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Qt 5.6 Beta Released

Published Friday December 18th, 2015
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It is my pleasure to announce that we have released Qt 5.6 Beta today, with binary installers available for convenient installation. Qt 5.6 will be a long-term supported release as we announced at the Qt World Summit in the beginning of October. This means Qt 5.6 support for 3 years along with additional patch-level releases. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the forthcoming release!

Long-Term Support

Qt 5.0.0 was released 3 years ago and we have done a huge amount of improvements since then. Therefore, we believe that it is time to create a Long-Term Supported (LTS) release with Qt 5.6. Our previous LTS release was Qt 4.8, which is running out of support in December. Most of you have already upgraded to Qt 5, but if you still have active projects in Qt 4 we encourage to migrate now.

Qt 5.6 will be supported for 3 years, after which additional extended support can be purchased. During this time period, even though following Qt releases (5.7 onwards) are already out, Qt 5.6 will receive parallel patch releases bringing bug fixes and security updates. We will also aim to provide support for new operating system and compiler versions when possible, however this can not be fully guaranteed even for an LTS release. Furthermore, it should be noted that the deprecated modules and technology preview modules are not subject to the LTS.

If you wish to know more about LTS, please check a blog post describing how it works.

New CI system – More Power to Qt Releasing

To build a foundation for the LTS Qt 5 release, we have been developing our continuous integration and releasing infrastructure. After all, as Qt is released and thoroughly tested on a multitude of different platforms and configurations, there is quite an infrastructure behind making all this possible. A new CI system, called Coin for COntinuos INtegration, has been developed and taken into use with Qt 5.6.

With the new CI system we are also using the binaries produced during the CI run in the Qt release packages. This prevents us from having to make new builds for packaging, saving time on integrating changes and creating new packages. In addition to time, the new approach saves a significant amount of CPU cycles in our cluster. Qt 5.6 Beta is the first release with CI produced binaries, so we ask that you please report all issues you encounter. This will help us fine-tune the system for RC and final.

High-DPI Support

One of the biggest new features coming with Qt 5.6 is a fully rewritten cross-platform High-DPI support. It allows applications written for standard resolution displays to be automatically scaled when shown on high-pixel-density displays. Using the new High-DPI support, Qt automatically adjusts font sizes, window elements, icons and graphics in general in a Qt application based on the pixel density. High-DPI support allows applications to adjust automatically even when the user moves a window from one display to another with a different pixel density.

Windows 10 Fully Supported + VS2015 binaries!

We have supported Windows 10 to a large extent already with Qt 5.5 and will now provide full support to both the win32 and WinRT APIs of Windows 10. Qt applications run on Windows 10 desktop PC’s, tablets and phones – and can be distributed via the Windows Store. For native Windows win32 applications moving to Windows 10 and the new WinRT API means a major rewrite, but with Qt is is a matter of simply compiling your application for WinRT.

In addition to Windows 10 support, Qt 5.6 also provided pre-built binaries for the Visual Studio 2015 compiler. Unfortunately, VS Add-In no longer works with VS2015, but we’ll update the VS Add-In for users of earlier Visual Studio versions with the release of Qt 5.6.0.

Other New Features

In addition to things mentioned here, Qt 5.6 adds many other new features and improvements. Please check the wiki for the most important new things in Qt 5.6.

Webkit and Qt Quick 1 Removed

We have removed WebKit and Qt Quick 1 from Qt 5.6 release content. The source code is still available in the repositories, but these are not packaged with Qt 5.6 any more. Qt Script remains deprecated, but is included in Qt 5.6 release.

Qt 5.6 Timeline

With the Beta release now out, we hope to get a lot of feedback from you and will polish Qt 5.6 further towards the Release Candidate and 5.6.0 final in the coming months. We are targeting to release the Qt 5.6.0 LTS final in Q1/2016.

Get Qt 5.6 Beta

Qt 5.6 Beta is now available for download in the Qt Account web portal (register here) or from download.qt.io.

Known issues of Qt 5.6 Beta are listed in the wiki. As always, please provide feedback via the Qt Project mailing lists, IRC, and when appropriate, create bug report at bugreports.qt.io.




