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Qt Creator 3.4.2 released

Published Wednesday July 1st, 2015
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We are happy to announce the release of Qt Creator 3.4.2.

The main change in 3.4.2 is that our binaries are now based on the new Qt 5.5 release, benefitting from its support of a wider range of Linux distributions, and its other improvements. We also fixed recognition of the MSVC 2015 tool chain and a crash in the Valgrind analyzer.

You find the opensource version on the Qt download page, and Enterprise packages on the Qt Account Portal. Please post issues in our bug tracker. You also can find us on IRC on #qt-creator on irc.freenode.net, and on the Qt Creator mailing list.

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Posted in Qt, QtCreator, Releases


serge says:

Updated Creator with MainteinanceTool but “About QtCtreator” window still shows 3.4.1 (opensource). Then I manually downloaded http://download.qt.io/online/qtsdkrepository/windows_x86/desktop/tools_qtcreator/qt.tools.qtcreator/3.4.2-0qt-creator-opensource-vs2013-32.7z – version in archive is 3.4.1

serge says:

By the way, why there’s no version information in qtcreator.exe?

StanM says:

Inside Qt creator, choose the Help/About Qt Creator… menu option.
I just ran the online installer to re-install Qt from scratch and pickup Qt5.5. My Qt Creator is version 3.4.1 based on Qt 5.4.2, confirming what serge wrote.

serge says:

Inside Qt creator, choose the Help/About Qt Creator… menu option.
That’s obvious. I mean WinApi VERSIONINFO resource, you can check it when right click->Properties in Explorer. Qt dll’s do have it filled.

@serge: Try running “Update Components” with the Maintenance tool. If you install Qt 5.5 as new item, installer may not do the update of Qt Creator on the same go, another update round may help.

Nuno Nunes says:

Does not work.
Made update to Qt5.5 in OS X and Linux. In both maintenance tool says I have QtCreator 3.4.2 but “About Qt Creator” says it is 3.4.1 (based on Qt 5.4.2).
In linux I deleted the install and made a fresh one but the Qt Creator installed is still 3.4.1 .

Leandro says:

Same problem of @serge. Another update round is not working for me 🙁

Alex says:

Me neither. I confirm the issue as well. It DID update (download and install some Qt Creator), but Help -> About Qt Creator shows 3.4.1 / 5.4.2.

Kayra says:

Both on Windows and Linux, QtC version is 3.4.1 although the maintenance tool claims I have 3.4.2 installed. No further updates are shown when trying to update again.

Qt libs used by QtC are 5.4.2 on both platforms.

Although the About dialog of QtC claims that QtC is built on June 3 from revision d1dd20aa31 on both platforms, the binaries on Windows seem to be created on June 30, if that data is to be believed. On Windows somehow the modified that is June 3, i.e. modified date < created date. The modified date that of QtC's Qt libs and other binaries is June 3 on Linux.

serge says:

This was the first round when I updated MaintainanceTool itself and then Creator. Now MainteinanceTool claims I have v3.4.2 of QtC. And pay attention, contents of downloaded file does not match to it’s name.

serge says:

And one more thing, is Qt account now required to update components? It was promised that it will be optional for installation, how about update?

@serge: Qt Account is optional for Qt Open Source users.

serge says:

I logged in to another account on my PC and tried to run MT. It wanted me to log in and the only option was “uninstall only”. No skip option. I had to copy qtaccount.ini from another account to proceed to update. That’s why I asked.

Akseli says:

Issue with Qt Creator 3.4.2 online update is now solved. Please try running “Update components” again.

Tom says:

After running The maintenance tool on windows and Choosing “Update components” I still have Qt creator version 3.4.1 (opensource) installed (Built on Jun 3 2015).
I then edited “components.xml” of the maintenance to to force an upgrade again but no luck still got 3.4.1.

Tom says:

Indeed, it’s fixed. Thanks!

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

The update is deployed, but it might take some time to arrive at your local mirror.

Leandro says:

Thanks guys! Good job

Markus Franke says:

Works like a charm. Thanks…

serge says:

Worked for me, thanks.

steph says:

This release of QtCreator is really buggy, but maybe because I’m using qbs.

Sometimes editing qml file in text mode simply freeze QtCreator for 10 seconds…

Also if you build the project without closing the running application, the compilation will freeze also and you have to kill QtCreator in order to stop it.

Roger says:

I’m not using qbs and I have the same issue.
It freezes every few minutes for 20 – 30 seconds. There were other occasions when QtCreator crashed after freezing for a while. I think that happened when I had an application running.
I found it unusable and had to revert back to an older version.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

Can you please go over to https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTCREATORBUG-14676 and tell us if the Qt Creator 3.4.1 binaries expose the same issue, or if the issue is really new in 3.4.2 ? Thanks.

Roger says:

I don’t have v3.4.1 (using v3.3.1 that came with Qt 5.4.1). I would be happy to try it, but since it is no longer on the download page I don’t know where I can get it from.

DavidB says:

Qtcretor hangs on Ubuntu when you try to close an example project and open another one

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