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Notification for all Qt Cloud Services users

Published Tuesday January 26th, 2016
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Over a year ago we launched Qt Cloud Services, which includes Managed Runtime Services, Managed Application Runtime (MAR), Managed Database (MDB) and Engin.io. Since then we have received great feedback and seen some amazing cloud-connected applications published on the platform. However, the take-up of our services has not been what we had hoped. Consequently, we are currently looking into ramping down Qt Cloud Services. Meantime we will be discontinuing further sales.

We value our customer relationships and therefore believe in providing you as much transparency on this as early as possible. The service will be up and running at least through H1 2016. You will receive at the minimum 3 months’ notice prior to any changes.

Again, we value your business and welcome you to contact us to discuss your particular concerns and questions via info@qtcloudservices.com.


Best regards,

The Qt Cloud Services Team

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Posted in Biz Circuit & Dev Loop, Cloud, Enginio, Qt Cloud Services


sfabry says:

Sorry to hear that,

I’m not concerned, but I had found the concept and the MAR system idea very great.

It’s a pity it doesn’t had the success it desserve…

d3fault says:

Why not open source the backend before givng it the bullet? Nobody wants to make their business depend on your service like that, since they have little/no recourse when you decide to discontinue the service (see: this very blog post)

@d3fault: Unfortunately it is not possible to even consider the benefits of open-sourcing as there are certain parts of the backend that can not be opened.

ben says:

Qt is a very strong contender as a true cross-platform technology in the Mobile App market. Cloud services are a vital part of App development (users, storage, SQL, etc.). Therefore it seems that such a service is a must. The upcoming commercial start-up license will greatly improve the chances of new developers using Qt for mobile apps. So perhaps it’s still too early to close off the cloud services! It’s true that there are lots of available web services but the integration of Engin.io into the Qt/Qml classes is a great advantage for quick prototyping and development.

@ben: Qt works wells and is also used with multiple different cloud services. Going forward, we continue investments in Qt to be even better in the connected World. We are just planning to focus to the Qt framework side and leave the server side for others.

Chris says:

I never understood what exactly Qt was offering. Space on a server? Multiple cpus for building apps?

Seems to me that the service never had a chance because there was no examples of what it would do or what it was you were selling.

Charby says:

I was planning to release an application by the end of 2015 using engin.io, unfortunately the development got slightly delayed and I couldn’t achieve to release it on time. The end of engin.io services will not help at all …this is quite disappointing…

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