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Posted in Biz Circuit & Dev Loop, Qt, Releases


Alex says:

Thanks !
Will it be available in online installers/Maintenance tool ?

@Alex: Beta only offline, final will be also available also via online.

JC says:

Can we expect that Qt 5.6 will build with GCC 5.3.x out of the box? Can we expect the bundled GCC will move forward from 4.9?

massimo says:

regarding move forward from 4.
Why is supported old Mingw 4.9 instead 5.1 or mingw-w64?

Emdek says:

Finally. 🙂

Starts recompiling to get QtWebKit…
At least QtScript is still there.

Emdek says:

Damn, no source packages for QtWebKit?
That is very bad idea, it will only make it more messy in long term…

@Emdek: Qt WebKit is removed from Qt 5.6, therefore it is included neither in binary or source packages. Recommendation is to use Qt WebEngine as for most use cases it provides everything needed. If you are missing some feature, is typically is a viable option to continue using Qt 5.5 for now. If you really want to get Qt WebKit on top of Qt 5.6, you can fetch it from the repository, but there is no guarantee it works.

NoName says:

The problem with continuing with Qt 5.5 is that there aren’t any VS2015 builds. Could you provide VS2015 binaries with Qt 5.5?

@NoName: Qt 5.5.1 does work with VS2015, but you need to build it yourself. Pre-built VS2015 binaries are available with Qt 5.6.

Emdek says:

@Tuukka Turunen, yes, I’m aware of this situation, but for projects like Otter Browser, qutebrowser or QupZilla this Qt release is hard time of transition…
QtWebKit is dead and QtWebEngine is not yet ready to fully replace it (but it is very close to do that this time).

The least painful solution for now seems to be compiling QtWebKit from git while waiting for QtWebEngine to get support for remaining details…
Having source packages around would help to ensure that Linux distributions and BSD will provide consistent QtWebKit packages in future (at least those who won’t drop it after moving to 5.6).

Thiago Macieira says:

Actually, QtWebKit is guaranteed to work for at least a couple more versions. We’ve just revisited the decision and will release a version 5.6 of it that does compile.

But it will not be included in the main binaries. You’ll need to build from sources.

Emdek says:

@Thiago Macieira, that sounds much better, thanks.

hong says:

Why doesn’t VS Add-In support with VS2015.

@hong: Because unfortunately the Visual Studio API used by the VS Add-In is no longer available in VS2015.

ya says:

So do you plan to address this in the near future or what exactly is the plan the Qt-Addin and VS 2015 (and above)?

Nikolaz says:

Can you explain in more detail about what specific API, you say?

Jörg Bornemann Jörg Bornemann says:

Add-ins are no longer supported by Visual Studio. See the release notes for Visual Studio 2015.
Add-ins must be converted to VSPackage Extensions.

Andy Lawrence says:

I have used the VS Addin in VS 2013 to easily change the Qt version for the project I was building. If there is no VS Addin working for VS 2015, is there a blog post or Wiki that explains in detail how to do this manually? It would be really useful to know all the places the Addin has to fix up to make the version change work. If the API doesn’t let you do it automatically, manual instructions would really help.

DavidG says:

Okay, no VSAddin for 2015. But when will a new VSAddin be released for VS2013? The current version still doesn’t support custom environments for debugging, the addin constantly breaks environments that are not exactly like:

This bug has been known since 1.2.1 and was finally fixed last February, but it still hasn’t been shipped?

@DavidG: In conjunction or slightly before Qt 5.6.0.

Eddy says:

I use Qt5Package from Visual Studio Extensions gallery and it works fine:

Tobi says:

Tried Qt5Package and got an error when adding new qt version with it:

This Qt version uses an unsupported makefile generator (used: MSVC.NETMSBUILD, supported: MSVC.NET, MSBUILD)

ya says:

I used that Addin for a few weeks how and it worked Fine with Visual Studio 2015. However after I updated to Update 1 of Visual Studio 2015, it produces similar errors here.

However it shows that modifiying the Qt-Addin to work with Visual Studio 2015 is possible.

