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Introducing New “Built with Qt” Logo

Published Monday June 20th, 2016
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We are very pleased that you and one million others are using Qt for creating amazing applications and devices for an overwhelming number of different purposes. We are proud when Qt enables developers to create their applications.

In order to make Qt more visible we are now introducing new “Built with Qt” logo.


We have updated the Qt trademark policy to allow the use of the new “Built with Qt” logo in conjunction with the applications and devices using Qt. The logo can be used, for example, in the “about box” or “splash screen” of a Qt based application. The Qt brand guidelines explain how to use the logo correctly and provide the logo in a couple of different formats.

In addition to introducing the new “Built with Qt” logo, we have updated the Qt trademark policy to allow fair use of the Qt logo in many situations, without a separate trademark license. For example, it is allowed to use the Qt logo in electronic marketing material of a product created with Qt as well as in articles about the Qt software or the Qt Project.

Please note that not every use of the Qt trademark is allowed under the fair use. For example, we do not allow the use of Qt trademarks directly in your product names or domain names. Similarly, use of the Qt logo on a book cover still requires a license. The trademark policy provides instructions on how to request permissions to use the Qt logo or other Qt trademarks in different ways than what is allowed in our fair use policy.

The Qt Showroom is continuously seeking more great showcases of Qt usage. If you have created something awesome with Qt, let’s do a showcase together in our Qt Showroom.

You can find the new “Built with Qt” logo and other Qt logos and materials at http://brand.qt.io.

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Posted in Biz Circuit & Dev Loop, Licensing


John says:


Danny says:

I’m sorry but these are just awful, particularly the fonts.

Ömer says:

First you have to improve your bug feedback system, it’s terrible.. Nobody interested in. I think to developers, most important thing is that, not advertising.

Ömer says:

Nobody interested in with clients

@Ömer: I am sorry to hear that you do not like bugreports.qt.io. For Qt development it is a very valuable tool with which we handle all bug reporting and fixing. Related to the topic, I would like to point out that using the new “Built with Qt” logo is optional, you can also tell about Qt usage in another way (I am assuming you are an open-source user and thus obligated to inform the users of your application about the open-source Qt library usage). We of course hope that many opt for using the new “Built with Qt” logo in their application.

Ömer says:

Actually exactly i had talked about bugreports.qt.io. Nobody interested in with bugs in this site, you need to take care that employees, nobody actually works.

Henry Skoglund says:

Hi, I like the idea of these logos, but they are perhaps a bit too “tidy” 🙂 Just edited one of them as a suggestion:

Scorp1us says:

Your mobile version of the parent of this page isn’t responding to clicks on a Nexus 6.

I’m not sure why Qt can’t afford 4 corners. And, it’s not easy to do in QML! Really the styling is not retro or futuristic. I’d expect a material design, or the new Universal.

Olli Puurunen Olli Puurunen says:

Hi, thanks for reporting! Links should be working now.

pushpendra says:

bad design, gone to basic old.
don’t like it. 🙁

ekke ekke says:

I really like the idea to have a built-with-qt logo and I’ll include this into my apps.

But you should really rethink the design.
the black color doesn’t look good from my POV

Lilian says:

I don’t understand why people seem to not like it(may be just more vocal), I find it pretty nice looking.

boggins says:

I agree with Lilian. Looks good to me.

Arthur Turrini says:

They look fantastic!

Drw says:

Excellent! Simple, yet recognisable.

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