(): no service found for – “org.qt-project.qt.mediaplayer”

Vlad Stelmahovsky says:

Ok, this is known issue. Is there a workaround for this?

Vlad Stelmahovsky says:

Ok, this one gets fixed but now location module for linux has been removed. why?

kang says:

God bless you Qt guys !!

cmannett85 says:

“In Qt Core, we added support for properties and invokable methods to Q_GADGETs, making it much easier to expose your own value based classes in QML”

This one line entry will dramatically improve my codebase. Nice one!

Juha Vuolle says:

ditto this is goodness

Luke Parry says:

Is there an example of how Q_GADGET in the docs how it can be effectively used?

AlGrenadine says:

Congrats !
I have a problem : QtWebView for mingw492 has been forgotten !
See in

The version for Qt 5.4 is there but not for 5.5

Syam Krishnan says:

I’m interested in running Qt 5 on RHEL 6.
We have RHEL 6.5 (32-bit) installations. Is there anything specific about Qt supporting 6.6? Will it work on 6.5 too?

iieklund says:

The Linux packages are built with RHEL 6.6 using devtoolset-3.

Ralf Van Bogaert says:

Linux users are unable to use QMediaPlayer with this release, because apparently it does not include all the necessary backend plugins. This had been reported as a bug a while ago, but was not fixed for 5.5. So do we Linux users have to wait until 5.5.1?

@Ralf: This is intended to be fixed very soon with 5.5.0-1 as said in the known issues.

Ralf Van Bogaert says:

Very cool, thanks

stlcours says:

Sir, please tell me where is the bugfix table? Thanks!

Guilherme Bernal says:

I can

Guilherme Bernal says:

I can’t find information about the pricing of the comercial licenses now that the site changed. Where can I get this? Am I required to create a Qt Account to see it? Btw, awesome new release!

AJ says:

The ‘Qt for Application Development’ subscription license price is here
The price of
perpetual licenses for ‘Qt for Application Development’ and ‘Qt for Device Creation’ can be requested through the form

i.m says:

Are there any plans to make a version of PySide that supports Qt5.5?

AJ says:

Roadmap for PySide is available here

i.m says:

That’s an effort led being undertaken by community members on their own volition, but so far the Qt company itself has not said much about PySide aside from that mention in 2013 that their goals were to maintain Qt4 support.

Rune says:

Price for “Application Development” license is shown when you from the Qt homepage select “Get Started” -> “Application Development” -> “Buy Now”. It is USD 350 per monthly interval and automatically renewed:

The “Indie Development” license was priced at USD 25 per month and was announced medio September 2014 here:

It was in response to some discussion here and elsewhere:


Nejat says:

It’s so disappointing that there is no longer an Indie Mobile package!

julien says:

Just when I’d like to take one and support the team :'(
I cannot afford for myself now

Jim Toan says:

Thanks for this awesome release with lot of new features. I have a problem tough, I cant get Qt Creator 3.4.2 via the updater on OS X, is it a known bug?

@Jim: Also others have had problems, but it is not broken for all. Please try running “Update components” again. We are looking into this.

Jim says:

It’s actually weirder than this. THe update says i have Qt Creator 3.4.2, same in the InstallationLog.txt but in the about box from Qt Creator stands 3.4.1. So i just cant update. 🙁

Akseli says:

Issue with Qt Creator 3.4.2 online update is now solved. Please try running “Update components” again.

Jim says:

Thanks guys it’s workin again!

Alan says:

I had been looking for this release, so I thought I would upgrade to both Qt 5.5 and Qt Creator 3.4.2, but like many others, it would seem, Qt Creator doesn’t get updated. Only Qt got updated to Qt 5.5 and, somehow, I am not able to build my project from the command line anymore.

Whatever the case, I need Qt Creator, so I decided to uninstall everything and reinstall everything from scratch. What a waste of time! 🙁

Alan says:

I really Qt & Co., but… as the Qt installer been tested at all?

I have just reinstalled Qt + Qt Creator from scratch on Windows, Linux and OS X, and… Qt Creator tells me that I am running Qt Creator version 3.4.1 based on Qt 5.4.2.

Ok, I am giving up on trying to get Qt Creator 3.4.2. Now, time for me to try to understand why my code doesn’t build using Qt 5.5 (while it was building fine perfectly fine using Qt 5.4.2).

Alan says:

Sorry, the first line should have read:

I really LIKE Qt & Co., but… Has the Qt installer been tested at all?

@Alan: We have now identified the problem why Creator 3.4.2 is not available properly via the online installer. Hopefully we get this one fixed still during today. I apologize for the inconvenience, please try update again later today or tomorrow.

