Qt Installer Framework 2.0.3 released

Published Tuesday May 10th, 2016
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We are happy to announce that the Qt Installer Framework 2.0.3 is released.

2.0.3 is a bug fix release, mainly fixing compiling issues. The Installer Framework requires Qt5.5 or later versions to compile. Please see ChangeLog for further details.
Sources and precompiled binaries for the Installer Framework are available at download.qt.io (open source) or in your Qt Account.

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Posted in Dev Loop, Qt Installer Framework


zack says:

Can you please provide 64 bit version of the installer for windows?
With this OS, it is really necessary to have native 64 bit version.

Where is the change log? I can’t find it.

You have to update the docu, I guess:

Why not bundle the IFW release with every Qt release?

Katja Marttila says:

Thanks for noting, we will update the documentation as well. We will consider adding 64bit version as well.
The ChangeLog you can find for example here: http://code.qt.io/cgit/installer-framework/installer-framework.git/tree/Changelog?h=2.0

Jeroen Dierckx says:


The change log (http://code.qt.io/cgit/installer-framework/installer-framework.git/tree/Changelog?h=2.0) states in version 2.0.1 “Fix maintenance tool upgrade on OS X”.

I am very interested in a way to update the maintenance tool installed with our application, but I cannot find any documentation about it. I want to do this in Windows, although Mac support will come.

The above line from the change log makes me think there is a built-in way to do this, but I still cannot find anything concrete in the documentation or fora.

The closest I got was looking in the source code of the official online Qt Installer, but that is very complex (with code that generates part of the installer config files and whatnot). Is there any documentation available about this functionality?

Thanks for the hard work!

Katja Marttila says:

You can update your existing maintenancetool with devtool update command:
devtool –update bin\installerbase.exe
Then if you want users to use that maintenancetool, you can upload it to server. Make a package directory where you put your maintenancetool, create configuration file and package information file. Marking the package true will force the maintenancetool to be updated.

kangjoni says:

How did you made official precompiled ABI compat?will it run on x64 centos 6 with libc v2.12? I think you could be better give some readmes for both 32 and 64bit. This sounds challenges rebuilding gcc stack on older libc platform. Sometimes, ago I downloaded run your binary in Debian7 32bi

joni says:

How do you make strict binary compat with older Libc version such as centos6 and debian 7?

stackprogramer says:

i.e. for running Qt app we should use Qt The Installer Framework ?

Zoin says:

Is it possible to create installer with fully customized UI using Qt Installer Framework? I want to create something similar to Opera browser installer (it’s just a single window without the redundant Next->Next->Next workflow) with pretty UI (QtQuick would be the best one here, but well, it’s probably too fat for installer)? I’ve looked through the demos, googled, even read some sources of Qt Installer Framework, but still couldn’t find an answer to this. Is it possible, or would it be easier to just write everything from scratch?

Katja Marttila says:

You can automatically skip pages in control script with gui.clickButton(buttons.NextButton);. See documentation in:
There is also possibility to use stylesheets to customize installer, but that is not available in released 2.0.3 version. For stylesheets you need to build IFW from master branch.

Zoin says:

Thanks for suggestion but I suppose that changing only the stylesheets wouldn’t give much control. E.g. I want to display a video player that will be showing some online stream while installer is doing it’s work

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