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QtCon wrap up

Published Thursday September 8th, 2016
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First, a huge Thank You to everyone who was at QtCon!

We had an incredible time in Berlin. First the training day by KDAB and then three conference days packed full with topics ranging from how to set up an open source organisation to fine tuning Qt graphics.

Second. a shout out to the communities that we had the pleasure to work with to create QtCon, FSFE, KDE and VideoLAN, and of course to our partners KDAB, you guys rock!

Last but definitely not least, Thank You obviously to all the volunteers from the different communities!

The magic of QtCon

When we originally got together to plan QtCon, we envisioned it as a meeting of communities, one event where everyone can come. This is something we achieved. At the end of the event, every one of the community representatives made the same comment; meeting new and interesting people was the best part. Chatting about new things over coffee or lunch, walking from a deep dive technical session to the social impact of open source was something that only happens when we have different communities mix. By the end of the event, I believe everyone headed for home with a feeling that getting together is something we need to do more often.

The Keynotes were amazing! Please take the time to hear what Raul, Leslie and Julia had to say in their talks. The take-home message for me was that software has changed the world and we need to understand the change on every level. For Qt this means that we need to be sensitive to these changes and understand the impact we have in society.

The Qt Specific topics covered everything happening in and around Qt – from the technical details to overall community issues.

The most awaited Qt session was naturally the talk on the status and future of Qt by Chief Maintainer Lars Knoll. The talk outlined the bigger trends in Qt, and where biggest development pushes are expected to be. Lars also talked about how he sees the next releases of Qt going forward. These topics continued in corridor discussions and during the evening party on Friday.IMG_20160902_161511

My personal favourite talk was an ‘unconference session’ that was reserved on location about Qt QUIPs, a way to arrange and manage the information related to the Qt project. I’m looking forward to seeing QUIPs in action, but it will naturally take a while for the developers to get all the bits and pieces together.

The Qt session videos will be available soon on the QtStudios YouTube channel. However if you are really hungry to get at the videos, in the QtCon schedule the talks that were in the bigger rooms already have the links added to the talk descriptions. For example The Qt Project Status talk video is here. The incredible speed at which the videos got online is entirely due to the hard and efficient work of the CCC Video Operations Center, hats off to them!

In conclusion, I met old friend, new and interesting people, heard cool talks and had a good time. I’m sure the other attendees did too.

See you in coming events!

P.S. Qt World Summit is coming up soon 😉

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Aschwin Marsman says:

I liked the conference a lot and have already watched some sessions that I missed. The number of available slides is very limited at the moment, would be nice if all the presenters would get a notice from the organizers before different people bother the presenters themselves to ask for the slides.

Tero Kojo Tero Kojo says:

We did send out the notice to the presenters to upload their slides right after the event. Need to do a reminder round soon, as people might have been travelling still.

Alessandro says:

Could you provide the link to download the slides please?

Tero Kojo Tero Kojo says:

The slides are in the schedule, in the talk descriptions.

Some presenters may not have uploaded or sent them yet. We’ll do a reminder round on that.

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