Alan says:

Thanks Tuukka.

izri says:

it’s very disappointing for an independent developer to pay 350 / month, it’s very difficult. I was wondering to take on mobile Indie license, but now I do not know if I could really pay that much money for projects that may be will not bring me anything. Anyway I hope that the Qt team will review this license 🙁 .

Thomas says:

I do have to agree with izri. Paying 350 Dollars to test the water with a new product is simply too much. I do have an mobile app almost ready, but I will not be able to pay that amount of money. So unfortunately, if there is no change of mind from Qt licensing I be forced to look elsewhere …. . And don’t get me wrong, I do like Qt and QML a lot !!

@Thomas: There is one month Start for free period to test Qt for Application Development. If you like it and want to continue to finalize and distribute your application, then you need to subscribe (pay).

izri says:

An independent developer needs more time to develop its applications, since he necessarily has a full time job. The day when he can live with development activity it will switch to individual company and then will pay 350.
So I think with this price, Qt will completely eliminate independent developers in their customers 🙂 .

Naelo says:

very untrustworthy. bye bye qt ;(

lemta says:

I’m beginner in Qt and with new license like that I can’t able pay it, I’m thinking about Xamarin. So maybe try to it in next days and bye bye Qt 🙁

Tim says:

> Camera support has been greatly improved.

This sounded interesting for a moment – perhaps the Windows webcam support is finally decent? Sadly it is actually talking about iOS. Windows camera support remains extremely basic.

Alex says:

PDB files are missing from the Windows package (online installer). This is a HUGE problem. For example, I’ve got a weird bug after updating to 5.5, and I can’t figure out what’s going on until I can set breakpoints in Qt code.

Cristian says:

PDB files could be hosted, just like Microsoft does with their own.

Then you will get them on demand.

Alex says:

Then it should be explained in the release notes how to get the PDBs. Qt 4.6 through 5.4.2 all supplied PDBs as a part of the installation, and all of a sudden 5.5 does not.

Kai Koehne Kai Koehne says:

This is a packaging error:

Dmitry says:

What happeded with ListView?
Change the nature of the motion of the list when pulling first item towards the end of the list or the first element in the direction of the start. Provided that the extreme item is at the edge of the list.

Konstantin says:

Its very good news. Multimedia and 3D improvements are good. But what about old bugs that was opened years ago?

Mosotti says:

Why can’t I download LGPL without making the source code public? LGPL allows me to keep the code, are you reinventing LGPL?

gns says:

You read it wrong.

The 1st question asks “how will you distribute your software”, not “what Qt version do you want to download”.

Mosotti says:

You’re right, but the question is wrongly asked. You see, I don’t want to make a commercial application, I want to make a free application, with closed source code 🙂

I think they should remove these silly questions, the site was pretty good for like 10+ years…

z4ph0d says:

@Mosotti: I think it should be possible but the thing is that LGPLv2.1 is vague regarding this whereas in LGPLv3 this clearer. See
I guess it depends on whether all the conditions of the LGPL are followed.

gns says:

On Windows 7 when launching the assistant (MinGW 4.9.2), it crashes because of missing Qt5Positioning.dll

Alex Blasche Alex Blasche says:

Did you by any chance deselect QtLocation from your installer? Unfortunately this excludes QtPositioning as well which in turn is required by webkit which assistant requires.

The issue is already tracked as

Alan says:

Thanks Alex, that fixed one of the issues I am facing with Qt 5.5… Onto the next one now… :s

Rob Guev says:

Hi, now QCamera on Android c++ works, but, there a way to integrate ZXing in a project Qt c++ ?

Ron says:

$350 / mo? Guys when you are trying to be a professional company you can’t go around and increase your pricing from $25 to $350.

Other companies make business decisions based upon your pricing model (and stability and predictability thereof). They then develop applications with Qt (thus locking them in) and then you go and increase the price enormously. That really erodes trust TREMENDOUSLY.

While we currently have the indie license it makes me very worried you are going to decide that you won’t offer that any longer. This is not good business at all,… who at Digia thought this was a good way forward to retain and get new customers?

Did we make the wrong choice by building upon Qt?

Also you have depreciated QtScript has the replacement finally matured completely? We tried moving to QJsScript in 5.4 but ran into so many missing parts that we had to abandon that effort.

