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Qt Creator 3.5.1 released

Published Thursday October 15th, 2015
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We are happy to announce the release of Qt Creator 3.5.1. We fixed many bugs in this release and also updated our binary packages to Qt 5.5.1. Please have a look at our change log for more details.

You find the opensource version on the Qt download page, and commercially licensed packages on the Qt Account Portal. Please post issues in our bug tracker. You can also find us on IRC on #qt-creator on irc.freenode.net, and on the Qt Creator mailing list.

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Posted in Dev Loop, Qt, QtCreator, Releases


JKSH says:

I’m keen to start using it!

Unfortunately, when I used the online installer to upgrade from Qt Creator 3.5.0 to 3.5.1, the download completed but I got “Hash verification while downloading failed. This is a temporary error, please retry.” Two other users have reported this too, so far: https://forum.qt.io/topic/59768/qt-online-installer-for-windows-checksum-error-during-update-of-qtcreator-3-5-1/2

@JKSH: This is because there has been a problem with sync and in certain configurations the SHA1 is incorrect. Please provide more info via: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-48781

JKSH says:

Great, issue resolved 🙂

GFGD says:

I didn’t see any new options in MaintenanceTool neither qt5.5.1 nor qtcreator 3.5.1.(Mac OS X)

JKSH says:

Select “Update components” on the first page of the Maintenance Tool.

GFGD says:

Still,no update,no new component. I’m using MaintenanceTool Enterprise edition for Mac OS X.

Adrian Jäkel says:

what does “Added support for MSYS2 compilers and debuggers” mean? I’m already using the msys2 toolchain in a kit, so what has been improved/added?

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