Josh H says:

I’m having the same issue with the VS addin. How did you get this to work?

MrSpock says:

Did you find a description, how to use different versions of QT with VS 2015 without the addin? Or does somebody else have a link to a description of how to use QT 5.6.0 with VS 2015?

MeerMusik says:

Finally. Was a long waiting Game this time. But definitely worth the wait! Congratulations 🙂

Best thing: I dont have to apply all the Patches manually anymore (Git trolls me ATM for some reason).

I wonder how long Qt 5.7 will be delayed because of this. But this is another Story.

Anyway: Great work. Enjoy the well deserved time off / Holidays etc.


@MeerMusik: We are targeting to release Qt 5.7.0 in May 2016, for more details check the wiki page: http://wiki.qt.io/Qt-5.7-release

MeerMusik says:

Yes I am aware of that. It is one of the Bookmarked Links. Worse phrasing from my side thanks to my horrible english. Sorry. But thanks 🙂

avb says:

> create bug report at bugreports.qt.io

I having problems reaching the bugtracker website for days. Is this a known serverside issues?

Alex Blasche Alex Blasche says:

Nothing is perfect but I am not aware of any issues that would prevent you from contacting https://bugreports.qt.io for days.

Mihail Naydenov says:

Please write a separate blog post about High-DPI Support on non-OSX platforms!

Mainly, please explain how it will cooperate with the OS and will it respect any user settings?

I am asking because I am aware of the current work there and right now, on Linux, NO user settings are respected at all – Qt adds its own layer on-top of hardware monitor values as reported by X.

I am OK with any scenario, but please explain it. Right now I simply do not know should I provide an option in my application to control scaling. And if don’t what will happen if both Qt and the OS have scaling active !?!

Thank You

Alex Blasche Alex Blasche says:

I am not an expert for the domain but there was a longer thread about it on the development mailing list:


Morten Morten says:

A Blog post on high-DPI is coming.

For the X11 config issue: The scale factor Qt applies is is currently computed based on screen geometry and physical size, as reported by X11. (see m_pixelDensity in qxcbscreen.cpp)

The question is them: are there some other values Qt should use? There could be user settings not reflected by the display properties Qt reads.

Mihail Naydenov says:

Thanks for the response. I am waiting for the blogpost to clear thing up.

For the Linux impl. I am worried the OS *might* do something behind Qt’s back, because there is no standard way of specifying a scale factor. This seems to make mandatory inclusion of dpr controls into the application.

For the Win version – there a couple of *different* OS values, depending on the version (XP, Vista, 8.1+) IIRC. I am interested which of these are respected by Qt, but more importantly, which of these “can do damage” – change the look of the client area of the window.

I am writing this because the new docs (5.6 git) already explain the Qt implementation and options, but has NO info on the specific OS integration and settings communication.

Thank You!

Morten says:

We would like to avoid having application scale setters, and there is no public (or planned) API for doing this in Qt 5.6. But if there is no other option then it could be added in a future release.

I’ve created QTBUG-50120 now for tracking this issue. Any info on specific cases where Qt does not pick up screen DPI configurations is of interest.

DavidG says:

Will a new VS addin version be released along with Qt 5.6? Because a lot of Visual Studio users are still waiting for this bug-fix to be released: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTVSADDINBUG-375

Gregory says:

Congratulation on the release

Olivier Goffart says:

In Qt 5.6, I implemented some improvements in the dock widgets. See my blog about it: https://woboq.com/blog/qdockwidget-changes-in-56.html

Albert says:

We are using Enginio, which is depreciated. What is the the plan on Enginio from now on. Which release will it be removed?

@Albert: It is still included and works with Qt 5.6.0, but is considered for removal in future releases or Qt.

Firat says:

Awesome release! And finally! 🙂

What about 5.5.2 release? I can’t see anywhere about that release. QtQuickCompiler 3.0 has a blocker and did not fixed yet.

Jani Heikkinen Jani Heikkinen says:

Hi, we haven’t done final decision related to 5.5.2 yet. We are working on to create first 5.5.2 snapshot to see where we are. After that we will do the final decision if we will release it or not.

