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Qt 5.8 Beta Released

Published Friday November 4th, 2016
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I am pleased to announce that Qt 5.8 Beta is now released. Containing all-new configuration system, new graphics architecture with integrated Qt Quick 2D Renderer for devices without OpenGL, build in QML cache for improved startup and many other new features, Qt 5.8 will be a very interesting release. I hope many will take the Qt 5.8 Beta release, test it and provide feedback for us to complete Qt 5.8. For the big picture of the release, see the alpha release blog post.

We have prepared convenient binary installers for the Qt 5.8 Beta, so it is easy to download, test and provide feedback. For any issues you may find with the Beta, please submit a detailed bug report to bugreports.qt.io (after checking the known issues). You are also welcome to join the discussions in the Qt Project mailing lists, developer forums and of course to contribute to Qt.

To try out the new features you can download Qt 5.8 Beta from your Qt Account or from download.qt.io.

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Posted in Dev Loop, Qt, Releases


Malek Khlif says:

Good news 😀

I looked forward to the release of Qt 5.8 😀

Good Job (y)

ekke ekke says:

great to see huge progress on Qt Quick Controls 2 controls.
will start next week to evaluate if all works well and blog about new features.

Bernhard says:

That sounds great! Already looking forward to try the new Qt Quick Controls 2 stuff 🙂

ehh says:

Wayland module is missing at least with the binary installers for linux(?)

Jani Heikkinen Jani Heikkinen says:

Yeah, qtwayland isn’t part of prebuild binaries (this is similar than with earlier releases). But you can find it from src packages & compile it by yourself

Alexander says:

Will it be available in maintenance tool?

@Alexander: No, offline installers only.

Lilian says:

We found a regression in the QML engine with Qt 5.8(100% occurrence) that is not reproducible on Qt 5.2.1, 5.5.0, 5.6.1, 5.7.0.
Sadly, I have not had enough time to reduce the application to open an issue.
Hopefully I get to do it this weekend( low chance 🙁 ).

@Lilian: Please create a bug report as soon as you can, so that we are able to fix it for the RC.

Lilian says:

8 hours later: QTBUG-56935

Alex says:

Or at least describe the issue so that others can reproduce it and file a bug report.

100 says:

Is there any documentation for Qt Lite yet? I can’t find any specific information about it.

Lars Knoll Lars Knoll says:

It’s being worked on, and should be all in place for the final release.

JOnathan says:

Will xdg_shell v6 be supported on this version? Most wayland compositors have moved to it and Qt is lagging behind creating problems for apps that run on wayland.

Johan Helsing Johan Helsing says:

Work on v6 support has been started, but it won’t make it into 5.8.

Everton Fonseca says:


Everton Fonseca says:

Can i compile module static libs?

Ronan says:

Hi. Re-posting a question I couldn’t get an answer for on IRC or mailing lists:

The changelog for QtCreator 4.1.0 [1] mentions:

Changed `Run Qmake` from `qmake -r`
to `qmake && make qmake_all` for Qt 5

I couldn’t find a linked QTBUG or discussion on the mailing list, so I’m asking here:

Could anyone detail the benefits brought by this change, and potential user-side caveats to avoid with the new behavior? It may be breaking incremental build for a project I’m working on.


[1] https://code.qt.io/cgit/qt-creator/qt-creator.git/tree/dist/changes-4.1.0.md?h=4.1#n45

John says:

Wasn’t the qml compiler supposed to find its way in 5.8?

Lars Knoll Lars Knoll says:

In a slightly different format, yes. What is in Qt 5.8 is the new caching architecture, that creates a precompiled .qmlc file for every .qml file you have and caches it on disk. This gives you most of the benefits of the QML compiler without and avoid compatibility issues between Qt versions. Support for creating the binary representation (ie. the .qmlc file) at build time will come in a later release (it’s more complicated to implement, as we have to support cross compilation for that).

Sanjeev says:

Does Bluetooth for windows is supported?

kero says:

“thus creating a more lightweight set of libraries”
I hope this will improve start-up time on my ubuntu phone.
Currently even the most basic qml application loads over 160 libraries including many unnecessary ones like libcrypt etc.

Q says:

Qt Lite project is so great! I can’t wait to try it.

Lennart Rolland says:

I am curious if having Qt3D inside a widget will be supported as suggested by comments on this quesion on S.O.: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/35074830/show-qt3d-stuff-inside-qwidget-in-qt5 ?

Also, I have had lots of problems with QVideoProbe not beeing supported on Android. Is this going to be fixed?


John says:

Does Qt have any plans to release qt pre-built binaries in YUM repos anytime soon? EPEL is does a great job, but I’ll rather stuff upstream if possible 🙂

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