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Demerger from Digia — Qt business to become a separate listed company

Published Wednesday April 13th, 2016
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The Qt Company is in the process of a demerger from Digia to become its own business entity and to be listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. The planned registration date is May 1st 2016. The purpose of the arrangement would be to enable both Qt with its international reach and Digia with its domestic focus to maximize their respective business opportunities in line with their strategy. This will also optimize corporate structure, management and financing for each entity. Since 2008, Juha Varelius (MSc. Econ.) has been President & CEO of Digia Plc and has now been chosen by the Board to be the CEO & President of the newly listed Qt Group Plc. The Qt Company will continue to run business as usual and customers will not be affected. More information about the demerger: http://digia.com/en/investors/demerger/.

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Posted in Biz Circuit


Yury Kudryashov says:

Probably a stupid question: if one compares the “pre-Nokia” with “post-digia” situations, what are the main differences?
I see license, open governance and new codebase.

Sebastian Morkisch says:

Indeed, a good question and surely not to be answered in a 160 char manner. πŸ™‚

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