@Ron: Qt for Application Development provides all that has been part of Qt Enterprise, for all leading desktop and mobile platforms, with a subscription payment model. Qt for Application Development is not intended to directly replace Indie Mobile. All customers of Indie Mobile can continue their subscription, we have just discontinued sales of new Indie Mobile subscriptions. Reason for this is that amount of sold Indie Mobile subscriptions has not been enough to sustain having this product.

Karo says:

As Ron already mentioned, a lot of developers have based their business decisions on the Qt pricing model and might have invested a considerate amount of time developing with Qt.

I have been working for month on a specialised app, which appeals to a small, but very interested user group.

Assuming a selling price of 5 dollar on AppStore and PlayStore and factoring in 30% tax and stuff I would have to sell around 100 copies of the app just to cover the licence cost. That is not unlikly, but there will be not much more additional sales.

So, yes I do feel tricked into a lock-in and then the price gets increased by more than 1000% …. I am speechless.
Even if the Indie business model does not make sense, I think a grace period for already engaged developers would
be appropriate.

Did I bet on the wrong horse ? Yes, it seems so.

Kora says:

As Ron already mentioned, a lot of developers have based their business decisions on the Qt pricing model and might have invested a considerate amount of time developing with Qt.

I have been working for month on a specialised app, which appeals to a small, but very interested user group.

Assuming a selling price of 5 dollar on AppStore and PlayStore and factoring in 30% tax and stuff I would have to sell around 100 copies of the app just to cover the licence cost. That is not unlikly, but there will be not much more additional sales.

So, yes I do feel tricked into a lock-in and then the price gets increased by more than 1000% …. I am speechless.
Even if the Indie business model does not make sense, I think a grace period for already engaged developers would
be appropriate.

Did I bet on the wrong horse ? Yes, it seems so.

Katherine Barrios Katherine Barrios says:

Thanks for your concern. Unfortunately, we didn’t see a pick up in our Indie Mobile/Professional commercial offering. Only very few users became customers of that package, although it was priced affordable. Remember though, that existing customers of Indie Mobile and Professional will be able to continue using that same package and we will honor the current price and model.

We do see a large part of mobile developers using our Qt Open Source offering, so that is good news as well. The latest Vision Mobile CPT report names Qt #4 with 18% mindshare as a cross-platform mobile development tool. Being a late comer to Android & iOS development compared to Xamarin, PhoneGap and the others, we are proud of that 🙂 Vision Mobile, at least, believes Qt will catch up to the Top 3 in no time. But, we never say never. We will for sure evaluate the feedback and perhaps introduce different pricing models/programs as we move along. We try new things and see how they work, and if they don’t we try again. Your feedback really helps. Thanks. We will come back to you and this.

Mark says:

Mrs Barrios:

Can you extend your confident support to QT and describe how Open Source applies with respect to the IOS Apple Store.

Source code?
Object files?

Ilya says:

> We do see a large part of mobile developers using our Qt Open Source offering, so that is good news as well.

I’m not sure that this reasoning is sound. Devs using Qt Open Source are (maybe) using because they know they have a affordable fallback in case of licencing trouble, especially on iOS. Me, for instance. So removing that option could erode the OSS “market share” as well.

Philippe Lelong says:

Same case here. We have invested a lot of time and were almost ready to submit our app to apple-store, and therefore buy a 25$/month license.

What are we supposed to do now? Just when the beta-testing period is almost finished we should move to another platform??

If I would have know that I would have purchase the license a month ago, of course.

But how could I have guess that decision?

Because in the beginning of the year I expressed my interest on the license, Digia sends me commercial mail from time to time. A fair attitude would have been to say something like “hey last chance to get a 25$ license”.

Really bad news for us, I hope you will change your decision or at least give us a grace period.

Vlad Stelmahovsky says:

Is it possible to create feature based licenses? I dont need all of this enterprise stuff, but would purchase couple of features

lemta says:

“Only very few users became customers of that package, although it was priced affordable.”

With Indie 25$ then very few users, so you think that with 350$ will more?

With 25$ I will buy but 350$ will say goodbye, so which is better for your business??

Vincent says:

Qt is quite fresh on mobile platforms (expect instability), Indie mobile was available for less than 10 months and you almost didn’t advertise it.

How do you expect to see pick up?

Vincent says:

Sorry, but explanation that there wasn’t demand is kind of misguided.

Indie Mobile license was introduced less than 10 months ago. It wasn’t widely marketed, at least compared to Xamarin that had massive AdWords campaing couple of months ago that almost appeared on my cereal after looking for “mobile framework” on Google.

So how can you say that there wasn’t demand after such a short time and minimal marketing?

Indie mobile seemed like a great opportunity to expand this ecosystem I love and care about. You’re blowing it now.