Stephen Chu says:

I must point out again that removing QtWebKit from distribution when QtWebEngine still doesn’t support rendering to a QPaintDevice is extremely irresponsible.

Thiago Macieira says:

It would be irresponsible of us to include it in the LTS release. We cannot maintain it for years, since upstream has diverged considerably and it takes development power away from other things.

If you need it for your projects and you’re unable to move yet to QtWebEngine, you will need to build the qtwebkit 5.6 release from sources.

Arthur Turrini says:

Will automatic High Dpi support be extended for Android/iOS for those still using Qt Widgets? I’ve some big applications written with Qt Widgets and I can’t migrate them right now to QML…

Mihail Naydenov says:

High Dpi should work across the board because it is on lower level, “below” QWidgets/QQuick. It is a property of the window’s surface, on which anything is later drawn.

It is a different story if all styles and controls will be ported to higher dpi right away.

Morten Morten says:

A specific issue for the Android case is the Android style support is still on the TODO list. (The Android style already scales, so we get double scaling when enabling high-DPI support lower in the stack)

You can test yourself by setting the Qt::AA_EnableHighDpiScaling application attribute or android.app.auto_screen_scale_factor in AndroidManifest.xml.

Arthur Turrini says:

So far, so good. Auto scale is working very well on Android + Qt Widgets. Thanks!

Nejat says:

I am so excited to test the new High-DPI Support feature. It’s one of the things that I really needed. So glad to see it in 5.6 🙂

David says:


I was wondering if there will be more documentation/examples for WinRT integration… I’ve been wanting to get into it but the documentation is scarce and I just want to work with the SettingsPane. I know Qt did the Quick Forecast demo which I can’t find the source and added “Privacy Policy” but like I said, not sure where to start poking.

My bad if this isn’t the place. WinRT is a platform I’m interested in having a more “natural integration”..


Laborde says:

Congrats. We can all appreciate all the intense work done.

Dyami Caliri says:

Really great work!

We already had high dpi assets for OS X.
I just recompiled the Windows version of our application with Qt 5.6, set up the high dpi assets, and now it looks just as good on a high dpi Surface Pro 4. Really impressive!

Professor says:

Please release a last and final qt4 release with all accumulated patches, fixes, updates etc. That would be awesome and qt4 could very well rest in the deprecated territory afterwards.

“Our previous LTS release was Qt 4.8, which is running out of support in December.”

Exactly, and “running out of support” which means a final release is necessary.

Maxim says:

What about Qt Speech in Qt 5.6?

@Maxim: Qt Speech technology preview is coming with Qt 5.7.

Dopa says:

Unfortunately the mouse wheel scroll rate is too low in this release. In previous versions, including the 5.6.0 alpha, the minimum scroll unit on my PC was 3 lines and now it’s set to 1 line (for example when scrolling the text editor or list boxes in QT creator). Is there a way to increase it?

Hamer says:

I would really like to see more improvements in the iOS port, especially on the UI part. For instance: The native Qt style does not look well on iOS so we use the flat style (Extras/Enterprise). But the flat style stopped working with the Qt 5.6 beta. A design flaw is the (popup) menu which makes all Qml controls “unuseable” which rely on it (menus, combobox, …). It uses a tiny portion of the screen and requires multiple touches to find/select items or cancel the menu. Here a simple UIActionSheet (or some kind of custom UITableView) would be much better.

Apart from these points I appreciate the progress Qt is making. The Android port is working very well and there is much work going on with the WinRT port.

@Hamer: Please create bug reports for any issues you find in the beta so that we can fix things for the 5.6.0 release.

Hossein says:

This is a long-lasting bug, and is very annoying for the users of Persian/Farsi language.

Users of this language can not write a frequent character ZWNJ (Zero width non-joiner, a special Unicode character that is used for making the sequence of characters not joined together)
Developers of Telegram, a popular messaging application that uses Qt for desktop version of its application, patch Qt themselves to avoid this bug!

Is there a chance that this bug will be used in Qt 5.6 final?

This was the provided patch:

Commenting closed.

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