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Qt 5.6 Alpha released

Published Tuesday September 8th, 2015
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A couple of weeks ago, we took our first steps towards the Qt 5.6 release.

One of the most important achievements was to put our new CI (continuous integration) system into use. This system has been developed from the ground up over the last 8 months as a replacement for the older, Jenkins-based CI system that we have been using so far. The old system was suffering from a lot of problems, leading to very long turn-around times to get individual patches integrated into Qt. The new system is both more stable and significantly faster. It also simplifies adding new repositories to the CI system, and is a lot more flexible in handling multiple branches. This will help both our development work as well as our release process.

With the new CI system in production, we then created the 5.6 branch from our development code base. After some stabilization work on the code base, and adjustments to our new CI system, we now have a first set of source packages for Qt 5.6 available for you to try out and play around with. Apart from many bug fixes, there are a lot new features available in Qt 5.6. If you are interested in the details, please have a look at our 5.6 wiki page.

Our focus for the coming weeks will now be to create the Qt 5.6 beta that will also be distributed in the form of binary packages. Our goal is to create the binary packages directly from our CI system, and not as a separate step afterwards. This will significantly reduce the turn-around time for creating new packages, thus making is faster and easier to create release packages in the future.

As always, you can get the alpha packages from our download page or from your Qt Account. We would like to encourage everybody to check them out, play around with them and give us feedback in terms of bug reports.

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Posted in Community, Qt


Johann says:

Did I get it right: you developed your own CI system? If so do you have any plans to make a product out of it or release it as open source software?

Frederik Gladhorn Frederik Gladhorn says:

Hi Johann,
we currently haven’t figured out if “Coin” will be a product (open source or proprietary). Currently it is quite tied into our infra structure and many parts of it are Qt specific.
For example we focused on benefiting of the modularization of Qt – being able to re-use existing build artifacts (which is possible with Jenkins, but quite hard to get right).
Another big point is of course that each patch that goes into Qt is tested (at least built) on 25 to 30 platforms.
As the CI will become more stable and we have finished a few more features, we’ll blog more about it.

Johann says:

Thanks for your answer!
What you are doing sounds interesting, I look forward to hear more about Coin πŸ™‚

Philippe says:

Is it not the first time you release a +0.1 update before releasing a +0.0.1 update?
(I am currently waiting more for 5.5.1 than 5.6).

Jani Heikkinen Jani Heikkinen says:

These releases aren’t depending each other. We are planning to release Qt 5.5.1 later this month

AlekseyShi says:

Need resolve this
shameful bug!

Thiago Macieira says:

The patch is in the works for that, but it turns out that fixing Windows isn’t easy. The fix will be in 5.5.1 and in 5.6.0 beta.

Jon Mullen says:

Is the visual studio add-in getting an update with the 5.6 release?

Maurice Kalinowski Maurice Kalinowski says:


there will be an update for the Add-In including documentation and newer Qt versions.

But please note that AddIns have been deprecated in Visual Studio 2015 and a VSPackage solution has not been started yet. You can follow status (vote and comment) also at this item in our bugtracker

Karoly Negyesi says:

How’s the monitor-(un)plug-crashes-QT5/KF5 critical bug coming along?

corey says:

when i called QWidget::winId();
QWebEngineView display a black block.

is that a bug?

Allan Jensen says:

Could be related to Somehow the state gets wrong if other windows are native.

Heye says:

Nice work! Will you reduce the package size of apk or ipa for mobiles in 5.6? Thank you.

yakimov says:

Hello! We crave for having ES-2015 support at qml !!!

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