And 350$(+VAT)? Sorry, not everyone lives in Norway.

Daniel says:

Qt for mobiles is not ready yet, in Qt5.4 it was missing some crucial features like decent multimedia support and location.

Doesn’t make any sense to base the feedback of the indie license on that.
I was waiting Qt5.5 come out to buy an Indie license (for my luck I was able to buy it a few days before Qt5.5) because my application couldn’t run on IOS without some features missing on Qt5.4.
Besides that the pricing was pretty unstable, it happened suddenly without any announcement, terrible move, how can I trust that this wouldn’t happen again?

I really hope Qt come with a good solution for indie developers, otherwise: Hi Xamarin.

Katherine - The Qt Company says:


Thanks for the feedback.

Andres says:

This release is great news for the Qt Community, but raising the price to 350 each month isn’t it too much? I always thought this is a good platform, and a great alternative to other cross platform development toolkits, but you are becoming too expensive now. I’ll better look somewhere else, this is like kicking in the back of your community.

Adrian Gabureanu says:

Congratulations for the 5.5 release. Glad to notice that sounds started to work on WinRT and WinPhone.

However, I’m still unaware on how I could monetize WinRT/WinPhone apps. Can I mix C++ with C#? Or can I show AdMob ads or Bing ads inside Qt apps?

What about in-app purchases? Will Qt Purchasing API be extended to Windows 10 once a 5.5.x patch is released?

Maurice Kalinowski Maurice Kalinowski says:

Hi Adrian,

we are currently looking into Qt Purchasing for WinRT and it will include Windows 10 once it is ready. Whether it will be part of a 5.5.x release already is still open, but just wanted to confirm our efforts here.

Mixing with C# is currently pretty complicated and we are also working on this area to improve the developer experience. This is something we hope to be able to do for 5.6, but in worst case (feature freeze for that release is already in a couple of weeks) it might only make it for 5.7.

Dimitar Dobrev says:

Hello Maurice,

I develop C# bindings for Qt at Would you like to discuss your plans about C# integration? Perhaps we could cooperate.

Maxim says:

There is ambiguity in installer component selection: why there is “Qt Canvas 3D ” (in Qt 5.5 node) and “Qt Canvas 3D 1.0”
(in Qt Extras node) whats the difference between those 2 modules?

Kai Koehne Kai Koehne says:

The one in 5.5 is the latest one. The one in the extra’s is only interesting for people who can’t upgrade to 5.5.

Mathieu says:

For one month of QT, I can get one year of Marmalade….

Bye bye Qt

Fabio says:

On Windows 7 SP1 with QtCreator 3.4.2 bundle with the last QT SDK / Mingw Kit
when I try to run in debug mode, I get the message: “Unable to create a debugger engine of type type “No engine””

Kai Koehne Kai Koehne says:

Are you sure you’re using the right kit (Desktop Qt 5.5.0 MinGW 32bit)? THis kit should have the compiler and debugger properly configured – please file a bug report then.

If you’re using another Kit, you might need to configure the compiler and debugger manually in the Settings.

Joao says:

What a ridiculous decision, dropping the Indie Mobile license after such a short time.
I’ve been looking at Qt and leaning it, everything looked great and I was hoping to use it in the future at my company. (I didn’t buy the license yet as I was still in planning, and also only now in Qt5.5 the tech seems to be maturing and getting to an acceptable feature set for mobile).

I guess the Qt company just isn’t interested in supporting small shops or getting mindshare in the mobile business….

Katherine - The Qt Company says:


Thanks for the feedback.

I hope you can take advantage of the extended period to start your development.

zack says:

when will the patch with support for VS 2015 arrive?

Kai Koehne Kai Koehne says:

I understand that the current 5.5.0 most likely will work just fine with MSVC 2015. At least we’ve been testing with pre-releases of the compiler.

Jonny says:

Qt WebKit and Qt Script are NOT fully replaced by Qt WebEngine and Qt QML. Both are missing fundamental features. This is the first Qt update that would be a dead end for us. What a pitty.

@Jonny: Both Qt Script an Qt WebKit are still included in Qt 5.5.

chris says:

thanks a lot
any plan to support mingw64 binaries?

Kai Koehne Kai Koehne says:

Relevant bug report is . Please feel free to comment, especially if you’ve a specific reason that you want to use 64 bit.

James says:

seems to be a bug in macdeployqt as follows:

ERROR: qmlimportscanner not found at “/Users/macuser/bin/qmlimportscanner”.

On my Qt5.5.0, qmlimportscanner is in $QTDIR/bin, not in ~/bin.

Any help?

Kai Koehne Kai Koehne says:

This was reported also in the bug tracker:

Alex says:

After investing much time on learning and testing Qt on multiple mobile platforms I am shocked to see that the Indie Mobile license is no longer available.

I think it’s wise to at-least have an optional feature payment model. One that I am able to pay for the features that I need, not the whole package most of which is not necessary for me.

Vlad Stelmahovsky says:

Guys, this is ridiculous. 5.5.0-1 update removed QtQuick Controls for Linux as well (besides QtLocation & QtPositioning)

lemta says:

who is proposed this bad business idea?
350$ is too much for most of independent developers.
Also Qt such as for WinRT missing many feautures.
With 25$ I will buy but 350$ will say goodbye, so which is better for your business??

Fritz says:

Like for so many others, 350 per Month is way out of my price league.
I understand that you guys need to make money somehow, but this strikes me as a bad business decision. Even Xamarin seems like a bargain now.

Jason says:

Congrats! Does this version support browser plugins, particularly Flash, in WebEngine?

Kai Koehne Kai Koehne says:

This will most likely come with Qt 5.6.

yuyikai says:

Qt Quick has gotten improvements to make Flickable and PinchArea work better on Mac OS X and iOS.
But it’s hard to drag beyond the boundary of the filckable in ios.
And the drop-down refresh will not work.

Katherine - The Qt Company says:


Thanks for the feedback on Indie Mobile.

We have extended the offering until Aug 31. We apologize for discontinuing it without any heads up. If you were planning to develop with Indie Mobile, please take advantage of the extended offer until Aug 31.

Learn more here:

Ron says:

Well, I guess that is better than nothing for people that already started projects.

Still disappointed as you effectively block your grass-root growth and community expansion. Small developers that are evaluating frameworks will discard Qt instantly as $350 / mo for the privilege to publish to the app store is just too much.

This means: People won’t learn Qt, projects are not started with Qt,.. and eventually Qt ends up “swinging” (pun intended) in the wind.

If Digia is focusing on growing in the mobile area, this is a funny way to do this.

lemta says:

Exactly, about 3 months ago, between Xamarin vs Qt, I choose Qt because both are powerful(maybe same), and I know C++ better C# for a bit, and of course, also Qt price is same Xamarin. If before, Qt has price as now, I’m sure that I will choose Xaramin.

Firat Agdas says:

I agree, %100. Price is too much for mobile. Especially, need to use QtQuickCompiler to avoid using Interpreter mode iOS & code security. It is just not right.

Josh says:

Any more planned updates to 5.4?

Kai Koehne Kai Koehne says:

We don’t currently plan to have a Qt 5.4.3.

Cathy says:

Congratulations for the 5.5 release.
I have built the browser sample with win7 + VS2013 + qt msvc2013-5.5.0 and run it on windows XP, but the browser can’t show the page.

Kai Koehne Kai Koehne says:

I assume you built with -target xp? What opengl backend are you using, and which browser sample do you mean specifically?

Please create a bug report about this on

Gil says:

I think the elephant in the room is that on iOS 8 and later, signed dylibs are allowed and so it is possible to submit a Qt app to the ios app store and still adhere to the LGPL, it’s essentially the same as the Mac App Store now in that regard.

Can anyone confirm this is true? If so, all the indie developers who can’t afford the professional license will certainly be able to develop with it under that license.

As far as the $350/month cost, I agree that it’s not the right price point. $1000/user/year is the sweet spot, in my opinion. Want to make more money from commercial customers? Offer support and consulting services that don’t suck, charge for those separately.

Flamaros says:

We have some issues with the initialization of our opengl graphic engine with this update.

glewInit(); fails to find OpenGL version.

Is there something to add to force Qt to create an openGL Context with QtQuick?

I tried to change to RenderableType on the surface without success

Quidam says:

Qt-5.5/5.5/clang_64/lib/QtCore.framework/Headers/qpoint.h:53:5: error: unknown type name
Q_DECL_RELAXED_CONSTEXPR inline void setX(int x);

das says:

Without QtScript , Native C++ develpers will lost a very important feature. For native C++ project, Qt is so amazing that no other frameworks we want to use.
It seems that C++ native programing is not the focus of current development, however, QtScript is one of Qt’s Leading aspects compared with other frameworks.
Engineers in our company are talking about this decision(QtScript in future ) for a whole day, We think that if we do not maintain the integrity of the existing module, Qt will gradually lose a large number of C++Native users, with out native C++, Qt is NOT Qt.

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